Top 5 Live Dealer Games in Online Casinos

5 лучших игр с живыми дилерами в онлайн-казино

Games with live dealers is a separate category of gambling entertainment that allows you to get as close as possible to the atmosphere of a land-based casino and offers a large number of unique formats and rules. Their key difference from ordinary slots is the mode of holding. Users connect to the live broadcast and watch the process through the player built into the page. They can follow the movements of a live presenter and interact with him. If in slot machines the results of spins are completely dependent on the random number generator, then the factor of luck plays a role here, since the dealer uses real decks, dice and other inventory.

There are dozens of providers involved in the development of entertainment for the Live category, but Evolution Gaming is the undisputed leader among them. It accounts for all the most popular games with live dealers. The top five of them will be presented below.

Monopoly Live

In it, users are invited to become participants in the well-known desktop entertainment - Monopoly. The gameplay takes place in the studio with the participation of a real presenter. He rotates the wheel, divided into 54 sectors. These include the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, the Chance field and 2 versions of the bonus round.

Monopoly Live
Monopoly Wheel with all possible outcomes

At the start, users must bet on the corresponding sectors. They have exactly 12 seconds to do this. After completing the bets, the dealer spins the wheel with a flapper - a special limiter. The dropped sector determines the result. If the arrow points to the segment on which the bet is made, the user will receive the corresponding reward.

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The biggest prizes can be obtained in the bonus round. It is activated when the fields of the 2nd or 4th roll fall out. The order in which it is played is quite simple:

  1. Players enter the monopoly board. It is divided into fields, which correspond to payout multipliers. At the beginning of the circle they are small, but increase closer to the finish line.
  2. Two dice are tossed in a special device. Their result determines how many squares the player's chip will move forward.
  3. The moves are repeated from 2 to 4 times, depending on the type of bonus that has fallen. If the dice doubles, users get a bonus move.
  4. When a chip completes one full circle, all multipliers in the cells are doubled. The game ends when the pool of moves is exhausted.

The maximum payout in Monopoly Live is x10,000 of the initial bet. If you bet on all selections, the maximum prize money can be half a million pounds.

Each bet in Monopoly has a different RTP. It is most advantageous to combine deuces and tens. With such a forecast, the average return level is 96.25%.

Sectors 1, 2, 5 and 10 give payouts with corresponding multipliers. The Chance field can bring a fixed prize or increase the benefit of the next spin of the wheel several times.

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Crazy Time

Another variation of the Wheel of Fortune, but with more varied selection of bonus rounds. There are 4 of them, they are all unique. By analogy with Monopoly, the game takes place in a studio with a wheel divided into 54 sectors. The fields correspond to the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10, as well as the names of bonus points.

SectorPrize from the betAmount on the wheel
Coin Flip 913До х50004
Cash HuntUp to x10,0002
PachinkoUp to x10,0002
Crazy TimeUp to x20,0001

Before the wheel starts, users make bets. The maximum number of outcomes to predict has no upper limit. The player can even select all the fields at once.

Crazy Time
Sectors in Crazy Time are unevenly distributed on the wheel

The rules for the bonus rounds are different. These are unique games with their own features:

  • Coin Flip. A two-color chip is placed in a special machine. It is red on one side and blue on the other. The random number generator then determines the payout multiplier for each color. The host presses the button, the device tosses the chip. Whichever side it lands on, that will be the payout.
  • Cash Hunt. This bonus card invites users to try on the role of a shooter in a shooting range. A large field with various objects appears on the screen. The player needs to choose one of the hundreds of characters and shoot him with a cannon. When all participants place bets, multipliers will appear in place of the items and payout will be made.
  • Pachinko. A traditional Japanese game in which the host throws a ball into a field dotted with rods. In the lower part there are cells with multipliers. The ball, passing through the obstacles and pushing off the rods, falls into one of the sectors and receives a prize. If he falls into the Double cell, the multipliers will double and the host will roll again.
  • Crazy Time. The most coveted bonus game, which corresponds to only 1 field out of 54 on the wheel. It is here that users are waiting for the largest multipliers. The game takes place on the big wheel. You need to choose 1 of 3 colors of arrows and wait for the result of the rotation.

If you take all the bonus points, then the total chance of them falling out is 16%. That is, according to the theory of probability, one of these sectors is activated on average 1 time per 7 spins of the wheel.

Bonus rounds are win-win. Users are guaranteed prize money. The minimum you can win is x2 from the bet.

Crazy Time gets extra excitement with a random sector multiplier. Before the start of each spin, the RNG can choose one of the bonus fields. All payouts on it on the next spin will be increased.

Games with live dealers, they are also live - this is a kind of gambling entertainment in an online casino that combines the advantages of online platforms and offline establishments. From the first, this format took the opportunity to sit down at the table whenever and wherever you have the Internet. From the second - an atmosphere close to a real institution.…Read more
to contents dealer, in which users choose the size of the bet and gradually move up through 20 payout levels. The maximum prize multiplier in Cash or Crash is set at x50,000.

Cash or Crash

Нестандартная игра с дилером, в которой пользователи выбирают размер ставки и постепенно продвигаются по 20 ступеням выплат. Максимальный множитель призовых в Cash or Crash установлен на отметке в х50 000.

Cash or Crash
Cash or Crash game studio

The place of the wheel of fortune in the studio is occupied by a special machine with a transparent dome, into which balls of various colors. In the center of the device is a lifting mechanism. At the end of each round, after accepting bets, he chooses one ball. The color of the latter determines the result:

  • Green - move to the next stage.
  • Red - game over.
  • Желтый - insurance against one bad outcome.

The initial bet is gradually increasing. After each successful round, the user can take half of all prize money or continue participation with an already increased stake. The payout multiplier is constantly increasing. The game continues until a red ball falls out.

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Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

The game is played on an electronic scoreboard, next to which the leader is standing. Unlike many otherLive entertainment the result here depends entirely on the RNG. Users need to determine the type of bet and its size, place their hands on the fields in empty sectors. At least one prediction can be made. The maximum number of bets is 20. When users make a decision, the drawing will start. First, multipliers fall from above on the field, and then stones of various colors gradually open. If the palm is on the sector, the shade of which corresponds to the bet, the payout is made.

There can be 6 options in total with different multipliers from x1 to x65. The corresponding values ​​are marked on the bet panel.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt
Colorful slabs open on the screen

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt does not feature bonus rounds or other secret features. The game always follows the same rules.

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Lightning Roulette 1118

Классика от Evolution Gaming. Правила здесь почти полностью повторяют обычную European roulette, but the provider has implemented several changes. The wheel spins the device with compressed air, not the computer. At the beginning of the round, lucky numbers are determined, according to which increased payouts occur. The multipliers of marked cells can range from x50 to x500.

Lightning can hit up to 5 numbers at a time. The multipliers for them are chosen randomly.

Lightning Roulette
Numbers selected by lightning are highlighted with a box

Although the RTP of this type of roulette is set to the standard 97.3%, the developer has changed the payouts for straight bets to maintain balance. The prize money for them is not x35, but x30.

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Is it worth playing Live

Despite the fascination and variety of entertainment in this format, They have several significant drawbacks:

  • There is no demo mode. You can only play for real money. Play money bets are not accepted.
  • High volatility. The riskiness of each bet is much higher than in slots. Therefore, a large bankroll is required to play.
  • Internet requirements. The connection must be high-speed, otherwise live streaming may freeze.

Live games are suitable for those who is not afraid to take risks and loves non-standard rules of entertainment. They will also appeal to users who want to get as close as possible to the atmosphere of a live casino.

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