Google and Apple Remove 700 Gambling Apps from Their Services

Major Internet CompaniesGoogle andApple have begun removing illegal apps withonline casino and gambling from their digital stores. In total, more than 700 illegal programs were found in Google Play and the AppStore, which collected subscribers under the guise of third-party applications.

Violators were discovered byTrend Micro. Using keywords, the firm's employees identified hundreds of applications disguised as non-gambling services. Most often, the programs gained an audience under the guise of ordinary video games, travel applications, weather forecasts and did not actually match their description in stores.

In order to pass moderation, the creators of the programs offered users allowed content at the time of the launch of the services, but subsequently added games for money to their applications.

Services were popular among mobile device owners - most of them had a high rating and positive reviews.

This is not the first time that illegal gambling programs have been hosted. In 2018, Apple removed thousands of lottery-related apps from its Chinese store. The company has resorted to a radical method to tighten regulation and avoid criticism from the state media.

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pirated apps on Googleplay and Apstore. It's good to start filtering. I somehow fell for advertising, clicked on the link, they say, an application with a bunch of free video slots. Downloaded, and voila. The phone began to bombard with various advertisements, the application was deleted, it did not help. In general, my long-suffering smart lived for five days and finally and irrevocably died. In general, be vigilant.

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