Blood Suckers (Netent) slot analytics

Аналитика слота Blood Suckers

There are video slots that can be recommended beginners due to low risk and frequent activation of the bonus. The Blood Suckers slot machine from Netent is one of them. The slot appeared in online casinos in autumn 2013 and for 10 years has been in the world top 1000 according to the "players' choice" criterion. Editorial experts conducted a test in demo mode on a licensed version. 500 rounds were enough to understand the nature and potential of the slot machine.

Expert review

The initial return to player value of the slot was 98%. Since 2020, the Netent provider has introduced a policy of RTP ranges (Ranges). By agreement with the manufacturer, each online casino determines its return on the slot machine.

RTP Ranges for the Blood Suckers slot range from 92% to 98%. The parameter is the same for all players who launch the machine on a certain site. The provider does not hide the set return level and indicates it in the Help section.

The test took place at an RTP of 95.07%.

The first impression during the game: a very frequent activation of the bonus and free spins. These are two different prize options. The second conclusion: the slot has frequent, but small payouts on lines in the main game.

Table 1 shows the main statistics of 500 test runs.

Bonus activation round58th, then 78th, 85th and 9 more times
Free spins launch round 40th, then 299th, 422nd
Combination frequencyApproximately 40%
Max Win obtained from linesx21
Max payout in bonusx50
Max payout in free spinsx29

On a serious the prize in the main game is not worth counting. 21 total bet is the only line win to exceed x10 in 500 test rounds. These were three combinations with the participation of the wild symbol, paid at the same time.

Игровой процесс
Basic gameplay

In free spins, winnings are tripled. There are 10 free spins in total. This is a standard number, regardless of the number of scatter symbols (Scatter) that activate free spins. The mechanics of the free rounds are the same as the regular ones.

The best payout received is 29 total bets. Free spins were triggered 3 times in 500 test spins.

The bonus involves opening 12 items (coffins). In 9 of them lies a vampire - this is a successful attempt. The number of empty items is 3 pieces. If this choice is made, the game ends with all accumulated prizes saved.

During the test, the maximum payout in the bonus round is 50 total bets. One of the items is 10 or 20 times more expensive than the others. Its value is from 20 to 40 total bets. This is the secret of the big bonus.

Average win in the bonus round is about 20 total bets

In general, all winning options fall evenly. Maximum cumulative loss over 500 rounds: −110 bets. The test ended with a result of +121.

Table #2 shows the details of the test. Outcome - in total bets.

SpinsRes.Payouts by linesWin in bonus Win in FS
1–100+88x3, x4, x4x48, x6, x50x28
101–200−22x3, x3, x21x24
201–300+16x3, x3, x4, x4, x5, x5x8x29
301–400−6x3, x3, x6x8, x34, x6 820
401–500+45x3, x4, x4x6, x46, x26, x9x17
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Table 3 shows the actual test statistics. Payout values ​​are rounded according to the rules of mathematics.

RTP official95.07%
Actual return (received)124.20%
Volatility level (estimate)Low
Bonus drop frequencyBetter than every 50th round
Longest no bonus interval112 spins
Combination probability (score)Лучше, чем 40%
Prize Breakdown (Main Game/Bonus/Free Spins)20/60/20 (Estimate)
Best Base Game Payoutsx21, x6, x5
Maximum bonus payoutsx50, x48, x46
Worst bonus payoutsx6, x6, x8
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The main features of the machine

When playing for money, you need to consider the following:

  • Ranges apply RTP. The level of payout is different in different online casinos.
  • Wild and Scatter special symbols form their own combinations with the highest payment.
  • High rate of automatic spins - up to 50 per minute.
  • Широкие настройки остановки автоигры по финансовому результату.
  • There is access to the session history (in real money mode).

In the Runet casino there is a minimum bet of 5₽, but more often it is 10₽ . The maximum is 100 times higher, and in dollars the range is as follows: from 0.25 to 50.

Characteristics of the slot machine

In Table 4 you can see the information for the test, taken from the sections of the video slot "Help" and "Payments".

RTP officialFrom 92% to 98% (*) 941
Official Combination Frequency44.9% (**)
Lines 95225
Scheme5 × 3
Free game #110 free spins with triple winnings and an option to extend
Free Game #2Choose 9 of 12 Items
Buy Bonus FeatureNo
Gable Round to increase payoutNo
Max multipliers for combinations of 5 symbolsx300 ( Wild), x100 (Scatter), x20 (highest symbol)
Number of combinations simultaneouslyUp to 4
Max possible payout in a roundx900 (***)
Max theoretical win in bonusx813 (****)
Max winnings in free spinsNo limits
Influence of bet sizeRTP does not change 1018

(*) У слота официальные диапазоны RTP.

(**) The official Hit Frequency parameter includes non-winning spins in which the bonus was activated.

(***) The entire playing field filled with the Wild symbol.

(****) Provider restriction.

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Expert Tips

The Blood Suckers slot from Netent is just what newbies and fickle recreational players need. On the video slot, it is possible to end the session very quickly in a plus after receiving a bonus or free spins. It will take no more than 50 rounds to activate any of the bonus features.

Attention! Before playing, you need to check the RTP of this slot in the casino. Parameter ranges are used. The necessary information is at the end of the "Help" section.

The video slot is available in almost 100% of the licensed casinos on the Russian Internet. There is a universal ban on wagering bonuses on Blood Suckers.

Building complex financial strategies is not required. Approximately in ⅔ visits there will be a noticeable plus after 40-50 scrolls. If you didn't manage to win quickly, it is possible to slightly increase the bet, wait for the next bonus feature and end the session at zero.

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