The Dog House Megaways (Pragmatic Play) slot analytics

Аналитика слота The Dog House Megaways

In the middle of 2022, The Dog House Megaways slot machine provider Pragmatic Play is included in the top 100 slots in the markets of the CIS countries and Ukraine according to the "players' choice" criterion. The video slot manages to stay in the lead for two years since its release (July 17, 2020).

The editorial experts managed to find out the reasons for the popularity. A test of 1000 rounds was carried out on a licensed slot machine. Separately, a check was made to purchase a bonus. The experts determined the nature of the slot and its potential. They gave recommendations on how to play the slot for profit, as well as what decisions that are dangerous for the bankroll should be avoided.

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Expert feedback

The table contains the main information obtained during 1000 test rounds. It gives a general idea of ​​the machine.

When free spins are activatedIn the 720th round
Шансы на любую выплату (Hit Rate)Worse than 1 : 4
Best prize in regular gameplayx81
Free spins winx69
Best free spins result in the Buy Bonus feature testx324

The start of the game was so-so. Over the first 530 rounds, the continuous progressive loss was about -160 bets. This is normal for the machine in question. The minus at such a distance for highly volatile models can reach -300 bets.

In the course of the test, there was a "splash" that completely eliminated the loss with a small plus. The overall result of the session is -121 stakes. This is normal, since the bonus was activated only once.

The main conclusion of the test: a significant plus can be formed due to a series of high payouts in the main game. You should not count on free spins. Parallel tests were run on neighboring computers. Both failed to activate the bonus after 500 rounds.

Игровой процесс
Basic Gameplay

The only way to get the x50 payout is to land multiple wilds at the same time in the base game. Each wild has a multiplier: either x2 or x3. In the round, the odds are summed up.

The table shows the details of the events for the game intervals of 100 spins.

RoundsResult in betsPayouts from x10Bonus win
201-300− 31x36
401-500−31x16, x12
501-600 82681x16, x81, x52
601-700−11x13, x26
701-80023x25, x16x69 846

3 or more Scatter symbols trigger the bonus game. The bonus offers a choice of two options:

  • From 7 to 20 free spins with sticky multiplier wilds. All dropped substitutes remain until the end of free spins.
  • From 15 to 30 free spins with regular multiplier wilds. The difference from the main game is a more frequent occurrence of replacement symbols (estimation - 2 times).

The number of free spins depends on the number of scatters that landed.

Since only one free game was activated in the main test once, I had to find out the benefits of free spins through the bonus purchase function. The results are summarized in the table below.

Type of free spinsReceived FSStakes won
With sticky wilds12x63
7 907x54
With regular wilds15x16
18x128 922

Conclusion on the Buy Bonus function. The cost of buying free spins is 100 bets. It makes sense to take this step if you have 3-4 hours of free time and a reserve of several thousand bets.

The way to win from x200 in the bonus is the same as in the main game: collect 4-5 on the screen replacement characters. Their multipliers will be summed up.

It is important to understand that 1000 spins is a short distance for a high volatility slot. To obtain more reliable statistics, it is recommended to make more than 3000 scrolls in demo mode.

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Test details are recorded in the table.

Return to player96.55%
Expected RTP when no bonus game is played for a long timeПримерно 85%
Variance (score)High
Actual bonus activation frequency1 time per 1000 spins
Base game payout frequency (estimate)22-23%
Worst no payout intervalsThere were both 20 and 15 rounds
How the winnings are distributed70% in the main game, 30% in the bonus game
Maximum payouts in the main gameplayx81, x46, x36 1001
Лучший приз во фриспинах с липкими WIldsx324, x98, x69
Best prize in free spins with regular Wildsx71, x63, x54
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Features of the video slot

The machine has RTP ranges. This is an official option provided by the provider. An online casino can choose from several options. The base (best) value is 96?55%. Worst - 94?55%. The difference of 2% is insignificant for machines with high volatility.

The second feature of the slot is the very fast pace of the automatic game: 100 rounds of spins in 80 seconds. This is taking into account the time for payments. Setting an ultra-high rate of auto-spins is done through two successive settings: "Quick game" under the "sandwich" button, then "Turbo spin" under the "Autoplay" button.

The minimum bet in the online casino is 16 ₽. The maximum is 8000 ₽.

Slot parameters

The table contains the official characteristics of the video slot.

RTP заявленный96.55%, 95.53%, 94.55%
Lines 1048Нет
Options for building combinations117 649
Method of building combinationsMegaways
Vertical symbols maximum7
Bonus descriptionFrom 7 to 30 FS with sticky or regular wilds with multipliers
Buy Bonus functionFor 100 bets
Bet value changesDoes not affect the return of the machine
Risk game 1088Не предлагается
Best combination multipliersx7.5, x3, x2 ( *)
Max payout in spinx630 (**)
Max prize in bonusx12 035 (***)

(*) In one round, up to 7 combinations are possible at the same time.

(**) 38 highest symbols on the field plus 4 wilds with x3 multiplier.

( ***) Provider limitation.

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Expert recommendations

The Dog House Megaways slot machine from Pragmatic Play is able to increase the bankroll by several times, but with this can lead to a continuous progressive loss of 300-400 bets.

Two strategies will be good:

  • "Lottery" - a short entry lasting 10-20 rounds and stopping the game at any outcome. 1131
  • Продолжительная сессия только с использованием функции Buy Bonus.

C the strategy of raising the bet after 100-200 unsuccessful rounds seems risky, since 15-20 empty spins in a row are real, and the bonus is rarely activated.

testing. Information about the current winnings, balance and remaining rounds is presented clearly. It is realistic to make more than 60 automatic spins per minute.

The video slot is available in 80% of online casinos and is usually not prohibited for wagering bonuses. However, the device is not suitable for this purpose due to high volatility.

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