Analytics of the San Quentin xWays (Nolimit City) slot

Аналитика слота San Quentin xWays

The life of prisoners in the American prison San Quentin — the plot of the slot machine San Quentin xWays by Nolimit City. This is probably the reason for the popularity of the video slot, released at the very beginning of 2021. This is not at all a parody crime-themed game, of which there are enough. Nothing like this has ever been released with such gritty realism.

Editorial experts have tested the San Quentin xWays machine. 1000 rounds were played in the licensed demo. The Buy Bonus function was tested separately. Overall Conclusion: The slot's volatility is as ferocious as the tattooed prisoners pictured.

Expert Review

Nolimit City's San Quentin slot has rangesRTP. This is a setting option for the operator - he can set the return to the player at his discretion.

Testing took place with an RTP of 96.03% in an online casinoPlay Fortuna. Such a return will be on most sites of Runet.

Before starting the game, you need to find out the RTP. The value of the parameter is published in the help section of the video slot.

What users need to know first of all: in the San Quentin xWays slot, the loss in the regular game quickly increases, but the losses can actually be compensated in the bonus.

Table #1 reflects the highlights of the test.

First bonus activation417th spin
Вероятность выпадения комбинацийNo more than 20%
Best payout received in the main gamex25
Best result achieved in free spinsx402
Result in free spins when testing the Buy Bonus featurex757

The slot has 243 ways to build combinations with a variable size of the playing field. The basic pattern is 5×3, but there are two additional horizontals above and below. A certain number of cells of these additional lanes are opened every round, increasing the dimension of the playing field.

The machine has no lines. Winning chains are built from the left edge of the field according to the adjacency principle - the symbols may not touch either sides or corners.

Due to low odds, there is nothing to count on in the main game. The frequency of dropping out combinations in itself is low. In addition, approximately ⅔ of the funds received in the main game is less than 1 bet.

In 1000 test spins, there were only four payouts, exceeding 10 total bets. And this despite the fact that three combinations fell out at the same time in these rounds.

Обычные спины

At any stage of the game, the slot has complex mechanics. The provider came up with some unique symbols:

  • Spit Wild. A substitute that separates several adjacent icons, which increases the number of slot horizontals.
  • Razor Split. A normal symbol, but splitting on its own.
  • xWays. A vertical stack of any four icons.

In addition to these special base game symbols two more start working in the bonus:

  • One of the high pay linear icons, but with a multiplier.
  • Jumping Wild, also with a multiplier. This substitute constantly remains on the screen during free spins — it “jumps” across the playing field.

When these two icons get into a combination, the prize increases in a separate free spin.

In free spins, it is really possible to win more than one hundred total bets. This happens when two events occur at the same time: the appearance of several named special symbols at once, as well as the loss of two or three icons with multipliers.

Test progress

Table #2 reflects a significantvolatility slots. In the first 400 rounds of the test, there was an almost catastrophic drop of -246 stakes. Then there was a bonus that brought +202 bets.

SpinsProgressive resultResult in the main gameResult in free spins
101-200 −115−60
401- 500−103−59+202
901-1000+69− 75

In the course of the main test, it became clear that free spins are activated unevenly. They can wait and 500 rounds. Good results in the bonus forced to test his purchase. The Buy Bonus feature is activated for 100 bets. Table 3 contains statistics on 10 purchases of free spins.

Initial FSRenewalWin in total bets
8+3 FS757
10+1 FS97
10 +2 FS245
7+1 FS55

When buying a bonus, the development of events will be also extreme. The result does not depend much on the initial number of free spins. The fact of the extension has an effect, since a large multiplier up to x4 starts working exactly at the end of the free spins. The range of final winnings is huge: from zero to several hundred bets.

You can also buy a bonus for 400 or 2000 bets. This gives a field extension of 8 or 10 cells. They open on additional horizontals. With the usual activation of the Buy Bonus function, the field expands by 6 cells. Therefore, according to experts, it makes no sense to go for an expensive purchase.

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Table 4 shows the details of the test.

RTP official96.03% (*)
RTP with no free spins for a long time (estimate) No better than 50%
Volatility (estimate)Very high
Progressive loss in bets taken−250 per 400 spins (* *)
Free spins activation probabilityAbout 1 time per 500 spins
Frequency of any combinationAbout 10 times per 100 spins 1033
Распределение призов (основная игра/ бонус)25%/ 75% (estimate)
Maximum Payouts in Base Game (total stakes)х25, x24, x15
Maximum wins in free spins, including the Buy Bonus featurex757, x402, x202
Worst wins received in the bonus 1049x4, x16, x16

(*) Base RTP is 94.11%. Can be changed by the casino, but the minimum value is 92%.

(**) Twice in 1000 rounds.

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Slot Features

The main distinguishing feature of the video slot is the gameplay with very complex rules and a large number of unusual special symbols. Other important features that are useful to know:

  • A playing field of variable sizes - with a random activation of a different number of additional cells (from 2 to 10).
  • Combinations are created without lines - according to the adjacency principle. The base number of construction methods is 243, it increases with the appearance of additional cells.
  • Bad odds: Maximum: x5, x4, x3.5.
  • Pay up to five combinations at the same time in one round. 1074
  • Низкий спред ставок: от 0,2 до 1,6 евро на спин.
  • Auto-spin at an average pace of 25-27 spins per minute.
  • Record session history.

For the Buy Bonus feature, the provider indicated an increase in RTP up to 96.26% and up to 96.95%. The last value is when buying free spins for 2000 bets.

Characteristics of the slot machine

Table 5 shows the official parameters of the slot.

Official RTPRanges from 94.11% to 96.03%
RTP when buying bonus96, 26% and 96.95%
Volatility officialHigh
Payment methods 1118243 — базовое значение, с увеличением при расширении поля
SchemeVariable from 5 × 3 to 5 × 5
Bonus Description 1128От 6 до 12 фриспинов с расширением поля, символами-множителями двух видов (в том числе WIld) и с возможностью продления
Purchase of the bonus gameFor 100, 400 or 2000 bets
Gamble Double RoundNo
Max Linear Multipliers for combinations of 5 symbolsх5, x4, x3.5
Max possible payout in a roundx1215
Max winnings osh in free spinsx150 000
Influence of rate changeDoes not affect RTP and feature launch frequency
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Expert Tips

Slot machine San Quentin xWays from Nolimit City provider is available in most online casinos. It is definitely possible to find it on sites with 5000+ titles, for example, in1Win Casino. Such slots are usually prohibited for wageringcasino bonuses.

The video slot is worth trying because of the very bold theme. It's interesting to play even in demo mode.

Editorial experts won't risk suggesting any strategies due to the high volatility of the slot machine. Before playing for money, you need to know the RTP. To understand the nature of the slot, it is advisable to make several hundred test spins.

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