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Аналитика слота Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants slot machine from Thunderkick provider released at the end of 2017. Since then, the model has often been used in regular online casino promotions. The editorial experts guessed the reason for such a special popularity, but decided to test the assumptions by playing 1000 spins on the licensed demo version of the slot.

Expert review

Tested at an online casinoVavada. The platform is remembered for the fact that for several months in a row it offered no deposit spins to its customers on the Pink Elephants slot.

Most slots from the Swedish providerThunderkick have medium volatility. This means not very big wins in the main game and free spins. At the same time, a deep cumulative loss of hundreds of bets is unlikely. All this applies to the slotPink Elephants.

On which spin the bonus fellAt 301st
Probability of any payoutWorse than 25%
Max payout received in regular gamex40
Best win in free spinsx56

Outwardly, everything looks fine - a common statistic common to many slots. However, for 1000 spins, it was not possible to get an increasing win at least in more than 100 bets. The test ended in the red.

Winning Opportunities

The machine has a 6×4 layout without customizable paylines. Combinations are built on the principle of adjacency. It is enough that two characters are on adjacent verticals, starting from the left. In total, there are 4096 paylines in the machine. This means that 3-4 combinations almost always win in one round.

If the initial 7 or 11 free spins are won, they will be extended with a probability of almost 100%. You can get an average of 5 extra free spins.

In the main game, the extra scatter works in conjunction with the regular scatter symbols. Its appearance increases the probability of passing to free rounds. In the terminology of the slot, it is called a “magic symbol”.

There is no purchase of a bonus in the slot.

Main game

There is nothing to count on in regular spins. For 1000 spins, only 12 payouts of 10 or more bets were received. This is due to low multipliers for combinations.

The best multipliers for six symbols in a combination: x10, x7, x6.5. During the test, a single combination of five badges was obtained. The worst odds are x0.3 for the three lowest value symbols. There are always several combinations in one spin, but they mainly consist of cheap values.

Игра на слоте
Main game of the slot

Free game

Free spins were extended 8 times during the test out of 10. However, during the first 1000 spins, only 4 times were able to get into the free round. The winnings were modest - from 20 to 50 bets.

We had to additionally check the bonuses separately - to play about 1500 more spins. Managed to win x55. But 2 out of 6 results were minimal.

In the Pink Elephants slot, it is possible to finish the bonus round almost "to zero" - with a win of 2 or 4 bets.

Free spins do not have significant differences from regular ones rounds. This is traditional for the Thunderkick provider.

Test progress

Usually, editorial experts record the passage of the entire test in a table, dividing the distance into intervals of 100 spins. It's useless for the slot in question - everything is clear in words.

Payouts from x20 for 1000 spins: x40, x24, x20. It was a combination of several combinations of high value badges. All with the participation of the wild symbol.

Winnings in free spins for 2500 rounds: x55, x51, x39, x38, x30, x21, x20,x20,x4,x2. The initial number of free spins is 7 or 11. Almost always there was an extension: +3, +5, +8 and even +10. There was no continuation in the case of the two smallest wins.

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Let's consider passing the test in more detail. All information is collected in a separate summary.

RTP official96.10%
RTP with no free spins for a long time (estimated)About 82%
Volatility (estimated)Above average
Free spins activation frequency 821Не лучше, чем 1 раз за 250 запусков
Probability of any payout (estimate)About 25%
Longest interval without combination 831До 15 запусков
Prize distribution (regular game/free spins)40/60 (evaluation)
Current loss over 1000 rounds 841−180 общих ставок
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Features of the machine

The absence of the fast spin mode additionally worsens the player's chances for a favorable result. This means that only 15-18 rounds pass in 1 minute.

Another minus of the slot is the Wild and Scatter symbols without payment. The scatter is only needed to trigger the free spins.

Good points:

  • The minimum bet in the Runet casino is 10 USD, but it is possible to find 5 USD. Maximum — 5000 USD.
  • Extra scatter (magic symbol in the main game) theoretically increases the chances of triggering free spins.
  • High win limit in free rounds — 8200 bets.
  • Theoretically unlimited extension of free spins.

Characteristics of the slot machine

The video slot help section from international online casino monitoring resources is considered. The main information is summarized in the table.

Volatility for provider informationHigh
Probability of any payout based on provider information22.80%
LinesNone . 4096 payment methods
Combination methodAdjacent principle
Scheme6 × 4
Bonus description7, 11, 15 or 19 free spins with extension
Purchasing free spinsNo
Gamble doubling roundNone
Best multipliers for combinations of 6 iconsx10, x7, x6.5
Maximum winx8200 (*)
Influence of bet size on winnings The amount of the prize varies proportionally. The RTP remains unchanged.

(*) The provider does not specify how the maximum win can be obtained: in a round or in free spins.

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Opinion Editors

In order to win at Thunderkick's Pink Elephants slot, you will have to play a session longer than 1000 rounds. Then, it may be possible to enter the free game 3-4 times in a short period. According to the editors, it is realistic to get a profit only with frequent activation of free spins.

If on a new site, for exampleCat Casino, есть бонус для «Розовых слонов», возможно принимать предложение. Это всегда будут не деньги на счет, требующие отыгрыша, а бесплатные раунды в автомате.

Video slots are not prohibited for wagering casino deposit bonuses. The official RTP is normal - 96.1%. However, it is difficult to reach it at a short distance when the bonus is won back.

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