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Аналитика слота Legacy of Egypt

Four years after release (Spring 2018) ) The Legacy of Egypt slot machine from the Play'n Go provider is confidently holding its own in the world top 100 according to the "users' choice" criterion. This is open data from online casino monitoring services. The popularity has an objective reason. The experts of the editorial office managed to find it out during the test of the video slot.

500 spins in demo mode were enough to understand that this is one of the most balanced slot machines. Uniform payouts in the main gameplay, good chances of activating free spins, high frequency of their restart - all this makes players constantly return to the Legacy of Egypt slot machine.

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Expert's review

It is worth clarifying that, despite its name, Legacy of Egypt video slot is not one of the many variations on the "Book of ..." theme . The machine in question also has a universal special symbol, but it works differently.

The table contains basic information that allows you to understand the nature and potential of the slot.

Parameter Meaning
Which round the bonus happened in16th, then another 10 times in 500 rounds
Odds of combination in the main gameПримерно каждый 2-й раунд
Best Base Game Payout in Total Stakesx19 (*)
Maximum Bonus Win in Total Stakesx252 (**)

(*) Hereinafter, rounding according to the rules of mathematics.

(**) Free spins restarted six times.

Main gameplay

First impression: this is a "giving" machine. Payouts for linear combinations occur approximately in every second spin. The minimum value of a paid chain is ⅙ stake. However, due to the presence of 30 lines in the slot, several combinations are formed at the same time in almost every round.

In general, a regular game is able to maintain a balance, but you should not expect large payouts. The best received prize by lines is x19. It was a triple payout for high symbols, two of which landed in the amount of 5 on a line. Jokers (Wild) participated in the compilation of the chains.

Are you good at slots?

The bonus activation frequency is above average. Free spins have started 11 times in 500 test rounds. At the same time, 4 of them were restarted, including 2 multiple times.

The spread of bonus winnings is significant: from 5 to more than 200 total bets. Free spins can be from 3 to 20. The number is determined on the wheel of Fortune before starting the free game.

The table allows you to track the details of all received free spins.

RoundInitial free spinsWin, total stakesRenewalAdditional free spins
866x491 time5 830
2085x1963 times13
39520x2526 times28
449 8796x171 times7
4804 888x6no

The main feature of free spins is a floating multiplier from x2 to x10. It changes randomly before every free spin. If the free spins are extended, it is possible to fix the multiplier according to a rather complicated scheme.

Three main ways to get a super payout in a free game:

  • Get 20 free spins on the Wheel of Fortune.
  • Lock x8 or x10 multiplier on restart.
  • Get multiple extensions of free spins.

Both wins over 200 bets were obtained as a result of a combination of all three conditions.

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Statistical data

The table contains more detailed information on the results of test runs.

Result for 500 spins+ 361 stake
RTP stated96%
Volatility level (by impression)Average
How often free spins are triggeredAbout 1 time per 50 spins
Longest interval without bonus110 spins
Probability of payoutApproximately 50%
Estimated distribution of winnings (base game / bonus)35/65
Maximum payouts in the main game (total bets) 961х19, x9, x7
Maximum prizes in bonus (total bets)x292, x196, x49
Worst bonus winsx5, x6, x15
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Key features of the slot machine

Almost all Play'n Go video slots have a return to player range (RTP Range). This is a legal option. An online casino, in agreement with the provider, can set the RTP at its discretion. Online reviews usually indicate the most frequently set parameter value.

Play'n Go has an authorization document from the MGA - the Malta Gaming Authority. According to the license, the RTP of the provider's video slots cannot be lower than 92%.

Other features of the machine:

  • Paid Wilds and Scatters: x16.7 and x5 respectively (for five symbols). Winnings start at three wilds or scatters.
  • Fast paced autospins.
  • Multiple options to stop autoplay.

Minimum bets in online casino: 15 ₽ or 30 ₽. The maximum is 300 times more.

Machine characteristics

The table contains information from official sources.

RTP96% (*)
Lines30 1025
Bonus descriptionFrom 3 to 20 free spins with multipliers from x2 to x10, as well as with the possibility of unlimited extension
But Bonus featureNo
Influence of bet size on winningsМеняется только итоговая выплата. RTP и частота активации бонуса остаются неизменными
Risk GameNo
Better Multipliers for combinations of 5 symbolsx10, x8.3, x6.7
Maximum payout per roundx300 (**)
Max win in bonusx5000 (***)

(*) RTP ranges apply. 96% is the base return value to the player.

(**) The highest symbol in all cells of the playing field.

(***) Provider restriction.

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Expert Tips

Play'n Go's Legacy of Egypt slot machine is a casino friendly slot. There are two high probabilities here at the same time: getting a linear combination and triggering a bonus. The activation of free spins is even, as is the alternation of small and large payouts in the main game.

The machine is suitable for beginners. Due to the balance and thoughtfulness of the gameplay in Legacy of Egypt, there is no deep progressive loss. You can schedule a session of medium duration. There will be no negative emotions.

Experienced players can use the bonus hunting strategy. The steps are as follows:

  • Select a casino with weekly promotions.
  • Check if the bonus machine is not banned.
  • Find out what RTP is set for the slot. Instructions on how to do this are in the public domain.

Now, with x25 bonus wagering and 96% RTP, the game starts with mathematical odds of 50/50. It won't be long to wait for the x200 prize in free spins.

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