Blackjack Rules at Online Casinos

Правила игры в блэкджек

Blackjack is a popular card game with simple rules. One game lasts a few seconds, and the jackpot, especially among high rollers, can reach thousands of dollars. In Russia, other names of blackjack have been fixed - "21" and "point". But the latter is not entirely correct, since the rules differ.

From land-based casinos, the discipline has long moved to the Internet. There are electronic models and versions with live dealers. The rules for playing blackjack in casinos vary - there are dozens of variations.

Classic Casino Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is played with 1-8 decks (usually six or eight are used). Each of them has 52 cards. The decks are in a special box - a shoe. Shuffling (shuffle) in land-based casinos occurs after half of the cards are out of the game. In online blackjack, the decks are shuffled before each hand.

Up to 7 players can participate at the same table at the same time. In the sectionLive Casino the same principle is kept. In online blackjack, the user is left face to face with the dealer. Depending on the model, you can bet from 1 to 7 hands.

Блэкджек в казино
Playing blackjack in a casino

The decks are placed in a shoe. The visitors then place their bets and the hand begins.

The goal of the game

The goal of the player is to score more points than the dealer. The maximum number is 21. When comparing, you can win with 18, 19 or 20 points. The main thing is not to overdo it. If the sum exceeds 21, the visitor will automatically lose. It's called "busting".

How many table neighbors score doesn't matter. Everyone plays with the dealer regardless of other visitors.

If the participant has 21 points or less, anddealerbust, then it's a win. In case of equality, a draw is declared and the bet is returned. If neither the visitor nor the dealer has a bust, the one with the most points wins.

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Card denominations

"Cost" of cards is different:

  • From 2 to 10 — соответствует их значению. То есть двойка дает два очка, пятерка — пять.
  • Jack, queen and king are valued equally - 10 points.
  • Ace — 1 или 11, в зависимости от выбора посетителя. В сочетании с 10 составляет самую ценную комбинацию, называемую «блэкджек».

The suits are unimportant: they are equivalent.

When counting, the player adds up the face value of all his cards. For example: ace + 8 = 19; queen + king = 20; 9 +3 + 5 = 17.

Distribution progress

When the bets are made, the croupier gives the participants 1 card in a circle. They are laid out in the open. Then gives 1 to himself and 1 to all players. As a result, the dealer has 1 open, and the visitors have 2.

Next, if the amount on hand is less than 21, the player can say “more”. The croupier will give out 1 card from the deck. You can repeat as much as you like, but if you "brute force" the loss will be counted.

If the visitor does not want to take any more, he says "stop" or "enough".

Кнопка «хватит»
Dealing: the "enough" button in the online game

In the case when the participant turns out to be two cards of the same denomination, they can be split. That is, split into two hands (combinations on both will be collected separately). The player must make another bet equal to the original one, and the croupier will deal another 1 card each.

When splitting, there is a nuance: if two aces are split, then +1 is issued to them, but the visitor cannot say “more” maybe. But it is allowed to split again. The number of allowed repetitions is agreed upon before the start of the game.

When all participants at the table have finished, the dealer adds cards to himself. He cannot stop until he has 17 points or more in his hand.

Calculation of winnings

Depending on the collected combination, there are different ways to win in blackjack in the casino. In the classic version, everything is simple:

  • If the visitor has more points than the dealer, then the bet counts 1 to 1.
  • If the visitor and the croupier have equal values, the bets are returned. In some establishments, in this situation, the winnings go to the casino.
  • If the participant wins, having received a blackjack combination from the distribution (ace + jack, queen, king or 10), then 1.5 to 1 is counted. Funds are paid out immediately. But there is a caveat: the game continues if the dealer's first card is a ten, jack, queen, king or ace. The dealer has a chance to collect blackjack. The visitor will be able to win 3 to 2 if the croupier does not have it. There is also another option. If the dealer's first card is an ace, then the player can take the bet 1 to 1. This is called "even money".

At separate tables in land-based and online casinos, the rules may differ from the classical scheme.

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Varieties of rules

In online casinos, gamingprovidersoften develop their own system of counting and rules, but they take popular variations from ground-based establishments as a basis. You can clarify the information by clicking on the question mark after starting the online game.

Как открыть таблицу с правилами
The question mark that will open the table with the rules

In conventional casinos, the nuances of the rules are written directly on the table. Any questions will be answered by the croupier.


The following rules apply in this variation:

  • Use 2 decks. They are disturbed after each game.
  • If the dealer has a blackjack, he automatically wins (even if the visitor has a similar combination).
  • Split is allowed once. The rule applies to identical cards. That is, the queen and the king cannot be separated, despite the same denomination.
  • If you collect 6 or more cards without exceeding the threshold of 21 points, a victory will be awarded.
  • It is allowed to double the bet if the first combination brings 9, 10 or 11. Otherwise, it is prohibited.
  • Rejection (player takes half of what is wagered when he sees his first hand) is not allowed.


The following changes have been made to the Spanish version:

  • The game is played without tens.
  • The visitor's blackjack wins an identical combination from the dealer. Moreover, when you score 21 points with any combination, the situation is similar.
  • If the dealer has 17 points, he must take more.
  • You can only double your bet twice.
  • Отказ разрешен даже при сплите или удвоении поставленного на кон.

The Spanish variation has bonuses for certain combinations.

Пять любых150% of stake (3 to 2)
Six of any200% of bet (2 to 1)
Seven or more of any300% of the wagered amount (3 to 1)
3 sevens or six, seven and eight150% (3 to 2)
One suit: 3 sevens or six, seven, eight200% (2 to 1).
3 sevens in the same suit for the player and similar for the dealer5000% (50 to 1).


To play blackjack in a casino correctly, you need to take into account the following features of the English version: 994

  • Задействованы 8 колод. Тасовать их нужно 2 раза за всю игру. Впервые, когда из колоды будет использована 1/3, а затем — 2/3.
  • Dealer's blackjack insurance is prohibited.
  • With a winning 5-card combination, the payout is calculated 2k 1.
  • The maximum number that can be scored from the deck is 5.
  • If there is a tie, the casino wins.
  • The player must score at least 15 points, or the result will not be counted.
  • The croupier deals to himself face down.
  • It is allowed to double the bets in a split 2 times. Sometimes it's 3.


Progressive Blackjack has a chance to hit theJackpot if a side bet hits. This option is popular online.

Блэкджек в офлайне
Land-based Blackjack

A side bet is most often placed on a combination of identical cards. Other popular types of events: "Super Sevens", "Lucky Ladies", "Marriage of Kings".

In some variations of the rules it is accepted: if the first thing the player receives from the dealer is an ace, then he claims the jackpot .


Important rule changes:

  • Use 8 decks. In some variations - 6.
  • The dealer is allowed to score 22 points (this will not be a loss).
  • The croupiers deal out two cards to 2 hands at once to everyone. Myself too.
  • The visitor has the opportunity to make an exchange between his boxes.
  • Super bet is provided.
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How to win at blackjack in a casino

To beat the casino in blackjack, you can use already proven strategies. Counting will help too. But this only applies to playing in land-based casinos or live dealer sections. This method will not work with online slots.

Basic strategy

Basic strategy (BS ) is the optimal model of action for any distribution, which will help reduce the house edge to 0.3-0.5%, depending on the rules. The BS is presented in the form of a table. Whatever the dealer gives out, the visitor has a plan of action: say "more" (H - Hit), split (Sp - Split), stop (S - Stand), double the bet (D - Double).

The calculation is carried out taking into account the amount in the hands of the visitor and the dealer.

Базовая стратегия
Table with the basic strategy

Examples from the table:

  • 2 + 9 for the player , and the dealer has 6 -> D. It's profitable to double the bet.
  • 4 + K against the dealer's Ace -> H. Take more.
  • 10 + 10 against 5 -> S. Let's stop.

There is also a recommendation in the table: stop if allowed, otherwise take it. Player actions will vary depending on the versions.

Common Newbie Mistakes

Newbies make a lot of mistakes out of fear and emotional involvement. Card games require you to keep a cool head. Popular misses:

  • Undershot. In most cases, if you score 12-16, you need to take more. You can stop with cards from two to six with the dealer.
  • Ignoring the "Reject" option. With a ten at the dealer, sometimes it's better to lose half than all. Don't rely too much on luck.
  • Split two tens. If you have 20 points in your hand, it's better to stop. The chance of winning is high.
  • Rejection of the 'Double' option. Increasing the bet is wise with the right combination on hand.
  • Using 'Insurance' frequently. Statistically, this is unprofitable for the visitor, but profitable for the casino.

Ignoring the basic strategy is a beginner's mistake. Playing purely for luck won't bring frequent and big wins.

Card Counting

In this card game, the decks are not shuffled at the end of each game and the cards are not returned to the shoe after being dealt. This means that visitors have a chance to count how many deuces, aces, tens are left. This increases the chance of success and allows you to predict what the dealer will deal next.

The principle is simple:

  • When there are many tens and aces left in the shoe, it makes sense to raise.
  • If there are not many low denominations yet, you should play at the table minimum. Or stop the process altogether.

The first situation is called "positive score", the second - "negative".

Подсчет карт
Counting cards in blackjack

Counting in online slot machines with blackjack is not possible. Uses an infinite deck. The sequence generates a random number generator.

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Tips for beginners

In order to win, beginners are advised to learn the materiel:

  • Learn about 1-3-2-6 and Hi-Lo systems.
  • Learn basic strategy.
  • В онлайн-казино тестировать столы в demo mode.
  • Learn how to count.
  • Minimize risks, but don't stop on 13-15.
  • Play with honest, licensed operators.
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How to choose a casino to play with

Any strategy will give failure if the wrong site is selected. It is impossible to win against scammers. After all, the RNG inside their machines is twisted and gives out profitable sequences for the operator, but not for users.

It is important that the site has a gambling license (Great Britain, Curacao, Gibraltar, Malta or other jurisdiction). The assortment should include not 2-3 tables, but from 20-30+ blackjack variations.

A plus is the presence of a section with live dealers. Positive feedback from players is also important. So be sure to check out the forums and communities on social media regularly.

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