Analytics for Wild West Gold (Pragmatic Play)

Аналитика Wild West Gold

The release date of Pragmatic Play's Wild West Gold slot is 26 March 2020. By the time of writing this review in mid-2022, the video slot is in the global top 500 in terms of popularity. Among more than 300 provider models, the rating of the machine is approximately 40th position. This is evidenced by the open data of online casino monitoring services.

Editorial experts have researched this average video slot. The result of test 1000 spins turned out to be very specific. A path to stable winnings has been found, and a strategy that is ruinous for the player has been discovered.

Expert feedback

The table contains the main data for 1000 test spins.

Parameter 731Значение
Bonus Activation Rounds432nd and 793rd
Combo Drop RateSlightly better than every 4th spin
Max Win per linex18
Max win in free spins (main test)x58 757
Max выигрыш во фриспинах (тест Buy Bonus)x298

The test was divided into intervals of 100 spins. Not a single segment was able to get into the plus. Evenly increasing loss led to the result of -442 stakes. For 1000 rounds, only five payouts of x10 and above took place. The best is x18.

Odds for combinations are low. The top three are x20, x12.5 and x7.5. The only way to win a tangible prize along the lines is to get three wild symbols at the same time. Any wild has a multiplier from x2 to x5.

Игровой процесс
Basic gameplay

Free spins didn't help in the test session. They were activated only twice. The winnings amounted to 58 and 10 bets. Significant prizes in free spins will be when more than 5 replacement symbols appear on the screen. In free spins, they are sticky - they are on the field during the entire bonus game.

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Statistical data

The table below reveals the results of the test in more detail .

RTP officialAt least 94.5%
RTP in case of long absence bonus game (estimate)About 60%
Volatility level (by impression)Very high
Actual free spin activation frequency 8042 раза за 1000 раундов
Payout frequency by combinations (estimate)27-28%
Win distribution (base game / bonus)50/50 (estimated)
Maximum actual payouts in the base gamex18, x17, x15
Bonus wins 824х58, x10

Below is the information on the test results of the Buy Bonus function. The purchase price of spins is 100 bets. The initial number of free spins is always 8.

#WinningTotal Multiplier WildsWild X2Wild X3Wild X5Renewal
3 x47321None
4 878x164532+8FS 887
7x4331 2None
10x495 311+4FS
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Key features of the machine

The Wild West Gold video slot has three RTP values: 96.51%, 95.56% and 94.53%. This is called "ranges" (Ranges). The online casino, in agreement with the provider, chooses one of the values. A difference of 2% does not significantly affect the result for slots with high volatility.

Are you good at slots?

The machine has an ultra-high pace automatic game: more than 60 spins per minute. To activate this feature, two checkboxes must be enabled at the same time: "Quick game" in the settings and "Turbo spin" just before the start of auto-spins. The second way to play extremely fast is to hold down the spacebar on the keyboard.

The range of bets in a gambling establishment: from 10 ₽ to 5000 ₽.

Characteristics of the slot machine

In the table are the video slot parameters set by the manufacturer.

RTP according to the provider96.51%, 95.56% , 94.53% (*)
Chart 10045 × 4
Free game description8 free spins with x2, x3, x5 multiplier wilds and an option to renew
Bonus purchase price 1014100 ставок
Influence of the size of the bet on winningsOnly the amount of prize money changes
Risk gameYes 1028
Best multipliers by combinationsx20, x12.5, x7.5
Max payout per roundx 6400 (**)
Max win in bonusx10 000 (***)
Impact of the change ratesGame returns does not change

(*) RTP ranges apply.

(**) Estimated value (highest 37 symbols per field plus 3 wild multipliers).

(***) Provider limitation.

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Expert Tips

The Wild West Gold slot from Pragmatic Play is suitable for experienced players with a bankroll of several thousand rates and a margin of time of 2-3 hours. Why is that? You need to immediately activate the bonus purchase function and not mess with the main gameplay.

The test showed that the probability of winning more than 150 bets in free spins is 35-40%. Now you need to be patient and run the Buy Bonus function in demo mode at least 200 times. The collected statistics determine the bankroll requirements and the betting strategy after several unsuccessful bonus purchases.

If the player does not have the time and cash reserve, the best strategy is the lottery. Its meaning is to make 10-20 spins in order to catch the bonus, and then leave with any result.

It is dangerous to get involved in a long session, because it is impossible to get out of the growing loss without free spins. Free spins are activated no more than three times per 1000 rounds.

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