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Аналитика слота Big Bass Bonanza

Top 10 in 15 European countries, Great Britain and Canada for 20 months and top 50 for the same period in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. This is a Big Bass Bonanza slot from Pragmatic Play. The information is taken from international online casino monitoring resources. The editorial experts tried to unravel the secret of the "Luck of the Big Perch". 2000 test spins were played on the licensed demo version. The test was conducted at an RTP of 95.67%. This review was written October 1, 2022.

Expert Review

Table #1 shows the most important points of the test.

When the bonus was activatedOn the 120th spin
How often the payline happenedApproximately every 10th spin
Best payout in base gamex41
Max win in bonusx198

In appearance, Big Bass Bonanza is a classic video slot from the 2000s with simple gameplay. This is true, but only in the main game.

Игровой процесс
Basic gameplay

Free spins are not primitive at all. They have 5 interesting functions at the same time:

  • Accumulation of symbols.
  • Clearing levels.
  • Collecting special money symbols (Collect function).
  • Увеличение множителя выплат по схеме x1, x2, x3, x10.
  • Extension 3 times.

You can understand how it works from the screenshot.

Free spins with collecting special symbols and increasing the multiplier

Regular game is a clear oversight of the provider. Editorial experts specifically considered payments. Result: they occur with a probability of no more than 12%. This is a very bad indicator. Approximately 1 out of 10 payouts is x10.

You only have to rely on "pure" linear combinations. The scatter symbol is not paid. There is no universal substitute (Wild).

The main source of profit is free spins. When there is no multiplier in them, the average win in free spins is 40x total bet. The coefficient increases to x2 if 4 special symbols are collected in free spins. This is the only way to get a bonus win exceeding 100 bets.

Table 2 shows the details of the test. To understand the nature of the slot, the distance of 1000 rounds is divided into intervals of 100. Payouts are indicated only from x10.

RoundsResultPayouts per linesBonus win
101- 200+61x41, x41x49
301-400−38x20x33 813
501-600 −89
801-900 842−72x10
901-1000+28x10 , x50x22

The result is -313 bets per 1000 spins. 6 times managed to get free spins. They all ended with no multiplier and no extension.

After such a poor result, the test should have continued. Over the next 1000 rounds, 7 series of free spins were activated. 3 of them restarted and reached the x2 multiplier. Once a payout of 198 bets was received. For 1000 new rounds, the current loss was reduced by half.

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Statistical data

Table 3 shows test details by parameters.

RTP actual for 1000 rounds69%
Volatility level (estimated)High
Frequency of free spins activationAbout 1 time per 150 rounds
Probability of hitting a combinationWorse than 15%
Worse no combinationUp to 30 spins
Win distribution (base game/free spins)30/70 (estimate)
Best payouts received in the regular gamex50, x41, x41
Best wins in free spins (for 2000 rounds)x198, x75, x61
Худшие выигрыши в фриспинахx22, x25, x30
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Features of the slot machine

The main advantage of the Big Bass Bonanza slot - low rates. In the Runet casino, the minimum is only 8 ₽. The second plus is the giant spread. The maximum bet is 20,000 ₽. The similar range in euros or dollars is 0.1-250.

Other features to consider:

  • The hurricane pace of rounds in automatic play is more than 120 per minute (100 in 45 seconds). This is if free spins were not triggered.
  • For an accelerated level, two checkboxes must be activated simultaneously: "Quick game" in the general settings and "Turbospin" in the autoplay parameters.
  • The machine records the history of the current session.
  • Scatter appears on all reels. This is the reason for the good probability of activating free spins.
  • Wild plays only in free spins.

Characteristics of the slot machine

Table 4 shows the official parameters of the slot. 956

RTP official96.71% or 95.67% (*)
Lines10 fixed
Вертикальных рядов3
Bonus description10, 15 or 20 free spins with multiplier increase and extension
Buy Bonus featureNo
Gamble Double RoundNo
Best multipliers for combinations of 5 symbolsx200, x100, x50
Max payout in spinx350
Max win in bonus 1019x2100 (**)
Other prize optionsFunction of collecting prize elements in free spins (Collect)
Influence of bet sizeTol by the amount of the payout, the RTP remains unchanged

(*) Official RTP ranges offered by the provider for online casinos

(**) Provider limitation

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Editor's opinion

The Big Bass Bonanza slot machine from Pragmatic Play left an ambivalent impression. Here a skid of 200-300 bets is real. At the same time, various “minor mischief” are provided for players: RTP ranges, maximum payout limit in free spins, truncated wild functions, very rare combinations.

There are three reasons for the model's success:

  • This is a very gambling and addictive slot.
  • Because of the "easy" graphics, it works on weak devices and with poor internet.
  • The slot machine participates in the largest Drops&Wins promotion, which has been going on for several years.

Bir Bass Bonanza slot is available in 90% of the Russian casinos. It cannot be recommended for wagering bonuses due to unpredictability and high volatility.

Best in lottery format is the best strategy. Namely: to catch the first free spins, count on their extension with a multiplier, leave the slot after they are completed with any result.

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