Analytics of the Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe (Novomatic) slot

Аналитика слота Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe

At the end of the 20th century, any casino in Russia had machines from an Austrian manufacturer Novomatic. In the early 2000s, 30-40 models were transferred to the Internet unchanged. Novomatic's Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe slot machine is the second most popular video slot provider. Since 2010, the manufacturer has been cooperating with the online casino under the Greentube brand.

The machine has a retro design, simple gameplay, no fancy features. What is the secret of the popularity of a modest model, the editorial experts managed to find out. It was enough to make 500 test spins to understand: this slot is safe for the bankroll due to even high payouts in the bonus and regular games.

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Expert review

Without starting the bonus game, the loss increases noticeably. Its rate is about 40 bets per 100 spins. It's not scary, since in modern high-volatility slots this indicator can be -800.

The test was performed on a certified slot machine in a licensed gambling establishment.

The main analytics is included in the table. Details are later in the review text.

On which spin the bonus fell outAbout the 140th, then more 3 times in 500 spins
Line combination frequencyAbout 1 time out of 5 rounds
Max Win per line obtained in the main gamex20
Max payout in the bonus gamex245 in free spins with a restart, x83 without a restart

In the main game, payouts follow evenly: one or two from x10 for 100 rounds and three or four from x5. Combinations fall out at approximately equal intervals, but with a low frequency.

Both in the "Help" section of the slot and in the gameplay, the winnings are displayed in bets per spin.

The main advantage of the machine is comparable the largest prizes in free spins. Doesn't go below x20. This means that the drawdown of the bankroll is always compensated by two bonuses dropped out in a short interval.

In the free game, all prizes are tripled.

Free spins are triggered approximately at regular intervals of 100- 150 rounds. Extension of free spins can be expected with a probability of 20-25%. When restarting, the same number of free spins is given - 15.

Игровой процесс
Main gameplay
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Statistical data

The table contains all significant test results.

Reported RTP95.13%
Volatility level ( by impression)Average
How often the bonus drops outAt least 1 time in 130 rounds
Line payout frequency 809Примерно 20%
Prize Breakdown (Main Game / Bonus)40/60 (estimate)
Best Main Game Payouts 819х20, x15, x13
Maximum wins in the bonusx245, x83, x48
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The main features of the machine

"Deluxe" means an improved design compared to the first version of the online slot, and an increase in lines from 9 to 10. The machine will not be released in 2023Lucky Lady's Charm no "deluxe" in the name.

Important. The slot is always located at the top of the lobby of unlicensed casinos. You can’t play there, because the RTP of an uncertified device can be configured. In a casino without a license, the machine is launched not from the Novomatic server, but directly from the gaming site. You can distinguish a genuine model by the interface (see the picture in this review).

The main unpleasant moment for players: the slot can be found in a limited number of licensed casinos in Runet. This is due to the provider's policy for working with the markets of the CIS countries and Ukraine.

Main technical features:

  • Winning combinations with two icons in the composition.
  • Paid replacement symbols (WIld) and scatter (Scatter).
  • Automatic play without settings.
  • Display payouts in total bets.

Tempo of rounds in regular game is about 18v minute in auto spin mode. The minimum bet in an online casino is 10 rubles.

Are you good at slots?

Undocumented features:

  • Speed ​​up spin by double clicking the mouse. The process is faster than with autoplay.
  • Switching to the Gamble mode directly from the automatic game.
  • Start spins by pressing the spacebar on the keyboard.

Характеристики автомата

The table contains information from the documentation of the video slot.

BrandNovomatic /Greentube
Year of release2010, updated 2019
RTP official95.13%
Volatility (according to the manufacturer)High
Lines10 fixed
Scheme5 × 3 925
Описание бонуса15 free spins with triple wins and unlimited extension
Purchase bonusNo
Bet size impact to winOnly the amount of prize money in the round changes. RTP remains constant
Risk gameYes. Guessing the color of the card. Five consecutive doubling attempts
Best multipliers for combinations of 5 symbolsX900 (Wild), X500 (Scatter) , X75
Max theoretical payout per roundx900
Max win in free spinsUnlimited
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Expert Tips

Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe slot machine from Novomatic is in demand by active casino visitors. The slot does not allow increasing losses above 200-250 bets. Sufficient bankroll to play on a gradual increase after a series of unsuccessful spins is 1500-2000 bets.

The video slot is quite suitable for beginners. Due to the high prizes, there will be no strong negative emotions in the bonus. You can plan a session of medium duration.

A machine with even payouts of comparable size is suitable for wagering bonuses. Unfortunately, residents of Russia in 2023 can play on a licensed model in literally 3-4 online casinos.

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