Estonian hit Optibet online casino's record-breaking €6.6 million jackpot

The news of a really big win came unexpectedly from Finland. There, the 30-year-old native of Estonia inscribed his name in the history of the local gambling business and online casino Optibet, hitting the largest jackpot ever on the platform. Its size was 6 597 136 euros.

The Estonian got such an impressive victory in the Mega Moolah slot, which is popular all over the world. That evening he spent a total of 30 euros on the game. The win was secured by a bet of a modest 3.75 euros. Remarkably, in that situation, the probability of hitting the jackpot was 1:185,000,000.

“Until this point in my life, I have never been a winner, there have been no wins in my career. This victory is a big surprise. Yes, I don’t visit gambling establishments very often, but this time I was very lucky,” said the happy owner of 6.5 million euros.

According to the newly-made millionaire, he wants to use the money won for his own needs. Firstly, the bank refused the winner a loan to buy an apartment, so the housing issue is the most relevant for him. Secondly, such a large amount will now allow him to gain independence from credit organizations and independently build the big house of his dreams.

“My project is already ready. Now the way for its realization has opened before me. I'm really happy,” admitted the Estonian.

Importantly, this win is the second biggest jackpot ever won by Estonian citizens. Victoria 2010 was on the first line, when the Viking Loto ticket brought his compatriot a record winning of 10.8 million euros.

It became known earlier that the gambling company Boyd Gaming spent May of this year on payouts jackpots of about 30 million US dollars. The largest win was recorded at the Las Vegas Suncoast hotel-casino. It amounted to $52,000.

Recall that 8 BetOnline online casino playersdivided between themselves a jackpot of more than $365,000.

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