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Аналитика слота Minotauros

Video slots with simple gameplay are popular with different online casino customers, but mostly two categories - beginners and experienced clients. The Minotauros (Endorphina) slot machine is designed just for the last group of visitors.

More than that, this is a slot for those who want to hit the jackpot in the casino. Five parameters of session statistics, the same number of settings for stopping the game, a record pace of automatic spins, a reality check option, medium volatility - all this turns the slot into a tool for professional gambling.

Editorial experts conducted a test session of 1000 spins. Verdict: the simplicity of the machine is deceptive — there is room for those who like to build gaming strategies to turn around.

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Expert's review

It must be said right away that there is no Minotaur in the Minotaur slot no free spins, no bonus game taking place on a separate screen. The only prize option is re-spinning the reels (re-spin).

The machine has 10 fixed lines, so when it says "bet" in this material, it is a bet per spin (total).

The table shows the results obtained during the test. Details - later in the review.

In which round the respin occurred24
Frequency linear combination (Hit Rate)About once every 8 rounds
Best payout without respinx40 bet
Max win with respin 761x360 ставок

First impression: the Minotauros slot is a bankroll eater: linear combinations fall out so rarely. However, this is a misleading impression, since the minimum payout in the slot is equal to one bet.

Many manufacturers use a trick - they increase the probability of combinations falling out (Hit Rate parameter). In this case, the amount of payments can be ¼ of the bet.

In the Minotaur, until the bonus feature has fallen, the bankroll declines rapidly. But the cumulative loss will never be more than 200 bets, as the respin is triggered frequently.

Игровой процесс
Basic gameplay

The respin mechanic is unusual:

  1. To trigger the bonus feature on reels 2 , 3 or 4, the WIld is a replacement symbol.
  2. The wild expands to the full vertical.
  3. The first re-spin occurs with a substitute occupying all three cells on the reel.
  4. Если не происходит выигрыш, множитель выплаты увеличивается на 1.
  5. A new respin starts.
  6. And so on with the multiplier increasing until the first win occurs. After that, the free spins stop.
Are you good at slots?

Maximum wins come from Wild on reel 4. If this is the case, then the rare payouts of the slot become an advantage: the later the combination is formed, the greater the win from the bonus feature.

Re-spin is the only bonus feature

Linear payouts do not provide even keeping the bankroll at the same level. All the player's salvation is in the respin.

In addition to the main test, the machine was launched in parallel on two more computers in different online casinos. Never failed to lose.

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Statistical data

The table contains more detailed information obtained during the test.

Parameter Value
Volatility level (by impression)Average
Official RTP96.04%
Expected RTP if the respin does not land for a long timeAbout 75%
CycleMedium short
How often the respin startsПримерно 1 раз в 40 раундов
Odds of any payout (estimated)No better than every 8th round (12.5%)
Distribution wins (base game / respin)30/70
Maximum regular wagering payoutsx40, x15, x10 (*)
Максимальные выигрыши с респиномx360, x160, x140 (**)
Min wins with respinx6, x9, x12
Лучшие множители, полученные с респиномX9, X8, X7
Worst slots without paylines37, 33, 26 rounds
Худший интервал без респинаAbout 12 0 rounds

(*) More than 10 x10 line payouts.

(**) More than x100 payouts happened 7 times in 1000 spins.

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The main features of the slot machine

The idea of ​​the developers of the Minotauros slot is to give you the opportunity to fully control the process. For the first time, editorial experts have come across a machine with so many options for an experienced player.

Full list of professional features:

  • The rate of accelerated automatic spins is 50 per minute.
  • Forced stop before manually starting a respin.
  • Statistics block (rounds played, net profit, gross winnings, bet amount, session duration).
  • Options to stop automatic spins: time in play, amount one-time win, percentage reduction in balance, increase in balance.
  • Change the quality of the picture for playing in conditions of slow Internet or on a weak computer.
  • Reality check - stop scrolling and display a pop-up message about the time in the game and about the current result. Interval — from 1 to 60 minutes. This option can be disabled.

Other important features:

  • Risk game for doubling.
  • There is no scatter symbol in any form.
  • Substitution symbol (Wild) cannot form its own combinations.

The minimum bet in the online casino of RuNet is 10 ₽.

Characteristics of the slot machine

В table - official information.

Year of issue2015
Lines10 Fixed
Chart 9705 × 3
Bonus descriptionNo free spins or bonus game
Influence of bet size on winningsNot the frequency of combinations or respins changes. RTP remains constant
Risk gameYes
RespinThe only bonus feature
Best line multipliers for combinations of 5 symbols 995х100, x80, x50
Max payout in normal spinsx1000 (*)
Win cap with respinНе установлено

(*) The entire field filled with the high character.

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Expert Tips

Minotauros Slot Machine (Endorfina) - not for fun. This is a "combat" slot for winning. The abundance of control functions allows you to complete almost any session with at least a small plus. This is possible due to a gradual (by one) increase in the rate after 50 or 100 minus rounds. A sufficient bankroll for this tactic is 2000 initial bets.

A medium volatile slot with frequent activation of the feature is well suited for wagering casino bonuses. Before accepting the offer, it makes sense to contact the support service and get a list of slot machines prohibited with an active bonus.

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