European Gambling Association Proposes Uniform Gambling Regulation

European Gambling and Sports Betting Association EGBA Secretary General Marten Hayer Proposes Uniform Rules regulation of gambling throughout Europe. He stated that this will help make the industry safer and more attractive for players.

Heyer emphasized the importance of developing licensingonline casinos in European countries. He also stated that the sphere is gaining popularity, in connection with which the issue of safe storage of user data becomes acute. According to Hyer, the difference in approaches to ensuring the safety of players negatively affects the gambling industry.

“It is important to ensure consumer protection in the European Union, because today the online economy has gone far beyond just listening to music and buying books. The containment of the digital sphere by national barriers is a serious problem, and politicians will have to solve this issue,” Hayer said.

The head of the EGBA believes that the lack of uniform norms for gambling regulators in European states will lead the EU to lag behind international standards.

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