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Аналитика слота Book of Ra Deluxe

If you make a popularity rating video slots "of all time", the Book of Ra Deluxe slot machine from NOVOMATIC provider will undoubtedly enter the top 10. Residents of Russia got to know him at the very end of the 90s, when in every major city there were several dozen land-based casinos and slot halls. The online version of the machine appeared in 2008. Since 2010, the video slot has been supplied by two providers: NOVOMATIC and its absorbed competitor Greentube. The parent and subsidiary companies divided the regions between them.

The Book of Ra slot machine can be found on approximately 25% of licensed operators on the Russian Internet. Sites that operate without a permit always have a fake version of the video slot.

In an unlicensed slot, it is possible to set the Return to Player (RTP) to 70-80% or even lower.

Experts editions played 1000 test spins in the licensed version. Readers will find out if the legends of catastrophic failures and fantastic victories in the Book of Ra can be trusted.

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Expert review

Tested in a licensed casino 717Brillx, which opened in 2019. The test confirmed the opinions about the extreme volatility of the machine. Deep bankroll drawdowns and bonus wins of several hundred bets were obtained.

Deluxe differs from the first version: 10 lines instead of 9, improved design.

The table reflects the main facts that create the first impression of the Book of Ra.

First launch of the bonusAbout round 260
Вероятность любой выплаты в основной игре (Hit Ratio)About 25%
Max payout per linex15
Max bonus winx238

The start was not happy: losing 150 total bets in 250 rounds. Then the opposite event happened - the activation of free spins with three restarts! That is, a total of 40 free rounds were received. They managed to win 204 total bets.

Another bonus trigger happened on the 400th spin. All plus, exceeding 250 bets, the machine "ate" in about 300 next spins.

There is nothing to count on in the main game. The help section of the slot shows good odds for combinations of five symbols: x500, x200 and x75. For 1000 spins, nothing like this has fallen out. "Five of the same type" happened three times, but on badges of low pay. The combinations brought 15, 10 and 10 bets. All other line wins were worse than x10. The most frequent combination is two scatter symbols (Scatter). On it, the player receives two bets.

Игровой процесс
Basic gameplay

Big winnings can only be obtained through free spins. There are always 10 of them, regardless of the number of activation symbols - scatters. The main winning opportunity in free spins is getting the portrait of the main character (archaeologist) as an expanding symbol.

Test progress

Table #2 reflects the test progress. For the convenience of users, the experts divided the distance of 1000 spins into segments of 100.

RoundsResult (bets)Payouts from x10Win in free spinsExpanding symbolRestart
201-300+116nonex204AceThree times 811
301-400+15x12x59KingNo restart
701-800+170nox49, x55, x46, x82 (*) 851Туз, Герой, Фараон, ИсидаThree times, single restart, once no restart
901-1000+253 867x15x13, x35Hero, IsisTwice without restart 876

(*) Четыре активации бонуса на отрезке в 100 раундов.

Result for 1000 spins - +207 bets.

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Статистические данные

Table #3 shows the details of the test.

RTP95,1% (*)
RTP actual in test121%
Impression volatility levelVery high 911
Частота активации фриспиновAbout 1 time per 125 rounds
Longest interval without free spinsAbout 350 rounds
Worst combo interval in base game10-12 rounds
Combo frequency (estimate)25%
Progressive loss incurredAbout -250 stakes
Prize distribution (main game/bonus)20/80 (estimate)
Best main prizes gamex15, x12, x10
Best bonus winsx238, x204, x82
Worst bonus winsx55, x49, x46 956
Вероятность перезапуска бонуса (оценка)About 50%

(*) Value for standard delivery. Additionally, the provider offers other RTPs for casinos: 94.26%, 96.06%.

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Features of the slot machine

The slot has two main disadvantages: poor quality graphics and tiring soundtrack. The provider left the design at the level of the 90s.

Other points:

  • Three RTP values ​​set by agreement between the provider and the casino.
  • Low rate of automatic rounds - 20 per minute.
  • No autoplay settings.
  • The only special symbol with the functions of a substitute, paid scatter and bonus activator.

The minimum bet in the Runet casino is 40 kopecks. The maximum is 50 rubles.

Characteristics of the machine

Table 4 shows the official parameters of the video slot.

RTP95.1% or 94.26% or 96.06%
Lines 101010 c возможностью уменьшения до одной
Playing field5 × 3
Bonus description10 free spins with expanding symbol, pay combinations with gaps and unlimited extension
Покупка бонусаNo
Influence of the size of the bet on winningsOnly the prize amount changes
Risk gameДа (угадывание цвета карты)
Combinations at the same time4
Max odds for combinations of 5 symbolsx500, x200, x200
Max win in spinx900 (*)
Max win in free spinsx10 035 (**)

(*) Five special characters (x200) and two higher line icons, five per line (x500 and x200)

( **) The value was obtained experimentally as a result of a simulation of 1 billion rounds (public information from the online casino monitoring resource).

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Expert advice

The Book of Ra Deluxe slot machine from NOVOMATIC has significant volatility and abnormal payout ratio in the main and bonus games (20/80). Therefore, this slot is for experienced users with endurance and a bankroll of 3000 bets. It is realistic to get a progressive loss of 700 bets per 1000 spins here if the bonus is rarely activated.

It is better for beginners to play in the lottery format: make 10-20 spins and close the slot for any result. The purpose of this tactic is to catch the bonus and get a win of 150-200 bets in it.

Due to the low profit in the main game, it is not advisable to play with a bet increase, since you can wait 400-500 rounds for the bonus. It's a good idea to keep the bet constant if you're planning a long session.

A good test result is only a guideline. As the previous experience of experts shows, half of the sessions of 1000 spins will end with the same loss.

The Book of Ra slot is available on approximately 25% of licensed sites on the Russian Internet. The machine is always prohibited for wagering bonuses, as the casino risks paying out several hundred bets.

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