In Russia, illegal online casino sites will be blocked without court permission

Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the first reading adopted a document that will allow the Federal Tax Service (FTS) to block web resources of online casinos and payment systems banned in the country that cooperate with such organizations, out of court. The project was initiated by Sergey Zhigarev, Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee, and Alexander Khinshtein, responsible for the implementation of information policy.

Parliamentarians are confident that this bill will strengthen measures to combat the activities of illegal gambling operators on the Internet within the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. The document also tightens supervision over the implementation of cross-border money transfers by organizers of gambling activities, including lotteries, banned in the Russian Federation.

In addition, the authors proposed creating a special register of persons who will not be able to receive electronic transfers. From now on, credit structures, referring to this provision, have the legislative right to refuse to carry out the corresponding operation to persons on this list. The ban applies to both payment agents and mobile and postal operators. If earlier these structures had cooperation agreements with organizations or operators of gambling entertainment banned in the Russian Federation, then they must terminate them within the framework of transitional provisions.

In order to minimize inconsistencies in the understanding of the new bill, the Federal Tax Service will begin to control gambling companies that have the right to operate within Russian jurisdiction.

The Federal Tax Service will also transfer information to the Bank of Russia on recorded cases of violations of relevant legislation to ban cross-border transfers in favor of illegal gambling operators.

Recall that the State Duma wants toprohibit banks to cooperate with online casinos .

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