What is bonus hunting


Trying to attract new customers , online casinos and bookmakers are considering loyalty programs. Players who register on the site for the first time are given bonuses. Most often, these are free spins in slot machines or additional money to the account. Bonus hunting is the abuse of online casino promotions. This term refers to a situation where a site visitor registers solely for the sake of receiving additional money and does not plan to become a regular customer.

The essence of the concept and its origin

Bonus hunting appeared at the same time as online casinos. The term means a combination of the words bonus (bonus) and hunting (hunting). If translated, the concept is defined as a hunt for bonuses.

In addition to bonus hunter, English-speaking players often use the phrase bonus abuser - the one who abuses bonuses.

Full decoding of the concept - the use of promotional offers in trying to earn. Bonus hunters are interested in receiving welcome packages at casinos and bookmakers. They don't worry about their account getting banned. Often such players use illegal or prohibited methods to receive promotions.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Bonus hunting is beneficial if you weigh the pros and cons and consider the nuances of the wagering process. A client who has developed a personal tactic will be able to:

  • Getbonuses on most casino sites.
  • Win them back with minimal investment.
  • Withdraw received money and then move on to the next site.

This scheme works well if the offered welcome package is easy to wager. The reverse situation is often observed: the casino sets an impressive wager for bonus money (x45 or higher), which will make any attempt to withdraw the received funds in vain.

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Disadvantages of hunting for bonus offers:

  • No stability.
  • Experience in gambling is required.
  • Wagers are often high.
  • Possibility to get a permanent ban for Bonushunting.

At the same time, it's still worth a try, because the player risks almost nothing. He may lose his deposit, but the chances of getting money are still high.

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Is it profitable to hunt bonuses today

Bookmakers and online casinos do not approve of hunting . Bonus programs should attract new users, motivate them to stay on the site as long as possible. Hunters leave the casino or bookmaker after wagering. Operators suffer losses and come up with new ways to deal with hunting. Now doing bonus hunting is not as profitable as before. At the same time, a certain strategy can still generate income.

What you need:

  • Starting capital. Usually the amount of remuneration depends on the size of the deposit.
  • Document scans. Required pass verification (identity verification) on the site to be able to withdraw money.
  • E-mail. Gmail, mail.ru, yandex.ru in priority. Without a personal mailbox, you will not be able to register at most casinos and betting shops.
  • Electronic wallet. To speed up transactions, you need to open a Skrill, Qiwi, WebMoney account, etc. It is recommended to verify your wallet immediately.
  • Registration and activation. You will need to create an account in a casino or on a bookmaker's website. Then you need to choose a reward, read the wagering requirements and activate it.

In general, rewards given out as part of welcome packages have an expiration date. It is necessary to allocate sufficient time for comfortable wagering. Rushing will lead to reckless spending or loss of the deposit.

In order to win back, you need to deposit a specific amount and make several bets. After that, you can go to the next site, or stay here if you liked the service and brought benefits.

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Types of bonuses

Online casinos and bookmakers offer several types of promotions that can benefit any user.

For registration

Welcome package often contains the following bonuses:

DepositCredited after the first deposit. The amount can be either 500 rubles or 50,000. It depends on the generosity of the casino and the size of the player's deposit.
No depositThe client receives money orfree spins 953 после окончания процедуры создания аккаунта. Условием начисления вознаграждения также могут быть установка приложения, подписка на соцсети казино и т.д.

Welcome bonuses help a beginner to explore the world of gambling entertainment without significant investments. After wagering, the money is withdrawn to a card or wallet. These bonuses are the most sought after. As a rule, they have a reduced wager and a relatively long wagering period.

For a deposit

All users who deposit the minimum amount specified in the promotion rules receive this type of bonus. Promo, for example, +100% to the deposit, is credited to the additional account balance. Its withdrawal is also available only after the wagering requirements are met.

Free spins and free bets

Free spins for slot machines are often issued on a no deposit basis. Usually, free spins are part of the welcome program of the casino, aimed at encouraging beginners. Using them allows you to bet and spin the reels without having to spend your own money.

Free bet is a free bet. The bookmaker determines the conditions for using this bonus in the rules of the promotion. These can be any sporting events offered on the site, or only a limited number of them. Freebets can often only be used on low odds bets.

Free spins and freebets have a limited expiration date. Often, customers do not have time to use them. Before claiming such a bonus, you need to make sure that the site gives enough time for wagering.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs for regular players are actively used on casino sites and bookmakers. Their essence is customer support with cashback, deposit bonuses, birthday gifts. Loyalty program and bonus hunting are incompatible things, since hunters rarely play on the site before they are assigned the status of a regular user.

Удача приводит к ряду последствий, требующих финансовых решений — выбор способа выплаты, обеспечение безопасности капитала, выполнение налоговых обязательств. Выигранные деньги в живом казино нужно вывести наличными или на банковский счет. Законодательство стран, традиции заведений отличаются. Чтобы не столкнуться с…Read more
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How brands fight bonus hunting

Bounty hunters often break kazino-game24.onlineles and BC, trying to get the maximum profit from the promo. Sites create various obstacles to this. For example, they are considering protection systems against multi-accounting in order to be able to prevent re-registration in time in order to receive bonuses.

Platforms are increasingly using video verification instead of the usual one, which is carried out using documents. This is an online procedure: the user's face is compared with the photo they submitted in their passport or driver's license. This method is very annoying for bonus hunters.

Some desperate hunters resort to fake passports. Such actions are punishable by law.

The sites are also constantly improving the system for receiving bonuses and their wagering. They often introduce:

  • Betting limits on free bets and free spins.
  • Increased wagering rates.
  • Reduced terms of use.
  • Restrictions on payouts.

Most legal sites carefully check the user's history when receiving a withdrawal request. If they find something suspicious, they will write off the entire amount.

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How to become a bonus hunter

To start a bounty hunt, you need to have a starting capital. $100 will be enough. It is important to remember that the maximum amount of bonus accruals depends on the amount of the deposit.


Creating an account takes up to five minutes. In the fields of the registration form, you need to enter the email address, password and check the boxes - consent to the newsletter and formal confirmation that the client is already 18 years old. Then you need to pass verification.

Documents need to be scanned and sent by e-mail. Sometimes platforms support the function of uploading images in the Personal Account. Verification takes from 1 hour to several days. During this time, you can use the promotional offers of the site and try to win.

Getting bonuses

Each casino or bookmaker prescribes the rules for using the promo. After studying them, you need to fulfill the conditions for calculating bonuses. Most often, this is an account replenishment. It is necessary to make sure that the amount corresponds to the minimum required.

On some sites where there is a promotion for deposit bonuses, the promo expiration counter turns on immediately after replenishment. Other sites offer to activate accruals manually in the Personal Account. This information is important for wagering planning. If the offer has expired, bonuses cannot be withdrawn.

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Wagning and withdrawal

Casinos and bookmakers do not restrict customers in using tactics, strategies and other ways to wager received money for their subsequent withdrawal. The essence is simple: you need to make several bets for a specific amount. It depends on the wager. This is the coefficient specified in the conditions for using the promotion.

For example, a user is entitled to bonus accruals in the amount of 1000 rubles with a x25 wager. Multiplying the numbers, he will get 25,000. It is this amount that needs to be rolled inmachines to wager.

Bonus hunters often register on two websites of betting companies at the same time in order to use freebets to bet on opposite outcomes. The rules do not prohibit this, but free bets are rarely provided on different sites for the same event.


Duplicate accounts are not allowed, but bonus hunters often break this rule. Multi-accounting allows you to re-receive free spins or additional money to your account after registering a profile. Often, other people's or fake documents are used for this.

All this does not guarantee successful wagering and withdrawal of money. And the risk of getting a life ban or even a criminal case for violating the law is quite real.

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Frequently asked questions

Can bonus hunter limits be tightened? 1154

Да, могут. Администрация казино имеет право ограничить лимиты любому пользователю. Также при подозрениях на мультиаккаунтинг выплаты могут быть приостановлены.

If documents are forged, will the fraud not be revealed?

Hardly. Site security services calculate duplicates based on network data, PC and phone information, and other personal characteristics of the client.

Can I link someone else's card to my account?

No, you can't. During the verification of the user's identity, the name on the bank card and the client's data are verified. Verification will be rejected.

Will it be possible to recover an account after a ban?

The solution is different for each individual case. The client will be given a second chance if he was not blacklisted by other sites and he broke the rules for the first time.

Are there any restrictions on the withdrawal after winning the free bet?

Yes, there is. The bar fluctuates in different offices, but it will not be possible to withdraw more than the deposit made.

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