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Money Train 3

Video slots come with sequels like movies. The Money Train 3 slot machine from the Relax Gaming provider is just that. The first release of "Money Train" took place in the summer of 2019. The slot immediately attracted experienced players with its high volatility, which means a significant winning potential.

This analysis is being written at the end of September 2022, only two weeks after the release of the "third series". Editorial experts played 1000 rounds on the licensed demo version of Money Train 3. Information was collected on the frequency of bonus activation and the amount of payouts in free spins and the regular game. The Buy Bonus function was tested separately.

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Expert review

Compared to the first two releases, the new slot turned out to be balanced. Experts did not understand why the developers indicated the level of volatility as High. The slot has two bonus features: a respin and a bonus game that takes place on a separate screen. For 1000 rounds, both of them were launched evenly. There wasn't much variation in bonus wins.

Table #1 shows the highlights of the test.

Which round was the first bonusIn the 26th, then three more times
When the respin was activatedIn the 50th round
How often line combinationApproximately every 5th round
Best line resultx48
Maximum bonus winx31

The bonus features have the following features:

  • Respin is more important than the bonus game. It accounts for about 30% of the gross winnings.
  • The bonus is actually free spins. But the spins take place on a different field and with their own symbols.
  • After activating the bonus, the player is offered a choice of 13 (!) types of free spins.

The last point, it would seem, is the player’s headache: what to choose. Experts have solved this important question. We will tell you which free spins are better later.

There are many payouts from x10 in the main game. There were 18 such rounds in 1000 rounds. Small ones at 0.5 bets - about ⅓ of the total. There is no serious variation in significant payouts. Their range is from x10 to x40, with even distribution.

Игровой процесс
Main gameplay

Respin is part of the main game. There were 16 of them in 1000 rounds. Respin payouts are smaller in size. This is due to the special mechanics of this feature - the almost complete pre-clearing of the playing field. The respins happen evenly.

So it's hard to count on payouts higher than x40 in the base game. But the prizes of the average size fall out steadily and at approximately the same intervals. When such payouts follow in 10-15 spins, there is a “splash” of +50... +80 bets.

In the bonus game, the situation is about the same. The payout range is relatively narrow: from x20 to x60. For 50 bonuses, this range was exited only 10 times, including seven in a big way.

Important. Only one type of free spins out of the available 13 was tested - number 1. As it turned out, all free spins are very similar.

Table 2 shows the details of the test. To understand the nature of the slot, the distance of 1000 rounds is divided into intervals of 100. Payouts on lines from x10 and all winnings in the respin and bonus are indicated.

SpinsResultRegular PayoutsWith RespinIn Free Spins
1-100+ 34x37x1831
101-200+15x11, x12, x13x3, x3922
201-300+65 x15, x15, x17, x48x2, x5, x36
401-500+14x11, x15 828x2, x7
501-600+29x30, x 34x6, x2021
601-700−46x12x4 , x8, x10
701-800+112x41, x42x 5129

Результат за 1000 раундов — +60 ставок

The Money Train 3 machine has a bonus purchase. Naturally, he fell out 4 times. 46 more purchases were made to evaluate the player's benefit.

Despite the presence of 13 types of free spins, no significant difference was found between them.

The slot has 12 unique special symbols: multipliers, "collectors" , "transformers", value boosters and several special symbols that combine any two of these functions.

There are 13 types of free spins. The developers meant that in some free spins a certain special symbol would appear more often. In practice, this is not noticeable at all. There is no difference between “regular” free spins #1 and the rest.

Выбор фриспинов
First screen for selecting the type of free spins

The statistics of the Buy Bonus feature are presented in table #3. The purchase price is 100 stakes.

Win rangeHow many times
Up to x203
From x20 up to x6040
From x60 to x1003
More than x1004 (x120, x149 , x201, x230)

Conclusion: buying a bonus is unprofitable. Perhaps the distance of 50 attempts is too short to find out the potential of the function. It is also possible that the expert could not find some highly profitable type of free spins.

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Statistical data

Table 4 contains test details of 1000 spins.

RTP official96.1%
The return actually received when test106%
Volatility according to providerHigh
Volatility according to impressionMedium 959
Частота активации бонусаAbout 1 time per 250 rounds
Respin activation frequencyAbout 1 time per 75 rounds
Максимальный нарастающий убыток в ставкахAbout 180
Probability of any combination (estimate)20%
Worst stretch without combination 980Около 25 раундов
Win distribution (base game/respin/bonus)50/30/20 (estimate)
Max payouts received in the main gamex48, x37, x34
Same for respinx51, x39, x36
Same for bonusx31, x29, x22
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Main machine features

Relax Gaming provider has created a real monster. In 2023, Money Train 3 is one of the hardest slots to play. The following is a list of the main "chips" of the slot:

  • Four purchase bonuses of different value: 1 free spin, 2 spins, standard (100 bets) and with a fixed special symbol (500 bets).
  • 12 special special characters with unique properties. This is in addition to the regular wild and scatter.
  • 13 types of free spins to choose from.
  • Autoplay with win and loss limits.
  • Session history management.
  • Темп ускоренных спинов в режиме автовращений — примерно 100 в 4 минуты.

The minimum bet in the online casino is $0.1 or 20 ₽. The spread is small: the maximum is only 100 times higher than the minimum.

Characteristics of the machine

Table 5 contains official information from the provider.

Parameter 1036Значение
RTP when buying bonus (official)96.5%
RTP RangesPossible (*)
Hit Frequency19.35%
Scheme5 * 4
Bonus Description13 types of free spins at the choice of the player (**)
Buy Bonus featureFor 100 bets
Gamble round for doublingНет
Simultaneous payment combinations4
Max multipliers for combinations of 5 symbolsx20, x20 (Wild), x10
Max payout per roundx800 (**)
Max win in bonusx100 000 (***)
Influence of rate changeDo not change xia RTP and bonus activation frequency

(*) The official site of the Relax Gaming provider reports different RTPs for regions

(**) Free spins take place on a separate field and have their own symbols 1128

(***) Все поле, заполненное старшим символом

(****) Provider restriction

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Editor's opinion

Money Train 3 slot machine from Relax Gaming appeared in most of the Russian casinos within two weeks after the release. Most likely, it will be banned for wagering bonuses as it is highly volatile.

According to editorial experts, the slot is not such. Uniform payments of all types, with approximately the same amount, do not allow a significant drawdown of the deposit. Sufficient backroll - 500 bets.

Important. A test distance of 1000 spins may not be enough. In the same series, the opposite result is possible.

The main recommendation for players is to try to look for some particularly profitable type of free spins that our experts have not found. To do this, you will have to spend several hours in demo mode to buy a bonus 200 times.

Money Train 3 slot is undesirable to run on smartphones and with poor internet due to "heavy" graphics.

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