"Stories about how to beat Vulcan are a thing of the past." Interview with an affiliate manager

kazino-game24.online continues the series of publications dedicated to various professions in the gambling industry. The hero of the third article was Ekaterina, affiliate manager of the popular affiliate program PoshFriends, which includesJoyCasino,Casino X, casinoChampion.

I want to give an interview

— How long have you been in gambling, what prompted you to choose this field? 684

— В индустрии уже 6 лет, попала случайно. Пришла на собеседование в компанию, у которой на официальном сайте невинные игры вроде Candy Crush, а меня спрашивают: «‎Как относитесь к азартным играм?» — «Отлично, играю в покер» — «‎Вы приняты!» Так я узнала про онлайн-казино.

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— affiliate programs? Where did it all begin?

— Started with Swedish. About 5 years ago it was the top market where all the casinos wanted to enter. The HRs were in a frenzy looking for employees with knowledge of Scandinavian languages. She came to the first company as a translator, then she was engaged in community marketing, helped in the work on affiliate programs. In general, I changed several areas: I worked with a business coach, in the automotive industry, and in organizing conferences, but nothing fascinated me like gambling. She joined Posh Friends as an affiliate manager.

We became the first Russian affiliate program to enter the Swedish market. Then there were other markets: Australia, Eastern Europe, China. Our goal is continuous growth. Extensive and intensive: we are expanding the number of markets, while striving to capture the maximum share in each. The main income now comes from Russia and Japan, which is what we are focusing on.

Over time, the team grew, and I developed and learned along with my colleagues. Now I try to devote more time to professional development: lectures, conferences, I read a lot of Western publications on gambling. This year I am taking a brand management course.

Сайт Posh Friends
Posh Friends home page

— What are the main pros and cons of your profession and what inspires you the most?

“Everything is changing very quickly. This is both a plus and a minus: you need to constantly maintain the level, be aware of what is happening around, and look one step ahead. But it's not boring.

Inspiring, firstly, feedback from partners. They tell what they spent the first large payout on. Share stories from the past and plans for the future. Throw off family photos from travels. You realize that you are doing something cool and useful. Secondly, the recognition of projects. We started as nonames with a tiny booth at the first conference, and now we have our own parties. Our projects are everywhere, they talk about us.

— But you can do something similar in other areas. Why a casino?

—Casino is more honest. They tell you directly: you can win or lose. Product affiliates often offer low-quality products, and in pharma - medicines and dietary supplements, which are useless at best, have not been tested, certified and are simply dangerous at worst.

— Are there any differences between our and foreign casinos and affiliate programs?

— Yes. Ours are far ahead in technical terms. We have analyzed the affiliate programs of all major competitors in the European and Japanese markets and I can confidently say that the statistics and functionality of PoshFriends is the best there is now.

— What is a typical working day like?

— We drink coffee and water the plants. Kidding. Starting the morning with a shot of tequila.

The whole team works in the office. The first part of the day is occupied by the turnover, the second - by long-term or creative tasks, meetings. The team has a distribution of roles in strategic areas: streams, the foreign market, the Russian market, etc. However, each manager is guided by the situation as a whole. We do not have fixed VIP managers - this makes the work less efficient.

Information on all transactions is publicly available, and each manager can quickly help in any situation. For us, the priority is the same quality support for everyone - from a beginner with a couple of hosts to an affa-millionaire.

—Are there many newcomers among your colleagues and competitors?

—Yes, a lot. People come here from all walks of life. Often, affiliate managers with knowledge of rare languages, say, Turkish or Chinese, are required, and it is very difficult to find such a marketer. Therefore, we take former hotel administrators or ikebana specialists and train them.

— What are the main differences in working with foreign partners?

— We have worked closely with Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Ireland and Australia, now we are focusing on Japan, so I can compare with these countries. It is very comfortable to work with the Scandinavians as partners: excellent business ethics, they understand what they want and most often charge a fair price.

The Asian market is like a rollercoaster: creepy, fun and cool, but with a weak vestibular apparatus better not to mess around. Affiliate marketing in Japan originated much earlier than in Europe, but with all the development of high technologies, some issues of affiliates can be confusing. For example, how to take a screenshot or see your IP? Our Japanese manager even gives master classes on Japanese business ethics: how to present business cards correctly and not be nervous when a simple integration with the aff-grid takes more than half a year.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, supported the legalization of casinos in the country

— How much does an affiliate earn on average on CIS traffic and others?

— We consider good earnings on RU-traffic from 10K per month. On European and Japanese median amounts are higher, but the highest affiliate income is more often on Russian traffic. It's all about the huge spread, from the minimum $20 payout to six figures.

- How easy is it to start? Does it make sense to meddle in this profession for a person without knowledge, but with an interest in gambling?

— There is money in every niche. You can farm, grow geese and ducks, become the best in this business and earn a million. You can move from one hype sphere to another, from crypto to 3D printing, and in the end you won’t succeed anywhere. It's easy to start, it's more difficult to reach high earnings. I will say this: to start in gambling, you need money and experience. Or a lot of luck. Gone are the days when it was possible to raise a site and reach the top alone on your knee and with free traffic. Now is the time for big teams. The exception is new unoccupied markets or new sources of traffic.

kazino-game24.online editors continue the series of interviews with professionals from the world of gambling entertainment. This time, a well-known streamer, affiliate and just a charismatic man Shamil Ponomarev, also known as Slotshunter, shared his views on the future of gambling. Shamil gladly told about how to work with his…Read more

— That is, one man is not a warrior in the field?

— You can start alone, but soon you will understand that you cannot rivet banners, draw up invoices and write site code at the same time.

— What should be the first steps of a beginner affiliate? What and whom to read, watch? Where to run and what to do?

— You can step by step. First. Find 5 affiliate programs, read the FAQ, terms and conditions of work. Google unfamiliar terms. Second. Find pieces of 10 top sites in the issue. See how everything is set up. Third. Read forums or aff-chats in Telegram. It's better not to break in from the cold: “Hi, I'm new, how can I make money here?”

Next, choose a traffic source, determine goals and available resources. For example, you want to work in SEO and create a review site. The goal is to reach an income of $5,000. Let's say the average player on the RU market brings $100 affa and plays for 1 year. The math is simple: how many new players should you bring in each month?

Now resources. How much money can I invest in it and how much time to devote? Who can help me and where can I get an expert opinion? Calculate all this as accurately as possible. Perhaps already at this stage you will understand that it is better to open a coffee shop or a barber shop. If not, the next step is to start cooperating with PoshFriends.

— When and how can I demand exclusive conditions from an affiliate or casino?

— I give a working scheme: register, pour 1000+ high-quality “primary deposits” per month‎, managers themselves write to you in admiration and you set your own conditions.

— What methods of fraud are there from affiliate programs and casino? How are affiliates deceived?

— All fraud is possible with non-transparent statistics. The more data the affiliate gives, the easier it is to check and find inconsistencies. Therefore, I recommend to beware of affiliate programs that show only deposits, payouts and income.

— How do affiliates manipulate traffic?

— Motivated traffic. Brand traffic is served as general traffic. Schemes. Game according to your ref. Fraud by CPA.

— Which channels for attracting traffic are now the most effective, and which ones have lost their leadership?

— High-quality SEO, arbitration, and streams remain effective. Newsletters, push notifications, “schemes” and “how I beat Vulcan” stories are not recommended.

— What channels will be the most effective in 2020?

— The micro-influencer market is growing very fast. These are people with a very small community, but having a lot of weight there. It may be a telegram chat with only 800 subscribers, but they are all high rollers, ready to deposit to any casino. Or a tiny Skype conference for 30 affs, whose sites are in the top of the search results for all major keywords. Mass advertising works worse than the advice of a person you trust.

— What advantages should an affiliate have to work effectively?

— Diligence and willingness to attend this a lot of time. Analytical mind. Understanding the topic. Basic technical skills. Knowledge of English is a plus. Team management and budgeting skills will be added in the process. This is important for any affiliate, be it a streamer or a Google Adwords arbitrator.

If you don't have all this, but your tongue is suspended, you can become an influencer. True, it is difficult to make money on this.

— What is considered unacceptable in the profession?

— Two bad ideas: to disclose your agreements with an affiliate and ban competitors' sites.

— Насколько высокая конкуренция?

— Very high. About 50 new affiliates can register in the affiliate program per day. Of course, not all of them will start working.

— Are personal connections with the owners of affiliate programs and casinos important in this profession?

— It does not affect earnings. You can be friends with an aff, hang out in a bar and send happy birthday greetings to his cat, but the revshare will still depend on the number of first-deposits. Really cool affs can get exclusive conditions just by writing in the affiliate messenger.

— What are the most incredible stories from the world of affiliate gambling that you heard?

— Somehow aff caught a player who made more than 4 million bucks on cheap adult traffic. And you know what's the most incredible thing? This is not an isolated story. Yes, affiliate marketing is hard work, but there is a place for luck and high rollers from the site with five uniques a day.

— Do you have more negative or positive emotions in your work? Routine or creativity?

— More positive emotions. People come to earn money, and we help them with this. Here in the support of the casino, of course, it is more difficult to work. There is a lot of negativity and threats. Fortunately, in general, working with partners is calmer.

The daily routine is greatly diluted by preparing for conferences and communicating with partners. At interviews, I always ask candidates if they are ready for non-standard tasks? Find where to make a dragon costume and how to ship it to London? Planning a menu for a party? Take the next flight to another country straight from the office to meet your partner? We need a spirit of adventure and multitasking skills to work. But it's not boring.

— But all the same, there are probably moments of burnout, fatigue from the topic? How do you deal with it?

—Of course it happens. Then I try to switch, my hobby helps me. I run a food blog, it's great offloading. Say, half a day doing complex technical integration or proofreading the rules of a tournament, brains melt. In the evening, you go to your gastronomic channel in a cart and write a review on pumpkin soup from a new restaurant. I often get feedback: subscribers thank you for recommendations, tell me where they drank delicious flat white, or ask for advice on where to take a girl on a date. This is very far from gambling and helps to remember that the world revolves not only around the casino.

I also travel, I love animals, I adopted my cat from a shelter. I am fond of architecture, interior design, a bit of antiques. I can look for an ancient cast-iron iron for a long time for the collection.

- Do you play in the casino yourself?

- No. My maximum is 5 euros in a casino in Portugal, the money was not even mine. But I love poker.

At the age of 5, my parents taught me to play cards, it seems, in a yard bridge or a simplified preference. When I lived in Sweden, I played a lot of Swedish poker and blackjack. Everyone loves it there, in any house there is a couple of decks. Many people start playing online poker as teenagers.

— How do family, friends and family feel about your work?

— Something like this: “Mom, I work in a casino” — “ Wow, you're a dealer now?!"

Most people just don't know. Streamlined I say that I work in marketing. Those who know treat well. They joke about JoyCasino and are always waiting for new promotional gifts.

— What would you wish to novice affiliates and people who are passionate about gambling?

— Affiliates - do not give up, but players - remember that this is a game not a way to make money. To earn money, go to PoshFriends affiliates.

I want to give an interview

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