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BlackjackBlackjack Singlehandby iSoftBet 684

Blackjack Singlehand
Editor's Score
Free Play Bonus
100 Free Spins & 100% Bonus
Payout Speed
Min. deposit
500 USD
Total slots
  • Year: 2020 788
  • Number of decks: 8
  • 799
  • Количество рук: 1
  • Min. count dealer points: 17
  • Minimum bid: 0.1
  • Max bid: 10< /span>
  • RTP (%): 99.40
  • Platforms: PC,Smartphones
  • Interface languages: ENG
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Both land-based casinos and virtual gambling developers may offer different versions of blackjack . There are plenty of them available today. One of the classic online varieties in which the user plays 1 on 1 against a virtual croupier (computer program) is Blackjack Singlehand Blackjack from iSoftBet.

Features of the game

A participant occupies only one place at the gaming table, makes a single bet (except for a safety bet) per game. The distribution is carried out according to the rules of the American variety: the dealer receives 2 cards at once, but one of them is hidden. When the player finishes the set, the dealer draws cards up to 17 or more points and the totals are tallied.

Outcome of the gamePayout
Win by points1:1
Insurance and dealer 212:1
Equal chances1:1
DrawReturn to user
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Design and design

On the screen are available: a blackjack table, a sign with bet limits in the upper left corner, payout rules in the center. The narrow panel at the bottom displays the bet amount (Bet), winnings (Win) and the current balance (Balance). Sound design turns on music and distribution effects, turns off in the lower left corner.

Интерфейс игры
Table with deal (insurance offered to the player)
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Interface and controls

There are no additional bets in the game - only the main one. To bet on a win, you need to:

  1. Click on the chip of the required denomination at the bottom left.
  2. Click on the round field under Click to bet: 1 click — 1 chip.
  3. Выбрать одну из предложенных функций:
  • Deal - start the deal.
  • Double - double the bet (no more than 10).
  • Undo - undo the last action.
  • Clear - clear the field.

Minimum bet size - 0.1, maximum - 10. Each chip has a face value in game credits: 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10.

You can use several chips to bet a different amount. Example: bet size 3.5 - three chips of 1 and one 0.5. You cannot exceed the maximum bet of 10 credits in this way, but it can be doubled after the deal.

When the combination is in hand, the player again makes a choice - some are available only under certain conditions.

Button 1234Действие
HitGet more. 1 click - 1 card up to 21 or more points
StandDo not take. By default, the player chooses manually, but in the settings section there is an Auto Stand option that stops the set at 17 (if there is no ace in the hand) or 19 (when there is one) points
Double Double the bet, including the maximum, get 1 card and finish the move
SplitSplit a pair combination (the number of points must match, for example, not only a deuce with a deuce, but also a queen with a king) . After that, 1 card is automatically issued for each initial card, the set continues for two hands separately
InsuranceIf the dealer initially has an ace, then the user is offered insurance - half of the main bet, which is paid doubled, if the dealer has a blackjack
Even MoneyWhen the player has 21 points in the initial combination, and the dealer has an ace with the first card, you can play it safe and take the bet 1:1

A number of features are suggested to be enabled or disabled in the settings. To get to this section, you need to click on the three horizontal lines in the lower left corner and select the gear icon in the menu. After that, eight items will appear and their status - On or Off:

  • Sound - sound.
  • Turbo - accelerated mode without animations.
  • Keep bust hands - keep cards in hand when bust.
  • Always offer insurance - always offer insurance. 1286
  • Always offer even money - payout 1:1 when the user has blackjack and his probability with the dealer.
  • Show collect cards animations — show animations of returning cards to shoes.
  • Auto stand - automatically stops recruiting after 17 or 19 points.
  • In-game warnings - warnings during the game.
Игровые настройки
Default settings panel
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Play Blackjack Singlehand online for free

Initial balance of 1000 virtual credits, replenished with new entrance. The version is supported on mobile and computer platforms, so you can play on any device.

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