Age of the Gods (Playtech) slot analytics

Аналитика слота Age of the Gods

Playtech provider known for its jackpots. Due to the contributions to their fund, the manufacturer's slots have a lower return than the industry average. The Age of the Gods slot machine from Playtech is the first in the series of the same name. Release date — July 11, 2016.

The editorial experts have tested the video slot and found out how risky the game is with an RTP of 95%. 1000 spins made in demo mode will give important information to casino visitors: is it worth it to hunt for Playtech jackpots.

Expert review

The test showed how significant the difference is between the RTP of 96.5%, the industry average, and 95% of the machine in question. The test was divided into intervals of 100 spins. Considering only the paylines in the main game, none of these mini-series ended in profit.

Typical prize amount is one and a half to two bets per spin. For 1000 rounds, only seven x10 payouts were seen. These are all five high symbols collected along one line. There were no better odds in the main game.

The frequency of combinations is low - no more than 20 per 100 rounds. There were intervals of more than 15 unsuccessful spins.

Игровой процесс
Basic gameplay

The table contains the main data from the test.

ParameterValue 730
На каком спине выпал бонусOn the 244th, then three more times in 1000 spins
Line combination frequencyWorse than every 5th spin
Best payout received in base gamex10
Max win in free spinsx57

The bonus is activated on average every 250th spin. Given the poor returns in the main gameplay, this indicator is not at all for a slot with medium volatility. The information on this Age of the Gods parameter is official and open.

The main feature of the bonus game is theoretically an endless extension of free spins. During the test, they were able to restart three and two times. Half of the free spins were non-renewable.

Brief description of the bonus game:

  • Activation occurs with three scatter symbols — Scatter.
  • At the first stage, there are 25 items to open. Each of them hides a portrait of one of the four ancient gods.
  • As soon as you manage to collect three identical symbols, nine free spins with the names of the characters in the game start.
  • All four free spins have different properties: symbols Wilds and payout multipliers.
  • After the end of the bonus rounds, the player has the opportunity to re-select from 25 items.
  • If one of them hides the god Hades, the bonus game ends.

The total number of free spins received does not greatly affect the final result. For example, after 36 and after 9 free spins the winnings were the same - 57 total bets.

The free spins were activated 9 times in 4 bonus games (including extensions). In parallel, there was a test on another computer in order to find out what is launched more often and what is more profitable.

The table contains the results of the analysis of different free spins.

Name of the heroFunctions 783Шансы на активациюWin Examples
HerculesStacking Wild on Reel 31 : 2From x8 to x47
AthenaRandom multipliers in each free spin from x2 to x51 : 4From x5 to x57
PoseidonRandom Wilds from 1 to 5 in each free spin1 : 4 807От x10 до x39
ZeusSingle fixed Wild in the center plus increasing multiplier from x1 to x31 : 10x32
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Statistical data

The table contains the actual test result.

Result for 1000 spins in total stakes−252
Received in free spins169
Результат только в основной игре−421
Worst streaks of 100 spins (excluding bonus wins)−70, −66, −48
Volatility level (by impression)High
How often the bonus dropsAbout 1 time per 250 rounds
Вероятность линейной выплатыLess Than 20%
Distribution of Winnings (os new game / bonus)35/65 (score)
Best payouts received in the main gamex10 (*), x6, x5
Payouts received in free spinsx57, x57, x45, x10

(*) Seven times in 1000 spins.

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Главные особенности автомата

Age of the Gods video slot has several features:

  • A 4-category jackpot played on a separate field with a choice of items.
  • Оплата комбинаций в обе стороны.
  • Building chains of different symbols.
  • Paid Wild and Scatter.
  • High pace of the game in the automatic spins mode - more than 30 rounds per minute.

Payouts in the "Help" section are indicated per line. To get the amount of winnings in total bets, you need to divide the figure by 20.

Characteristics of the slot machine

The table contains official information from the provider.

Lines20 fixed
Scheme5 × 3
Bonus descriptionFour types of free spins with different functions. Activation and renewal via item selection
Buy Bonus featureNo
Influence of bid amountRTP does not change. No Jackpot Probability Information
Risk GameNo
Max multipliers for combinations of 5 symbolsx500 (Wild), x50, x25
Max theoretical payout per roundx10 0000 (*)
Max Bonus WinNo Limit
JackpotNetwork, 4-Level

(*) The whole field filled with Wilds. 993

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Expert Tips

The Age of the Gods (Playtech) slot machine is not suitable for casual players. It is aimed at jackpot hunters - people with a bankroll of tens of thousands of bets and a few days of time.

Contrary to expectations, the test results were disappointing: rare and small regular payouts, weak bonus winnings, low probability of triggering free spins. However, 1000 rounds is not a distance for such a machine. It is possible that another similar check will have a different result.

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