Yantarnaya Gambling Zone in Kaliningrad

The Yantarnaya Gambling Zone in Kaliningrad was officially established by order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated January 17, 2008 No. implementation of the 2006 presidential law regulating gambling in the country. Initially, an area of ​​more than 479 hectares was allocated for a special territory in close proximity to the Baltic Sea near the villages of Yantarny, Okunevo and Povarovka in the Zelenogradsky district, but in 2015 the boundaries were revised and now Yantarnaya occupies an area of ​​99.5 hectares near the village of Kulikovo less than than 40 km from Kaliningrad.

Проэкт игорно развлекательной зоны Янтарная
Yantarnaya IRZ project

In 2008, the regional authorities began planning a large-scale project with great enthusiasm. Officials offered to give the territory for the construction of 15 casinos and more than 20 hotels, and they began to look for investors to implement these plans. However, commercial companies were in no hurry to participate in auctions, doubting the return on investment. The first contract was signed only in 2014. In order to somehow change the situation, the authorities of the region by this moment have already committed themselves to the development of the infrastructure of the future special territory - bringing roads and communications to the objects.

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The first official investor of the gambling zone in 2014 was a subsidiary of the Royal Time Group holding company of businessman Rashid Taimasov.

It was planned that the investments of this resident alone would amount to 45 billion rubles. However, things did not go further than loud statements, and after 2 years the company publicly refused to implement the project. It is interesting that the structures of Rashid Taimasov at that time were trying to gain a foothold in all four Russian gambling zones, but before launching their own casino, the business progressed only in the Azov-City IRZ.

The first gambling establishment was opened in Yantarnaya in April 2016. The Magic Crystal slot machine hall was built by the Neveland company for 115 million rubles. At the time of launch, 150 slot machines were housed in a small two-story building. The operator plans to expand the business and increase the number of slot machines to 500 units. They are going to do this by erecting a three-story extension to an existing building.

Зал с игровыми автоматами
Magic Crystal slot machine room

In 2017,Sobranie casino 812. Оно признано одним из крупнейших в Европе — площадь заведения составляет 18 тыс. кв.м, а прилегающая территория — 5,5 га. В залах размещено 14 столов для рулетки и карточных игр и 350 игровых автоматов. Развитием проекта занимается компания «Юни Гейминг Компани». Ранее ее деятельность связывали с именем Рашида Таймасова, однако сейчас главным бенефициаром называется Андрей Башунов.

About 2.5 billion rubles were invested in the construction of the first stage of the Sobranie casino. In the future, it is planned to expand the area of ​​the casino, to increase the number of tables to 40 tables, and the number of slot machines to 1,000 units. The official website of the Yantarnaya gambling zone and the establishments located in it offers virtual 3D tours and detailed information about entertainment and important events.

3d тур по казино Собрание
A 3D tour can be taken on the website of the Sobranie casino

After the launch of the casino, the special territory began to attract more attention from Russian and foreign fans of gambling - it is visited by more than 15 thousand people a month. The number of guests of both establishments is gradually growing, as is the amount of tax deductions to the regional budget. In 2017, the slot machine hall and casino transferred 58 million rubles to the local treasury, in 2018 more than 75 million rubles, according to the results of 2019, it is planned to replenish the budget by 131 million rubles. A significant increase in deductions is expected due to a twofold increase in the tax rate on the gambling business in the Kaliningrad region from January 1, 2019.

Institution nameFoundation yearNumber of gaming machines
Magic Crystal slot machine room2016150
Sobranie Casino2017350

There are still no hotels on the territory of the gambling and recreational zone. Its construction was planned after the opening of the Sobranie casino, but the plans were postponed. In 2019, information appeared about the construction of a hotel in close proximity to the Yantarnaya IRZ.

In recent years, the regional authorities have radically revised the concept of a special territory. Now officials want not the local Las Vegas with an emphasis on gambling to be located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, but a kind of analogue of Baden-Baden - a resort town for family holidays, where, among various forms of leisure, adult citizens will be able to visit the casino.

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The idea of ​​a tourist and recreational zone without a pronounced emphasis on the gambling business has resulted in the creation of the New City project: gambling establishments built on a special territory will complement:

  • Hotels.
  • Water parks.
  • Spas.
  • Санатории.

on an adjacent area of ​​600 hectares. After the implementation of these plans, the authorities will try to increase the tourist flow to the resort by attracting tourists from Poland, Lithuania and other European countries.

To do this, it is planned to build an international marine terminal in the city of Pionersky, its opening is scheduled for 2020. Every year it will be able to receive up to 250,000 tourists arriving in the region on cruise ships.

«Новый город» - проэккт туристической зоны
The New City Project

Currently, the authorities of the Kaliningrad Region are finalizing proposals for investors andplanning to be discussed by the business community in 2020. The current development plan is calculated until 2029. In addition to the growth of the tourist flow and the increase in contributions to the regional budget, it provides for the creation of 19 thousand jobs through the commissioning of new hotels and casinos in the Yantarnaya gambling zone.

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