The State Duma has tightened control over casino winnings

In Russia, the supervision of tax revenues from gambling winnings by individuals will be tightened. The new document has already been considered and adopted by deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The draft law was initiated by representatives of the government of the Russian Federation.

During the preparation of the law, the norms that determine the operation of cash registers were analyzed. The results showed that there are a number of gaps in this issue that do not allow the fiscal authorities to properly regulate the tax base when calculating personal income tax from casino winnings.

From now on, the law stipulates the need to display a specific recipient of services (his details, passport data or identification number) in a check or forms of strict reporting of a gambling establishment. Based on this information, advisers will be identified and identified in the tax bases.

Fulfillment of the requirements established for the execution of these documents will be monitored by the State Control Commission in the field of legislation of the Russian Federation on the use of cash registers.

Поправки январского Налогового кодекса определяют базу для налогообложения доходов физлиц от участия в азартных играх как положительную разницу, которая получается после вычета объема денежных средств, потраченных на игры, из общей суммы выигрыша за конкретный период.

Recall that the British GVC Holdings has officiallyобратилась к властям Германии with a proposal for the phased adoption of updated legislation in the field of gambling.

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