Sweet Bonanza (Pragmatic Play) slot analytics

Аналитика слота Sweet Bonanza

Exactly three years after the release of the Sweet Bonanza (Pragmatic Play) slot machine ) ranks 31st in the Russian ranking and 9th in the world. This is information from an international online casino monitoring resource. But there are more than 20,000 video slots in the world!

It makes sense to find out why the Sweet Bonanza is so popular. To help the players - this review. When writing the material, 2000 spins were played in demo mode. Also tested the Buy Bonus function.

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Expert feedback

At the first stage, the automatic spins mode was activated. Within 250 rounds, three bonus games have been launched. The payouts in free spins were x83, x75 and x165 in relation to the bet per spin. Further, the bonus game did not start for 2000 spins.

The table contains the main statistics (details - later in the review).

On which spin the bonus fell outApproximately the 25th, 100th and 175th, then the spin never fell out until the 2000th
The same with the bet increased by 25%About 380th
Frequency of combinationsAbout 25%
Max payout achieved in main gameplay 842x26
Max winnings achieved at the end of the bonus gamex165

Payment x165 in the bonus was ensured by two multipliers (x10 and x25) that fell simultaneously in one free spin. Free spins are always 10. They take place on the same playing field. Multipliers are special characters in addition to the regular ones.

Comment. According to the provider, with a bet increased by 25% (x1.25), the bonus game is launched twice as often.

You should not count on payouts in a regular game. The maximum during the test is 26 bets. 2nd and 3rd places win x25 and x12.

Игровой процесс
Main gameplay
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Statistical data

B table - information collected during the test.

Volatility LevelHigh
RTP (Maximum official)96.51% (*)
Expected RTP without bonus dropsDoes not exceed 85%
Cycle 898Длительный
Bonus Activation FrequencyNo better than 1 time per 700 spins
Bonus Activation Frequency at increased bet x1.25 908Не лучше, чем 1 раз за 350 спинов
Chance of any payout in base gameAbout 1 in 4
Win distribution ( main game / bonus game)70/30 (score)
Maximum payouts received in the main gamex26, x25, x18
Maximum winnings received in the bonusx165, x132, x83

(*) Comment. The machine has an official range of return to the player - from 96.48% to 96.51%.

Information on intervals of 100 spins in bets: -41, -37, -6, -6, -15, - 17, +12, -3, -32, +20. Total for 1000 rounds - -165 bets. Conclusions: the loss increase curve is smooth, almost linear; a sharp exit to the plus will provide free spins.

Information on the Buy Bonus feature. The activation cost is 100 bets. All values ​​of winnings in purchased free spins during the test: x9, x6, x67, x46, x6, x10, x31, x73, x38, x32.

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Main features of the slot machine

Distinctive features of the machine are as follows:

  • The minimum bet is 20 kopecks per spin.
  • Slow rate of autospins - about 7-8 per minute.
  • No wild symbol.
  • No paid scatter symbol. 971

Характеристики автомата

In the table - the official information of the manufacturer.

Volatility level, according to the providerMedium
MechanicsSymbol Drop or Cascade 1000
Способ оплаты комбинацийPay Anywhere (payment for any 8 symbols that fell anywhere in the field)
Scheme6 × 5 1010
Описание бонуса10 free spins with special symbols « multiplier" and the possibility of extension
Purchasing a bonusFor 100 bets
Influence of the size of the bet on winningsBet x1.25 increases the probability of activation x2 free spins
Risk gameNo
Max payout in base gamex150
Max win in the bonusx21 175
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Expert Tips

Sweet Bonanza slot (Pragmatic Play) is available in 90% of online casinos that accept Russian players. The slot is not prohibited from wagering bonuses, but as the test shows, it cannot be used for this purpose.

The main recommendation is to be patient and conduct longer testing. Preferably for real money. This is not too costly, since the minimum bet per spin in a casino with ruble deposits is 20 kopecks.

You should not use the option to buy a bonus for 100 bets. Playing at an increased rate of x1.25 will not increase the return of the slot.

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