Analytics of 1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick)

Аналитика слота 1429 Uncharted Seas

One of the main questions of players : which slot has the best return? The answer has been known since April 2014. It was then that the Thunderkick 1429 Uncharted Seas slot machine was released. The RTP of the video slot is 98.5%, and this is with low volatility! The nature and potential of the slot was found out by the editorial experts. Readers will find out if the dynamics in Uncharted Seas are really like blackjack and other card games. 500 spins were made in the licensed demo.

Expert Review

1429 Uncharted Seas has two main features:

  • A stackable Wild symbol that fills the entire vertical (can be up to three in one round).
  • Free spins without special features, exactly repeating the usual gameplay.

A small number of rounds is enough to understand the potential of the slot. Suffice it to say that the linear payout here occurs with a probability of 41.2%. This is official information from provider Thunderkick.

Внешний вид
Spins in 1429 Uncharted Seas slot

The table below shows not disappointing information obtained in just 500 rounds. The test was carried out in demo mode on the licensed version of the video slot.

What was testedResult
Free spins activation rounds27th, 205 -th, 350th and 480th
Frequency of combinations in the main gameMore often than every 3rd spin
Best payout received by linesx62
Maximum win in the bonusx90

80% payouts are small — 1 bet or less. It was possible to get a win of x10 and more only 6 times in 500 spins. The result x5 and better is impossible without the participation of a substitute. But when a wild falls out, there is a payout in 100% of cases.

The main profitable function both in the main game and in free spins is two stacked wilds at the same time.

The table illustrates the test progress. 763

СпиныBet ResultSingle Wild, timesTwo Wilds simultaneously, timesPayouts from x10Free spins winnings
1-100+1792x21, x12, x15x20 (10 FS)
101-200−309x15x7 (10 FS)
201-300−60 5
301-400+1098x10, x62x90 (20 FS)
401-500− 2881x15 (10 FS)
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Statistical data

The table below shows the actual test results.

RTP according to ISP 83798.5%
Refund received during test time101.6%
Volatility level (by impression)Average
Frequency of free spins launch1 times in 125 rounds
Payout frequency in base game35-38% (estimate)
Outcome ratio (base game/free spins)50/50 (оценка)
Best results in regular game (total bets)x62, x21, x15
Maximum wins in free spins (total bets) )х90, x20, x15
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Features of the video slot

The numbers "1429" in the title are a typo noticed late. The animation of the video slot shows the sailing of caravels. The first campaign of Columbus took place in 1492, and in 1429 there were no significant travels and geographical discoveries.

Some gameplay features:

  • Wild and Scatter (scatter) special symbols for no pay.
  • Auto-spins with number of rounds settings, but no financial limits.
  • No fast spin. The pace of the game is no faster than 15 spins per minute.
  • The range of bets in dollars is from $0.10 to $100.

Most of the Runet casinos set at least 10 ₽, sometimes you can find 5 ₽. 897

Характеристики автомата

The table shows the official parameters of the video slot.

Hit Rate41.2%
Bonus Description 94210, 20 или 50 фриспинов без дополнительных функций и без перезапуска
Buy Bonus featureNo
Risk gameNo
Maximum multipliers for combinations of 5 symbolsx50, x10, x10
Max payout per roundx670 (*)
Max win in free spinsLimited by algorithm, no official data
Influence bet sizeExclusive is changing but the profit value, RTP is unchanged

(*) Three stacked wilds in the center, as well as one high icon on reels 1 and 5.

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Expert Tips

Thunderkick's 1429 Uncharted Seas slot machine has the best RTP among all the models that can be found in Runet casinos. The figure of 98.5% allows you not to think too much about strategies. Possible actions:

  • Game up to the first plus in 10-12 bets and close the slot.
  • Long session with a gradual increase in the bet after 50 or 100 unsuccessful rounds.

Именно в рассмотренном слоте рекомендуется играть на деньги новичкам. Много не потерять, но почти всегда возможен уход в плюсе.

Despite the fact that such a high RTP is unprofitable for gambling organizers, the video slot is present in almost 100% of online casinos around the world. Uncharted Seas is always prohibited from wagering deposit bonuses and gift free spins.

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