Gates of Olympus (Pragmatic Play) slot analytics

Аналитика слота Gates of Olympus

Many video slot manufacturers create similar models. An example is the Gates of Olympus slot machine from Pragmatic Play. An unusual way of constructing combinations is implemented here - eight symbols of the same type in any place on the screen. This mechanic first appeared in the Sweet Bonanza slot from the same manufacturer.

The main difference of the Gates of Olympus slot machine is the appearance of special Multiplier symbols (multiplier) not only in the bonus game, but also in the regular game. The provider also increased the frequency of any payout in the main gameplay. Which Pragmatic Play model to choose - this review will help you figure it out. The editors tested 1000 spins of Gates of Olympus. Information was also collected on the bonus purchase function.

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Expert review

For a more reliable experiment, the gaming segment was divided into intervals of 100 spins. Testing took place in the automatic spins mode

The first impression of the slot is frequent wins. Payouts happen in about every fourth spin. Continuing the test revealed that half of these winnings are less than 1 bet. And this is taking into account the frequent respins.

The falling symbols mechanic gives theoretically infinite re-spins. Each new free spin (more precisely, a fall) occurs after a win.

The table contains the main information obtained on the basis of the test.

Which spin the bonus is activated on763rd, 915th
Line combination frequencyBetter than every 4th spin 740
Max Win в основной игреx123
Max payout in the bonus gamex122

In 1000 test rounds receive only 11 payouts exceeding 10 bets. A skid of x100 or more in the main game is possible with several Multiplier symbols on the reels. The multipliers range from x2 to x500.

Игровой процесс
Basic gameplay

Free spins follow the same pattern as the main game. The only difference is that the drop-down coefficients are accumulated (summed up) and give the final multiplication at the end of the free spins. There are 15 free spins in total, 5 unlimited rollovers.

The maximum payout in both the main and bonus games is x5000 (provider limit). Considering that during the test it was possible to see the x25 multiplier once and x10 multiple times, such a skid is real.

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Statistical data

The table contains detailed test information.

Volatility LevelImpressive medium, officially high
RTP on official website of the provider96.50%
Expected RTP with a long non-draw bonusAbout 85% (estimate)
How often the bonus appearsApproximately every 500th spin
Probability of any payoutBetter than 25%
Distribution of winnings (base game / bonus)50/50 (score)
Best payouts during the testx123, x109 , x51
Best bonus winnings during the testx122, x83
Continuous bankroll declineAround -150 stakes
Spins in a row without a win7-8

The table contains the dynamics of bankroll changes p about the course of test 1000 spins.

SpinsResult, ratesLarge payoutsWin in free spins
1-100+8x26, x18, x32
101-200− 51
301-400+ 31x123
701-800−54x18 899
801-9000x46, x12
901-1000157x109, x12x83

The total result is +97 bets.

The table contains the results of the bonus purchase test ( 10 attempts). The cost of the purchase is 100 bets.

Win, betsAccumulated multiplierFree spins extension
243x8 948
1048x14 999


  • Winnings in the bonus are distributed evenly.
  • You can expect an extension of approximately 20% of the free spins (+5 extra spins).
  • As shown test, buying a bonus is unprofitable, especially given the good probability of large payouts in a regular game.
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Main features of the machine

The specifics of the slot are as follows: 1016

  • Фриспины на том же поле и по таким же правилам, что и обычная игра.
  • Free spins trigger - 4 scatter symbols and (Scatter), extension — 3.
  • Scatter without payment.
  • There is no replacement symbol (Wild).
  • Multiplier special symbols are present both in the main gameplay and in free spins.
  • Multiplier values ​​are in the range from x2 to x500 in both games.

Characteristics of the slot machine

The table shows the official parameters of the slot.

Scheme6 × 5
MechanicsSymbol Drop
Build CombinationsPay Anywhere (more than 8 symbols anywhere on the screen)
Краткое описание бонуса15 free spins with collecting multipliers and extension
Purchasing the bonusFor 100 bets
Influence of the bet size on winningsA bet increased by 25% doubles the chances of triggering free spins
Risk gameNo
RespinTheoretically infinite (provided by the Symbol Drop mechanic)
Max payout in the main gamex5000 (* *)
Max win in bonusx5000 (**)

(*) No information about RTP increase.

(* *) Provider limitation.

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Expert advice

The Gates of Olympus (Pragmatic Play) slot machine, despite its high volatility, can be called balanced. There is no deep bankroll drawdown. The slot payouts in the base game and the free spins are evenly distributed.

This is an effective strategy to gradually increase the bet after 50 or 100 bad spins. A bankroll of 2,000 initial bets (including further increases in even increments) seems unkillable. It makes sense to fix any plus as soon as it is formed.

Important. 1000 test rounds is not enough distance. Before playing in an online casino, it is advisable to double-check in demo mode.

The second consequence of the even distribution of payouts is the suitability of the slot for wagering casino bonuses, despite its high volatility. Pragmatic Play slots are usually not prohibited when the bonus is active.

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