In Ukraine, the British development of the gambling market is being considered

Head of the Ukrainian Gambling Association Anton Kuchukhidze at his regular press conference spoke about the options for developing the gambling business in the country . In his opinion, Ukrainian gambling operators should pay attention to the British model for the development of this industry.

Kuchukhidze noted that companies in Britain are open to communication with both government agencies and the regulator, as well as their own clients. At the same time, operators openly conduct their business and regularly conduct research on the work of the gambling industry and the impact of the harm of gambling on citizens.

“For the Ukrainian gambling market, such a mechanism of work is savagery. But in Britain it's business as usual. The difference lies in the fact that the British use several communication options at the same time. They cleverly use the mix of PR and GR. However, Ukrainian operators are focused solely on the implementation of the marketing policy. All their work is reduced to selling their servants and attracting players,” said Kuchukhidze.

In addition, the functionary noted the importance of conducting and publishing research, the customers of which should be market entities. He believes that this type of communication will improve the perception of the gambling business by the citizens of the state. It is no secret that the majority of Ukrainians have a negative attitude towards the legalization of gambling. However, according to the head of the Association, this situation can be corrected if we follow the example of our British colleagues.

“It is important to apply these cases in Ukraine as well. For the most part, the information component around the gambling business is negative. But such a communicative norm would help convey much more reliable data to the population. This approach will change the public discourse. It is important to understand that gambling is a socially responsible business,” Anton Kuchukhidze added.

He is sure that the industry should take the situation into its own hands. Otherwise, in this area, according to the functionary, it will be impossible to achieve harmony and stability.

Recall that the expert is sure that the legalization of the gambling businesspromotesdevelopment Ukraine and its reaching a new level.

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