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Аналитика слота Queen of Hearts Deluxe

All-time Online -gambling, not many video slots for girls have been released. One of them is the Queen of Hearts Deluxe slot machine from the Novomatic provider. The first version of the slot appeared on the Internet approximately in 2004. The addition of "deluxe" in the name of the second means an improved design and an increase in the number of lines.

In 2023, the Queen of Hearts Deluxe slot machine will remain in demand by Russian players, as it has been known to them for over 20 years. Editorial experts decided to find out the potential of this old model and tested a licensed demo version. Beginners will find out what payouts can be expected in the bonus rounds and the main game.

Since 2010, video slots have been supplied to online casinos by two providers: Novomatic itself and Greentube, which it has taken over. There is a separation of regions between them.

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Expert's review

Tested in a licensed casinoFriends after registering and logging in with a username and password. 1000 test spins were played.

The first impression of the machine was favorable. Combinations fell out almost in half of the spins, the bonus was launched twice in the initial 100 spins. From the information in Table 1, you can imagine what to expect from the Queen of Hearts.

EventWhat happened
Bonus Activation Round10-й, затем еще 8 раз за 1000 спинов
Frequency of combinations in the main gameApproximately every 3rd spin
Maximum payout in regular spins ( total bets)x20
Maximum win in bonus (total bets)x20

Main game

The test confirmed the opinions of the players about the machine aslow volatility. This means that you won’t lose much on it, but you won’t be able to collect at least x30 prizes either. “Slot for girls” is a fair statement of some experienced customers.

Hereinafter, all winnings are in bets per spin (total). In the help section of the slot, payouts are shown in single bets per line.

For 1000 rounds, only three normal results from x10 were obtained. In all cases, some three combinations were paid at the same time with 2 wild symbols appearing on the field. The most frequent win in regular rounds is x2. These are two scatter symbols anywhere on the screen.

Игровой процесс
Main game

Good line odds are x1000, x400 and x300 in the help section. But during the test, nothing even came close! The best result is x20.


Queen of Hearts Deluxe bonus game — free spins. There are 8, 15 or 20 of them in total, depending on the number of activation symbols (scatters). During the test, free spins were launched nine times. But free spins have always been kept to a minimum.

Free spins are impressive. Each of them has an average of two extra wild symbols, and this is in addition to the usual wilds, which are also found in free spins.

But the results of the bonus game are disappointing. Despite the huge number of substitutes and multiple payouts in one free spin, we never managed to win more than 20 bets in the bonus round.

FRPPROMO — no deposit bonus for signing up at Friends casino.

Best result in free rounds, it is fixed when three or four substitutes fell out several times. This frequency of wilds is real.

In the help section of the video slot, it says that free spins can be extended. Of the nine bonus games received, none of them restarted.

Test progress

Table #2 shows the progress of 1000 test spins. The distance is divided into intervals of 100 runs.

SpinsBet resultPayouts from x10Bonus winnings
1-100−4x10x12, x18
101-200− 37no
201-300+3nox19, x9, x20, x8
601-700−1x20x10 846
801-900 −24nonex17

The result of the test is −229 bets.

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Statistical data

Slot test details are recorded in Table No. 3.

RTP actual by test77%
Volatility (estimated)Below average
Frequency of launch free spinsAbout 1 time per 100 rounds
Worst interval without free spinsAbout 250 rounds
Probability of any payout (estimate) 91333%
Prize distribution (base game/free spins)50/50
Worst interval without combination 15 rounds
Current loss per 1000 spinsApproximately -180 bets
Maximum prizes received in regular game (total bets) x20, x11, x10
Best winnings received in the bonusx20, x19, x17
Worst winnings in the bonusx10, x9, x8
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Features of the slot machine

Queen of Hearts video slot has simple rules. Therefore, it has few features:

  • The rate of automatic spins is about 16 spins per minute (low).
  • Fast spin by double-clicking the mouse on the "Start" button.
  • Запуск вращений клавишей пробела.
  • Automatic play without any settings.
  • Higher pay symbols — Scatter and Wild.
  • Minimum bet in Runet casino — 0.40 ₽, the maximum is 50₽.

The machine is present in 90% of unlicensed online casinos and is very rare among operators with a permit document.

Characteristics of the machine

B table 4 you can read information from the provider and from the help section of the machine.

Return to player95.31% 990
Lines10, can be reduced to 1
Scheme 5 * 3
Bonus feature8, 15 or 20 free spins with extra wilds per spin and unlimited retrigger
Buy freesp inovNo
Double Gamble RoundYes, 50/50
Best odds in regular gamex1000, x400, x300
Max prize per roundx1700 (*)
Max prize in free spinsNo limit set
Combinations at the same time4
Influence of bet increaseRTP and event probabilities remain unchanged

(*) Five scatters, five wilds, plus five high symbols on a payline

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Expert Tips

По первому впечатлению, игровой автомат Queen of Hearts от Novomatic имеет хороший потенциал. Комбинации выпадают каждый каждый третий спин, бонус также часто запускается.

Possibly, the bad test results are due to the fact that the free rounds were received nine times at a minimum (8 pieces ) and never restarted. It is possible that infrequent winning events are the provider's idea. Therefore, before betting with real money, it is recommended to pass a second test in order to find out whether it is possible to get 15 or 20 free spins at all, and also to extend them.

The slot is able to give out small winnings with the tactics of increasing the bet in increments (not doubling). Having received a plus in literally 10 initial bets, it is advisable to end the session, since the test showed a low probability of a “jerk, surge” of +50 or higher.

The Queen of Heart Deluxe slot is most likely not prohibited anywhere for wagering bonuses at the casino. The machine can be found on about 10% of Runet sites. It is better not to wager casino bonuses in the slot due to small prizes in free spins and low RTP.

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