Iron Bank (Relax Gaming) slot analytics

Аналитика слота Iron Bank

Purchasing a bonus game in a slot is a profitable option. This allows you to build a strategy close to the declared RTP. The problem arises when there are several bonuses to choose from. The Iron Bank (Relax Gaming) slot machine is just that.

The editors have tested the regular game (1000 spins) and the Buy Bonus feature in all three variants. Users will learn how to reduce the risks of the Iron Bank slot or, conversely, how to play with extra volatility to get a one-time payout of 500-1000 bets.

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Expert review

Table #1 contains the main test results (1000 spins).

On which spin the bonus fell on522
Probability of any payoutAbout 20%
Achieved Max Win in the main game144 ставки
Achieved max payout at the end of the bonus game336 bets

What to expect from the slot is easier to understand by examining the test in detail:

  1. First 100 spins - loss of approximately 86 bets (!). No payouts larger than 10 bets.
  2. Next 200 rounds - continued fall. 280 bets were lost around the 340th spin. During this period, there were only two normal payouts — x12 and x16.
  3. The spins of the 4th hundred gave four good payouts with an interval of 15-20 rounds: x48, x24, x17 and x144. Последнюю, самую крупную, принес стековый символ замены (Wild) с множителем x12.
  4. 505th and 512th spins pay x64 and x100. Lose about 300 bets completely eliminated. A small plus has appeared.
  5. On the 522nd spin a bonus appears. It is triggered by 3 Bonus symbols. The player chose the option with 10 free spins and the “Stack substitute” feature.
  6. Progress of the bonus game: for the first 8 free spins, the winnings amounted to +2 bets (?!). On 9- m dropped the expected stack substitute. It generated over 25 respins, during which a second stacking wild appeared. During repeated spins, the multipliers of both special symbols grew. The final coefficient is x78. Bonus win - 336 bets.
  7. Regular spins from 550th to 1000th were mediocre. There was one x50 payout. But at the same time, the +350 profit formed after exiting the bonus game was not completely lost. The session ended with +240 bets.

Comment: You can't count on special features in the main game (see below). "Mysterious" wildcards did not bring profit. The stack substitute appeared no more than 10 times, not guaranteeing a win in the round. And additional bonus symbols that activate scatter payouts never landed.

Игровой процесс
Basic gameplay

The bonus game is available for purchase. Next in the review is a test of the Buy Bonus option.

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Statistical data

Table 2 contains more detailed information obtained during the test.

Volatility levelHigh
RTP (official)96, 2% in normal and 97% in bonus
Bonus Activation FrequencyOnce every approximately 500 rounds
Probability of any line win (estimate)About 0.20
Winning distribution (base game/bonus)35% and 65% ( estimate)
Max line wins in the base gamex144, x100, x50
Progressive loss earnedApproximately 250 bets per 300 spins

Table 3 contains information on the maximum win in three types of bonus rounds.

The initial number of free spins is 8, 10 and 12 for each option, but this is not important, as always over 30 free spins are played. Each option has its own complex extension mechanism.

Type of free spinsOfficial nameVolatilityMax payout (test)
Mystery SymbolsMystery SymbolsHighx204, x87, x48
Expanding Substitute Expanding WildExtremex336, x105, x91
Multiplier CollectMultiplier CollectHigh 968x48, x47, x47
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The main features of the machine

The machine has its own specifics:

  • Increase RTP up to 97% in the bonus purchase mode.
  • Extra bonus symbols that drop out randomly in addition to the main ones and activate payouts according to the scatter principle according to the x20 - x200 - x2000 scheme for 4, 5 or 6 scatters. 985
  • Два типа символов замены (Wild): обычный и стековый. Вайлды не оплачиваются.
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Slot specs

Table #4 contains official information from provider.

Lines4096 adjacency payment methods
Scheme 10236 × 4
Bonus descriptionThree types of free spins with different features
Purchasing the bonus gameFor 100 bets
Influence of bet size on winningsRTP does not change
Risk gameNo
Respin 1048Только в бонусе
Max multipliers for combinations of 6 symbolsx2000 (Scatter), x50, x10
Max possible payout in the bonus game any typex49 999
Functions in the base game with random activationMystery symbols (random group of 5 to 20 of the same type)

Расширяющийся символ замены с множителем

Additional Bonus Symbols scatter payouts

Not published: how often the bonus appears and the probability of any payout in the main game.

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Expert Tips

The Iron Bank (Relax Gaming) slot machine is extreme. It is suitable for experienced players with strong nerves and a bankroll of 1000 bets. The potential of the slot is huge - +500-1000 bets in 100 rounds. These short "fertile" periods alternate with longer periods of balance and complete "drought".

Beginners are advised not to get involved in long sessions. It is better to play in short runs of 10 rounds, closing the slot with any result.

An alternative strategy if you have a serious bankroll is to use only the purchase of the bonus. This approach requires testing all three free spin options - at least 20 spins for each.

The Iron Bank slot is available in almost any online casino that accepts users from Russia. High volatility is not suitable for bonus wagering.

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