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Аналитика слота Extra Chilli

The Big Time Gaming provider came up with the principle of creating Megaways combinations. In 2022, the manufacturer’s lineup includes 22 video slots with such mechanics. The Extra Chilli slot machine from the BTG provider is in the overall world top 500 according to the "users' choice" criterion. The slot was released at the beginning of 2018, but it is still the third most popular BTG model with Megaways mechanics.

The editorial experts tried to find out the secret of popularity. 1000 test spins have been played. Separately collected statistics on the Buy Bonus function.

Expert feedback

The table contains the main information reflecting the overall picture.

Starts made1000
Which spins the bonus was activated onOn 99th, 580th and 714th 747
Выпадение комбинации в основной игреSlightly better than every fourth round
Max Win from the base gamex21
Max winnings in free spinsx69

The test session ended in a rout. With the stated RTP of 96.82%, the machine left 332 bets without payouts. That's what high volatility means. It's good that the EA didn't play for real money.

The test was divided into segments of 100 rounds. The progress of the session is recorded in the following table.

RoundsTotal bet resultBonus win, bet
1-100 780−16+23
501-600−58 +3
701-800+32 823+69

The conclusion is simple: the main game gives a steadily increasing loss with a return of approximately 65%. But not every bonus compensates for losses. Reality - tiny winnings in free spins in the amount of 2 or 3 bets.

Important. For a high-volatility slot machine, 1000 spins is not a distance. Before playing for money, it is advisable to re-test. It is possible that the results will be the opposite.

A quick look at the mechanics of Megaways. Its features:

  • There are no usual payment lines. There are usually six reels (verticals).
  • Symbols of variable size. From two to seven can be placed vertically.
  • In order to make a combination, the icons must be located on adjacent reels. In this case, their sides or corners do not need to touch each other.
  • Building combinations starts from the left vertical.

A feature of slots with Megaways mechanics is low coefficients for combinations. The reason is the ability to pay seven chains in one round.

Main gameplay

How to get a substantial Megaways prize in the main game? Get a large cluster of icons of the same type on the screen.

The way to update the playing field in Extra Chilli is by falling symbols, or "avalanche". The principle of operation is the same as in the Gonzo's Quest slot.

The bonus game in Extra Chilli is almost the same as the main one, but with the accumulation of a multiplier when paying a combination. It is triggered by three scatter symbols. The main way to earn a bonus payout of more than 50 bets is to get not 8 free spins, but more of them (at least 12). There are two ways: the fourth scatter in the main game or the extension of free spins (again through scatters).

The bonus game was disappointing. Not only is it rarely launched, but it is also expensive (50 bets) if you use the purchase of a bonus. The table contains the test results of the Buy Bonus function.

#Bet winsAchieved multiplierNote
2x18x7+ 4 FS
6x2x4 918
7x102x10+4 FS
8x31 927х8

Standard number of free spins is 8. An extra 4 is given by an extrascatter. There was no restart in all 13 attempts.

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Statistical data

The table contains more detailed information on the test results.

Result for 1000 runs−332 stakes
RTP official96 ,82%
RTP with no bonus for a long time (estimate)No better than 70%
Volatility level (estimate)High 983
Фактическая частота активации бонуса3 times per 1000 rounds
Payout frequency in regular game27-28% (estimated) 993
Распределение выигрышей (основная игра / бонус)30/70 (score)
Max payouts received in the base gamex21, x14 , x14
Max wins achieved in the bonus (separate test)x102, x85, x69
Min wins in the bonus (separate test)x2, x3, x3
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The main features of the slot machine

The video slot has many unusual features:

  • Запрет игры, пока не установлен лимит потерь.
  • The limit on the number of automatic rounds is 100 maximum.
  • Video preview of the session played. You are redirected to the provider's website.
  • Risk-game to increase the free rounds already received.
  • The accumulation symbol on the reels. For 50 collected badges, you can buy a bonus. The feature is called Drop.
  • An additional horizontal reel on the playing field.
  • Scatter symbols (Scatter) and replacements (Wild) without payment.

Speed ​​of automatic launches is very slow - 5-6 per minute. This is due to the “avalanche” mechanic involved — payments in a round can theoretically occur indefinitely.

Characteristics of the slot machine

The table contains information from the BTG provider.

Parameter 1047Значение
RTP with Drop feature96.82% (*)
RTP without Drop feature96.41%
Method of building combinationsMegaways
Method updating the playing fieldAvalanche ("avalanche", or "cascade")
Options for building combinations117 649
Drums7, one of them is horizontal
Bonus description8 or 12 free spins with multiplier increase in case of payout. Restart possible (**)
Purchase of the bonus gameFor 50 bets
Influence of bet size on winningsRTP does not change 1108
Риск-играOnly when choosing the number of free spins at the start of the bonus game
RespinsImplies Avalanche technology
Max multipliers for combinations (***)x50, x7.5, x2
Max payout per roundx20 000
Max win in the bonusx20 000

(*) In the version of the machine with the Drop function, there is a special accumulation symbol — a coin. By collecting 50 of these items, you can activate the bonus for free.

(**) With renewals, a total of no more than 24 free rounds.

(***) Theoretically infinite in one round number of combinations

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Expert tips

BTG's Extra Chilli slot machine is the first in the history of the edition which showed such an unfortunate result. According to the results of such a test, it is difficult for an expert to give advice on strategies. The main recommendation for players is to re-check on a large number of spins.

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