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Аналитика слота Immortal Romance

In which slot should the session last at least 2.5 hours? And this is in the mode of accelerated auto-rotations. Such an unusual scenario has the Immortal Romance Slot machine from the Microgaming provider, released back in 2011. The popularity of the slot is due to the progressive increase in RTP. The game has four levels. On the latter, a giant prize in free spins is possible - x12 150 relative to the total bet. Editorial experts will talk about bonus payments at all levels. We will also talk about the strategy of raising rates.

Expert Review

Video Slot Immortal Romance is definitely not for everyone. This requires a considerable bankroll and a margin of time of about three hours. The stated RTP of 97% works at an infinite distance. The game has four levels of free spins. The features in free spins are different. To reach the last, most profitable level, you need to get free spins on the previous three levels 15 times.

Table #1 contains a detailed description of free spins. Statistics for all types of free spins are presented at the end of the review.

LevelNumber of FSHow many times to play to reach the next levelОписаниеExtension
1104Constant multiplier x5Полное
21552 or 3 random Wild x2 or x3 multiplier None
3206Avalanche mechanic with increasing multiplier from x2 to x5 (*)Нет
4251 fixed wild plus 1 to 4 random wilds with no multipliers1, 2, 3 или 4 FS

(*) Exactly like in Gonzo's Quest video slot

Table 2 contains basic information about the test. In total, more than 4000 spins were played. Detailed statistics were kept on the first 1000.

What was checkedResult
In which round the free spins were launchedIn the 75th, then more 5 times in 1000 rounds
What is the probability of a payout in a regular gameBetter than 25%
Max Win by lines x51
Max payout in free spinsx149

Approximately 80% of regular payouts are between ⅙ and 1.5 of the bet. Half of this falls on the scatter symbol. For 1000 spins, only 14 payouts from x10 were collected.

All large odds happen only with the participation of the wild symbol. It is a multiplier — it doubles winnings.

Игровой процесс
Basic gameplay

There is a wide spread in free spins winnings: from x10 to x150. A high result is obtained due to x3 and x5 multipliers. These are available in two types of free spins.

The most disadvantageous are the initial free spins. The main profit is given by free spins of the 3rd level. To reach them, you need to play the previous levels nine times.

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Table 3 shows the details of passing the test.

Return to user in infinite game (official)96.86%
Actual return per 1000 test spins97.10%
Feels like volatilityHigh
Free spins activation frequencyAbout 1 times in 200 rounds
Longest interval without bonus400 rounds
Regular game payout frequencyBetter than every 4th round
Outcome distribution score (base game/bonus)30/ 70
Best regular game payoutsx51, x43, x26
Maximum bonus wins (first 1000 rounds)x77, x37, x29
Minimum bonus winningsx8, x9, x10

Table 4 shows statistics for all types of free spins. This information was collected separately - after the completion of the main test, 3000 more rounds were played.

FS LevelWinnings
1x10, x8 , x13, x9
2x29, x77, x37, x13, x20
3x36, x25, x149, x49 , x117, x19
4x53, x10, x10, x27, x33, x76

The last level will not live up to expectations. The most winning one is the third one.

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Features of the video slot

Immortal Romance was the first machine with a 5 * 3 scheme, where 243 pay combinations were made. This is called Adjacent - "adjacency, adjacency." In order for the winning chain to be counted, the symbols must be located simply on adjacent reels, not even touching.

In addition to free spins, the machine has a bonus feature called WIld Desire. It activates randomly. Up to five stacked wilds appear on the playing field. The frequency of activation is approximately three times per 1000 rounds. During the 4000 test spins, the prizes varied from x10 to x150.

It is the Wild Desire feature that can give the best payout in the main game — x1500. These are five stacked wilds. They cover all the cells of the field.

The Immortal Romance video slot has a high rate of automatic spins — 25-28 per minute. In manual mode, the process is twice as slow.

Runet casinos offer a rather high minimum bet - 30 rubles. The range in dollars is from $0.30 to $30.

Characteristics of the machine

Table 5 shows the official parameters.

Parameter Value
Lines243 способа оплаты
Scheme5 * 3
Main bonus4 types of free spins with multipliers, symbols of different types and extension
Side BonusFrom 2 to 5 Stack Wilds in the Main Game
Buy Bonus FeatureNone
Double Gamble RoundNo
Best multipliers for combinations of 5 symbols x200 (Scatter), x50 (Wild), x16.6 (highest linear symbol)
Max payout in a roundx266.6 (*)
Max winnings in the bonusx12 150 (**)
Influence of the size of the bet on winningsOnly the amount of prize money changes

(*) Mechanics The slot does not allow multiple symbols on the same reel. Therefore, only three combinations can be paid at the same time in one round (x200 for scatters + x50 for wilds + x16.6).

(**) Provider limitation

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Expert tips

Microgaming's Immortal Romance slot machine is able to pay several thousand bets per session, but for this you need to play for about three hours to reach the 3rd level of free spins.

Level 4 free spins are a trap for users. They have a low average prize.

It is possible to win using a simple strategy:

  1. Passing the 1st and 2nd levels at the minimum bet.
  2. Playing on Level 3 with 5x magnification.

The Immortal Romance video slot is available in almost 100% of online casinos. However, there may be regional restrictions. The machine is prohibited for wagering deposit bonuses and gift free spins.

It makes sense to re-test in demo mode. This will take 2-3 hours. You can't check everything. It is enough to limit yourself to the statistical free spins of the 3rd level.

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