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Аналитика слота Resident (Igrosoft)

Video slots are popular in Runet online casinos with a choice of items in the bonus. The Resident slot machine from the Igrosoft provider is in the top 3 among devices with this gameplay feature. As a rule, casino visitors are interested in how profitable it is to use "protection" from choosing an empty item in the bonus game. This review will clarify the situation. Editorial experts launched 1000 test spins. This was enough to understand the nature and potential of the slot.

Expert review

The table contains key information obtained from during the test.

On which spin the bonus fell out20th, then two more times in the first 100 spins
Linear combination frequencyNot worse than 66%
Max Win in the main gameplayx6 (in total bets)
Max payout in the bonus gamex33 (in total stakes)

Note. In normal mode, the screen shows winnings in bets by lines. To find out the value of the true payout, the figure must be divided by the number of lines. There are 9 of them in the machine with the possibility of reduction.

First impression: the Resident slot is very generous. Line wins occur approximately three times out of four spins. At the same time, half of the payouts are for two or three combinations at the same time. However, you should not count on the main game. Approximately 75% of line payouts - from ⅕ to 1 of the total bet. In 1000 rounds, we only saw four wins more than x3.

Игровой процесс
Main gameplay

What happens in the bonus game? The first stage is the choice of one of the four safes. According to statistics, in about 80-85% of cases, two of them contain explosives. Such an unfortunate choice terminates the bonus and saves all winnings already received.

In the best case, 5 times out of 100, none of the safes will explode and the bonus will go to the 2nd stage of the bonus. The remaining 5-15% is when the explosives are in only one safe.

Protection against one bad choice - increase the rate by 5 times. The extra "life" is indicated by the fire extinguisher that appears on the main screen of the machine next to the hero.

There is a misconception that in order to get protection, you need to set the maximum bet. A 5x boost is actually enough.

Bonus games drop evenly, about 3 times per 100 rounds. If you do not connect protection, half of them will end with a zero result. If you choose a safe, 80% of the payouts fall within the range of 8 to 16 total bets.

The maximum value of an item is 30 bets, the minimum is 1. The best payout during the test at the 1st stage of the bonus is x33. It was a lucky choice of three items, one of which had a value of x21.

Getting four prizes in sequence in Stage 1 opens the way to Stage 2. There you have to make a choice of two items. This is a 50/50 game: you can either get an additional prize from 20 to 100 total bets, or nothing.

Passing into the 2nd stage of the bonus is a difficult task. Of the 29 bonus rounds received, it was only possible to go to the final 2 times. The winnings in one of them amounted to 50 bets.

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Statistical data

All the expert's observations based on the test results are included in the table.

ParameterValue 781
Уровень волатильности (оценка)Average
RTP ExpectedAbout 95%
How Often Bonus Drops 792Примерно 3 раза за 100 спинов
Worst interval without bonusAbout 120 spins
Probability of any win Around 70%
Distribution of winnings (base game / bonus)40/60 (score)
Max payouts received (total stakes)х6, x5, x4
Max wins in bonus (total bets)x33, x29, x17
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Главные особенности автомата

The Resident video slot is a complete clone of the floor standing slot machine from the early 2000s. Therefore, its gameplay is not the same as that of online slots released later. Main "chips":

  • The ability to change the number of lines.
  • Building combinations of symbols in both directions.
  • Non-standard risk game (comparison of cards with those virtual dealer).
  • There is a wild in the risk round that works against the player.
  • Up to six combinations at the same time.
  • No paid scatter symbol. 842
  • Отсутствуют настройки автоматической игры.
  • Only one auto-spin speed.

Auto-play pace is 15-16 spins per 60 seconds if no bonus occurs. In manual mode - 2 times slower.

Items can only be selected when starting rotations manually. During autoplay, the process occurs automatically - the user does not need to press anything.

Minimum bets per spin in a gambling establishment: 9 ₽ (most often), 6.3 ₽, 4.5 ₽. The maximum is 90 times the minimum.

Slot characteristics

The table shows the official parameters of the video slot.

RTP officialNot published
VolatilityNot published
Lines9 882
Схема5 × 3
Bonus descriptionTwo-step selection of items
Influence of bet size on winnings 893Повышение минимальной ставки в 5 раз дает больший приз на 1-м этапе бонуса и увеличивает вероятность прохода во 2-й этап (*)
Purchasing the bonus game No
Risk GameYes. Comparison with dealer's card
Max linear multipliers for combinations of 5 symbolsx556, x222, x56 (** )
Max theoretical payout in the regular roundx5000 (***)
Max win on the 1st bonus stagex120
Max win at the 2nd bonus stagex100

(*) No information about how the RTP changes.

(** ) Values ​​in total rates. Translated from the numbers in the bets per line from the payout table of the slot.

(***) The entire playing field filled with the highest symbol.

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Expert Tips

The Resident slot machine from Igrosoft has two return level. The return of the machine without protection in the bonus can be estimated at 80%. Therefore, you should only play at a bet that is 5 times the minimum.

Igrosoft is a legal manufacturer. The algorithms of its software are tested by certified independent testers.

You can play slots from Igrosoft only in licensed casinos. In this case, it is not possible to change the machine parameters set by the developer.

Strategies related to changing the number of lines and the bet size do not work. The provider carefully checks the gameplay algorithm and cannot allow it to be hacked.

A machine with medium volatility and frequent bonus rounds is suitable for wagering bonuses. The video slot may be prohibited for this purpose in some online casinos.

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