Analytics of Bananas Go Bahamas (Novomatic)

Аналитика слота Bananas Go Bahamas

There are video slots that exist since the 90s of the XX century. The Bananas Go Bahamas slot machine from the Novomatic provider is just that. It was installed in many Russian land-based gambling clubs until 2009. Approximately in 2010, an online version of the video slot was created. Novomatic also produces online casino games under the Greentube brand.

The licensed version of the machine is almost inaccessible to Russian residents. The slot is not in the official list of products on the Novomatic and Greentube websites. Apparently the model has been discontinued. Editorial experts were able to find the Bananas Go Bahamas video slot only in five European casinos that accept citizens of the Russian Federation.

Almost all unlicensed Runet sites have a vending machine. Provider Novomatic has nothing to do with these video slots. They are counterfeit products of the company. Owners of unlicensed casinos have the ability to adjust the return (RTP) in fake machines at their discretion.

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Expert review

Bananas Go Bahama is a slot with classic gameplay, field size 5 × 3 and with10 lines. The quantity can be reduced. During the test, everyone was involved.

The slot has 10 paylines

The machine has a very nice bonus — 45 free spins without changing the rules and with the possibility of extension. The prize game at first glance is very generous. Hence the main questions of users: how often will it be launched and how likely is it to be renewed.

The appearance of the slot

Table 1 contains basic information on the test.

In what round the free spins were launchedAbout the 250th
How often the combination appearsНемного лучше, чем каждый 5-й раунд
Best payout ever in the base gamex22
Max win from free spinsx82

The slot has good odds. Examples in total bets for 4 or 5 symbols in a combination: 160, 250, 500, 900. This is including the Wild replacement icon. When he hits a combination, the winnings on it are doubled.

There were no large payouts in 1000 test spins. The best prizes by lines are 2 x 20 bets. In the first case it was 5 of the same type for an average value symbol, in the second case it was 4 scatters.

In the slot, the bonus win is unlimited. There will be a prize of more than 50 total bets when 45 free spins are received again. In the process, exactly 50% of special offers lasted. The number of restarts is not limited.

Test progress

Table 2 shows the passage of 1000 test rounds. The session is divided into segments of 100 spins.

RoundsBet resultPayouts from x10Win bonusBonus extension
1–100−43— 789
201– 300−56x24None
301–400+90x22x76, x82 (*)1x each
601–700+44x10, x14x55 8321 раз
701–800−5x44 None

(*) Two bonus runs with an interval of 20 rounds.

The result of the test is -190 total bets per 1000 spins.

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Statistical data

See Table 3 for detailed test statistics.

RTPUnknown (*)
RTP actual for 1000 rounds81%
Impression volatility levelHigh
Bonus activation frequencyAbout once every 150 rounds
Longest interval without free spins250 rounds
Combination frequency Approximately 20% (low)
Prize distribution (base game/free spins)35/ 65 (estimate)
Best payout in base gamex22, x20, x14
Best bonus winsx82, x76, x55
Worst bonus payoutsx44, x40, x24
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Slot machine features

The main drawback of the model is the unknown return to the player. It is believed that old Novomatic slots have an RTP of 95%.

Key features:

  • Highest paying symbols are Wild substitute (x900 for five) and Scatter icon (x500 for five).
  • Prize rounds without changing the rules of the base game.
  • Wild doubles the payouts.
  • Slow rate autospins - about 18 per minute.
  • Автоигра без установки лимитов и без ускоренного режима.

Bet ranges for European operators: €0.1 - €10, in the Runet casino: ₽0.4 - ₽50.

Characteristics of the machine

Table 4 contains official information.

RTP officialNo data
VolatilityNo data
Lines10 with the possibility of decreasing
Drums and rows5 × 3
Bonus description45 free spins with unlimited extension
Buy Bonus featureNo
Influence of the size of the bet on winningsOnly the amount of the prize changes exit
Risk gameYes. Guessing the color of the card.
Best multipliers for five of the same typex900, x500, x160
Комбинаций одновременно4
Max payout per roundx1560 (*)
Max win in free spinsНе ограничен

(*) Five scatters, five wilds per payline plus the highest line symbol combination

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Expert Tips

Игровой автомат Bananas Go Bahamas от Novomatic в сертифицированной версии доступен не более чем в 10 онлайн-казино, ориентированных на жителей Европы. Зато слот размещен почти на всех площадках рунета, работающих без лицензии. Если есть уверенность, что такое казино заплатит, там можно попробовать сыграть. Предварительно необходим тест в деморежиме на дистанции в несколько сотен спинов.

If the results of the game on a fake slot are not similar to the results of the review by the editorial experts, it is better to refuse the device.

The video slot Bananas Go Bahamas is a rather risky game of chance. Free spins activation can be expected within 300 rounds. During this time, the risk of losing 200 bets is high. So to hunt for the bonus, you need a margin of 1000 bets.

The game can really be beaten with a small raise strategy after some accumulated bad rounds. You need to increase the rate with a minimum step. The normal option is to do it after 100 rounds.

The main winning opportunity is to get free spins extension. This gives a positive raise up to 100 total bets. After such an event, it is advisable to end the game.

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