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Sobranie Casino in Kaliningrad

Casino Sobranie is the flagship project of the Yantarnaya gambling zone in the Kaliningrad region. Sobranie is considered one of the largest gambling establishments in Europe. Initially, the location of the gambling zone in close proximity to the EU countries was perceived as a dubious idea. However, the owners managed to make the casino popular by offering visitors not only a variety of gambling. High-quality service and bright show programs also work to create a positive reputation of the Sobranie casino.

History of creation

Collection Casino in Kaliningrad (Yantarnaya gambling zone) celebrated its opening on February 10, 2017. The owner is Uni Gaming Company LLC, which was previously associated with the name of the Tatarstan entrepreneur Rashid Taymasov.

At the time of the opening of the Meeting, only the Magic Crystal slot machine hall was operating in the gambling zone. The casino has managed to offer visitors a better service and a wide range of gambling games.

The total area of ​​the establishment is 18 thousand square meters, and a land plot of 5.5 hectares was allocated for construction. The building itself is located in close proximity to the coastline of the Baltic Sea. 3.5 billion rubles were invested in the project, including the cost of VIP-rooms for privileged clients opened at the end of 2017.

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Sobranie Casino

Площадь основного зала составляет 3 500 квадратных метров. Здесь размещено 350 игровых автоматов и 14 столов для карточных игр и рулетки. В отдельную зону вынесены два покерных стола для проведения регулярных турниров.

On the opposite side of the entrance there is a stage where Russian pop stars regularly perform and themed shows take place.

Interior design developed by Steelman Partners. The interior reflects the theme of the old Koenigsberg. The colors of yellow and brown are used in the design, and the majestic columns in the hall are trimmed with natural amber.

There is no hotel on the territory, but the site shows the establishment's partners, including Hotel Grand Palace, Radisson and other luxury hotels in which players are invited to stop. From the casino to any hotel in Kaliningrad, you can easily get by taxi, which is on duty at the entrance around the clock.

Отель Radisson в Калининграде
Hotel Radisson

Identification is required at the entrance to the casino. According to it, the gambler will be registered and issued a club card, which will become a pass for the next visits.

Players from Russia need to show a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, foreign visitors - a passport of a foreign citizen with an attached migration card. The rules state that a foreign passport can be an identity document, but some visitors share reviews on the Internet, from which it follows that they were not let throughplay in the casino Sobranie with a foreign passport. Customers are also required to follow the dress code. Visitors in sports or beach clothes, in work uniforms will not be allowed into the establishment.

After presenting the document, a player card is issued for a new client, in which his personal data will be recorded. Then the player is given a plastic card with a personal ID number, which serves as a key to enter and exit the hall. You will also need a card to make cash transactions at the cash desk.

All slot machines accept cash, for card games and roulette you need to buy chips. The currency of the casino is conventional units, that is, the exchange of cash for chips takes place at the rate of 50:1 (1 c.u. = 50 rubles). Winnings in slot machines are paid out according to a payment ticket, which is generated at the request of the player.

There is no 24-hour currency exchange point in the establishment, so you need to stock up on cash in rubles or withdraw it from the card at ATMs located on the territory of the complex. You can use a bank card at the cash desk only when buying chips in the amount of 50,000 rubles or more.

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Address and contacts

Sobranie is located in the Kaliningrad region in the village of Kulikovo, which is located 37 kilometers from the capital of the amber region. The official website of the Sobranie casino describes in detail the rules for visitors, the range of entertainment and the conditions of the promotions. The site has a technical support service, which is available around the clock and every day. Operators respond quickly and provide advice on all issues of the gambling establishment.

Поселок Куликово - Калининградская область
Kulikovo village in the Kaliningrad region

You can also ask questions by phone. Another way is to write in the feedback form on the website or social networks VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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How to get there

Administration The institution organized a daily free shuttle service for those wishing to visit the casino. The bus leaves Kaliningrad at 19:55, makes two stops along the route and arrives in the village of Kulikovo at 21:00.

19:30 - 19:55 - Victoria supermarket, st. Ulyana Gromova;

20:10 - 20:15 - Victory Square;

20:20 - 20:30 - entertainment complex "Residence of Kings", st. Alexander Nevsky;

21:00 — Sobranie casino.

The return flight leaves for Kaliningrad at three in the morning.

You can get to the casino from Kaliningrad by Taxi. The approximate cost of one trip is 800-900 rubles. But it will be more expensive to get back if you use the services of carriers waiting at the institution. Therefore, players recommend calling a taxi from the city.

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Transfer to SOBRANIE casino? ⠀ So many questions about how to get to the casino and where is the stop with a free shuttle! ⠀ And so we decided to duplicate the information here? ⠀ Stops: ? Departure at 19:55 from L. Shevtsova Boulevard, 1 (Victoria shopping center? Further at 20:15 from street, 4b ("Ploshchad Pobedy")? at 20:30 from Nevsky street, 10 ( "Residence of the Kings"). ?Arrival at the Yantarnaya Gambling Zone at 21:00. ?Departure back to Kaliningrad at 03:00. ⠀ ✅Save the post so as not to lose it. You can also learn about the transfer from current stories " Transfer". Do not forget to look through them, there is all the necessary information? ⠀ And if you still have questions, contact the number: 8-800-1008-908 ⠀ We are waiting for you ♠️

Publication from 821 Игорная зона «Янтарная» (@sobraniecasino)

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In the game room to the right of the entrance there is a large area with slot machines, opposite are tables with American roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat.

Slot machines (slots) 837

Современные игровые автоматы распределены по залу так, чтобы гости не мешали друг другу во время игры. Между рядами оставлены широкие проходы, возле слот-машин стоят мягкие стулья с удобными спинками. В зале присутствуют как классические аппараты, так и современные модели. В этой зоне также представлена виртуальная рулетка и ретро-автомат American Poker.

Зал с игровыми автоматами в казино
Slot machine room

In total, the Sobranie casino has 350 slot machines from well-known manufacturers of gambling equipment: 844

  • Novomatic is the most popular brand with a thirty-year history. In the hall there are the famous slots of this developer Book of Ra, Pharaoh's Gold, Ultra Hot, Dolphin's Pearl, Columbus.
  • Atronic is an American gaming software developer. The slots of this company are distinguished by generous bonuses, the presence of progressive jackpots and the ability to make minimum bets from 20 kopecks.
  • Igrosoft is a brand that gained popularity in the days of land-based gambling halls in the 1990-2000s . The assortment of entertainment includes well-known hits Crazy Monkey, Fruit Cocktail, Garage, Island and others.
  • EGT is a provider from Bulgaria, a bright representative of high-quality slots with high returns. The slots are distinguished by high-quality graphics without unnecessary special effects, user-friendly interface and the presence of progressive jackpots.

The casino is not connected to the jackpot system, but the visitor can hit the jackpot from the machine provider. The rates on slots vary from 20 kopecks to 10,000 rubles per spin.

Slot Poker Tour takes place every Friday and Saturday at 00:00. To participate, the client purchases a tournament ticket for 1000 rubles for 1000 credits. The goal is to collect the most credits within 10 minutes. During the tournament, you can set any bets and change games.


There are 4 tables with American roulette in the casino, each has different limits for minimum and maximum bets (indicated on the plates) . For betting, chips and colored tokens are used, which can be taken at a specific table. The player independently assigns the denomination for the tokens. Bets are allowed until the croupier announces: "No more bets".

In American roulette, you can place verbal bets. They are considered accepted if the dealer dubbed them aloud. Unannounced stakes are considered at the maximum value. Bets on credit, cash, late and vaguely stated values ​​are not accepted. Also, bets with tokens from another table will not be accepted.

After the end of the game, the gambler must necessarily exchange tokens for cash chips, only in this case the denomination declared by the client will be applied.

Poker 871

В казино Sobranie предлагается играть в несколько разновидностей покера, под эту игру может отводиться до 6 столов:

  • Russian poker;
  • Six-card poker;
  • Golden Oasis;
  • Split Poker;
  • Texas;
  • Texas Gathering.

All variations except Texas Gathering have classic regulations. In addition to the Ante bet, a gambler can make a bonus bet. Each variation of poker has its own bonus bet ranges.

Texas Gathering is a variation of Texas poker. The main difference is that when making a combination, not three cards in the flop are taken into account, but all five. Thus, the chance of making a high-paying combination increases.

Cash and credit bets are not taken into account, in disputable situations the manager makes the final decision.

There is a poker club in the casino, it has more 4 tables. The club hosts daily tournaments with bankrolls for players of different levels and large cash prizes. Registration of at least four participants is required to start the tournaments.

Three times a week there are Cash Game games with a guaranteed bonus of $150. Gamblers are invited to play the following types of poker:

  • Texas Hold'em NL
  • Omaha PL
  • Crazy Pineapple NL.

According to the rules, players can independently set rates that will not change throughout the game. Participants may voluntarily leave the tournament at any time, while the minimum playing time is 1 hour. After each distribution, the dealer charges a commission, the amount of which depends on the entry fee and the size of the bankroll.

Покерные столы
Poker tables

A progressive jackpot is drawn among Cash Game participants every day during one open promo hand from 22:00 to 06:00 Moscow time in the Texas Hold' game em. The jackpot is played in two cases:

  1. Flash combination with a pocket ace - 50% of the jackpot;
  2. Flash combination with pocket suited cards, including an ace - 90% of the jackpot.

After each promotional hand, 1,000 rubles are added to the jackpot bank. The prize amount is distributed among all players at the table: 60% - the winner, 40% - the rest of the participants.


Blackjack is played according to the classic rules, the game uses 6 decks according to 52 cards. However, the casino does offer prize payouts for certain card combinations in the deal.

Card combinationPayout
77 of the same suit1:2
777 offsuit1:1
777 suited2:1

Pair payout sevens can only be awarded if they fall out when the first two cards are dealt. The prize money is paid out after the end of the round.


Baccarat is an exciting game, the goal of which is to guess who will have the sum of points closer to nine - the banker or the player. At the Sobranie casino, the game is played according to traditional rules with certain betting limits. The maximum bet per round is limited by the maximum differential, which is calculated as the difference between the bet amounts of the main positions (banker and player). In this case, bets on a draw and a pair are not taken into account, but they should not be higher than the maximum indicated on the table on the table.

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Casino gaming halls

Основной зал поражает своим размахом — 3 000 кв м. В центре вокруг огромной светящейся колонны расположен коктейль-бар, в глубине — сцена для выступления артистов. В отгороженной зоне общего зала стоят 4 стола для покерных турниров.

ATMs of several banks are located at the entrance for cash withdrawal. In the common room there is a smoking room with slot machines and a small smoking room on the second floor. Smoking at tables with card games and roulette is prohibited.

To the left of the entrance there are two VIP rooms, they differ in the number of tables and machines. The first one has 23 slot machines, a roulette table and two tables for card games. In the second - one table for roulette and cards and a total of 8 slot machines. Both halls have seating areas with comfortable sofas.

Вид игрового зала
Gambling room
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Promotions and bonuses

Gaming establishment "Collection » regularly holds promotions and drawings of cars and large cash prizes. The casino also has permanent bonus offers for guests.

Lucky card. The drawing of the super prize of 300,000 rubles takes place weekly on Saturdays. Participation is accepted by all players who during the week collect reward points for winnings and losses on the tables, as well as for payouts in slot machines:

  • on the tables winning/loss from 5,000 rubles one-time - 1 point; 980
  • на автоматах 5 000 — 9 999 рублей — 1 балл;
  • on machines 10,000 - 19,999 rubles - 2 points;
  • on machines 20,000 rubles and more - 3 points.

On the day of the super game, points are exchanged for coupons at a rate of 2:1 for table games and 1:1 for slot machines. Also, any newcomer can get 3 coupons for the next drawing after the first visit to the casino.

Winners are determined according to the rules of the lottery, so the more coupons a client has, the higher his chances of winning. A prerequisite for receiving a prize is the presence of a player in the casino during the draw.

Safe. The drawing takes place on Fridays, the main prize is 600,000 rubles. The rules of participation are the same as in the previous draw. The difference is only in the ranges of amounts for accumulating points:

  • on the tables, winning/losing from 5,000 rubles one-time - 1 point;
  • on slots 15,000 - 29,999 rubles - 3 points; 999
  • 30 000 — 49 999 рублей — 5 баллов;
  • 50,000 - 99,999 - 10 points;
  • 100,000 - 199,999 - 20 points; 1005
  • 200 000 и выше — 30 баллов.

Undrawn coupons will be canceled after the super game. To participate next week, you need to accumulate points again.

Birthday gift. A casino client can receive a certificate for 1,000 rubles. It cannot be immediately exchanged for cash, but the money can be used to bet on slot machines.

The best combination. Gift for poker lovers. To receive a win, the visitor needs to collect the highest combination during certain hours. The specific time is set by managers between 21:00 and 00:00.

Prize funds depend on the day of the week:

  • 15,000 rubles — Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday;
  • 25 000 rubles — Saturday and Sunday.
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Other entertainments

Once a week concerts Russian pop stars, dance and erotic shows, and other events. Quite a lot of visitors come to Sobranie not for the game, but for a pleasant pastime - this indicates a high class of the institution and a decent level of service.

There are bars and restaurants on the territory of the Sobranie casino:

  • restaurant Offshore is a great place with Russian and Italian cuisine, as well as a rich wine list;
  • kraft bar - the best beer with gourmet snacks for a foamy drink;
  • cocktail bar - classic and exotic cocktails.

Soft drinks and coffee are served for free.

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Junket Tours

Gambling tours are a great opportunity to get discounts or full refunds on your trip, including hotel accommodation. The casino has developed 4 types of junket tours. The content of each package depends on the size of the deposit.

Minimum deposit100,000 rubles250,000 rubles500,000 rubles1,000,000 rubles
Hotel-3*4*5 *
Flight compensation, USD-up to 15,000up to 25,000up to 50 000
Minimum bet on tables, USD1 0001 5002 5005 000
Minimum bet in roulette, USD2,0005,00010,00025 000
Minimum bet in slots, USD100200450900
Order at the bar, USD/day2,0005,00010,000individual

Airport-casino-hotel-airport transfer is provided for players who have chosen a junket tour. The minimum playing time per day is 4 hours, the duration of the tour is 2 days.

For participants of gaming tours, a 10% cashback is provided, which is paid no earlier than 12 hours after the gaming session. To receive a refund, the amount of loss at the tables must be at least 100,000 rubles.

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Player reviews

The majority its positive. Guests celebrate the spectacular show program, delicious and inexpensive food and good service. Also, gamblers pay attention to slot machines, which often give winnings.

However, there are also negative reviews about the meeting casino, they are left by guests who were not allowed in sportswear and were poorly served in the restaurant. There are also those among the players who claim that they were not provided with cashback from a large amount of loss. Also, players do not like the absence of a currency exchange office in the institution and the need to use cash for bets on slot machines and when exchanging money for chips.

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Pros and cons

Casino Collection in Yantarnaya gambling zone is popular with players. The institution is often visited by tourists who come to Kaliningrad for a few days. The administration has made every effort to diversify the leisure time of guests not only with gambling, but also with various show programs.

The casino attracts gamblers with a good collection of slot machines, a large number of tables for poker, baccarat, blackjack and roulette.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no exact information about opening dates. The casino will start receiving guests after a special decree of the governor of the Kaliningrad region.

From 6,700 rubles per night for two people.

Kaliningrad region, Zelenograd city district, Kulikovo village (Kovrovsky rural district), Yantarnaya gambling zone, Yantarny complex, room 218.

There is no bonus for new players, but the Sobranie casino constantly draws large cash prizes for all players.

Да, ежедневно в 19:55 комфортабельный автобус забирает игроков возле супермаркета «Виктория».

Baccarat, poker and blackjack are available to players.

Sobranie casino features slots from Novomatic, EGT, Igr osoft and Atronic.

Junket tours start from 100,000 rubles.

  • 350 игровых автоматов от популярных производителей
  • poker club with daily tournaments
  • two VIP rooms
  • only 37 km from Kaliningrad
  • entertainment programs and shows
  • promotions and drawings of money and valuable prizes
  • restaurants and bars with inexpensive and tasty menus
  • Reimbursed Junket Tours for Airfare and Accommodation
  • official site with 3D tour
  • chic interiors and cozy atmosphere
  • no own hotel
  • there is no currency exchange office
  • bets on slot machines are accepted only in cash
  • free transfer is provided only once a day
  • Jackpots are not awarded in slots
Latest reviews about Sobranie Casino
Kes_NeikerNewbie 1275
19 июня 2020

And if I play the Cash Game alone and the jackpot hits, will I get 100%?

June 20, 2020

Cash Game will take place if there are at least 4 people at the game table. The jackpot is shared between the winner (60%) and the rest of the participants (minimum 3 people - 40%).

June 03, 2020

I like it here even more than in Sochi - there are fewer people, it's better to breathe. The restaurants were very pleased with delicious food. Sometimes on weekends the loud music is very loud, it's hard to concentrate on the game. I would advise you to move the tables to a separate room, otherwise they are right next to the stage. Touches the negativity on the part of fans of tracksuits, always trying to break into the casino. We arrived at a decent establishment - comply, in the end.

Overall rating
5 / 5
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