Authorities in 14 EU countries call for the revival of the Expert Group on Gambling

Rene Jansen, head of the Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) and new chairman of the European Association Gambling Regulators (GREF), called for the reactivation of the Expert Group on Gambling. This idea was supported by the 14 heads of state of the European Union (EU).

Speaking at a webinar hosted by the European Gambling and Betting Association (EGBA), Jansen said he had sent a letter to the European Commissioner for the Internal Market on behalf of group of regulators to “breathe new life into the EU Expert Group on Online Gambling”.

The functionary explained his actions by saying that the restoration of the body is necessary to ensure the exchange of information between state regulators and protect each individual market from the threat from unlicensed operators.

“Different sets of laws in each country mean that the efficient and effective exchange of information is vital. We must also show illegal gambling operators that decisive cross-border actions are being taken against them,” said René Jansen.

Note that the EU Expert Group included representatives of gambling regulators from member countries of the Commonwealth. The body was disbanded by the European Commission in 2018. This happened despite the fact that many departments considered the work of the group a success.

EGBA Secretary General Marten Hayer added: “Currently, there is no framework in the EU for gambling regulators to even communicate, let alone about how to jointly solve the big problems affecting the online gambling sector in Europe.”

He added: “Most of these issues are cross-border in nature and require common solutions. Therefore, we welcome the strong commitment to cooperation in the field of regulation and the call to action from the majority.”

As a reminder, the new rules for the operation of the gambling business in Ukrainerestrict bonus campaigns operators.

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