"We love giving players choices." Interview with the Director of 2By2 Gaming

The hero of a new interview on the portal kazino-game24.online is a man who is rightfully called one of the leading professionals in the gambling industry. He has been working in the gambling industry since 1991. An important step in his career growth was his work at WMS Gaming, which manufactures and distributes equipment for land-based casinos. He gave 20 years of his life to this company, and in 2012 he founded his own studio 2By2 Gaming. Sridhar Joshi shared with us his opinion about the future of gambling, and also revealed a couple of secrets of creating a successful video slot.

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— Tell us what's new in 2By2 Gaming lately?

— The last years have been exciting for the company. There have been many exciting releases, and our goal was to engage users in the gameplay and give them the opportunity to win big. Units such as the Aztec Temple Treasures topped the charts and were extremely well received by the audience. In a world where new slots are released every day, 2By2 slots have long attracted attention due to innovation.

Игровой автомат Aztec Temple Treasures
Aztec Temple Treasures Video Slot

— What is the company's strategy?

— First of all, we create products for online. When a game is successful on the internet, we place it on land-based slot machines in North America, which is a pretty big market. We already have such experience, we have established partnerships with the main manufacturers of "one-armed bandits". In addition to this, we license our products to social networks and app stores. The ability to generate different cash flows from a single game is extremely important to us, especially now that the online content market has become so competitive.

2By2 Gaming has found through research that modern gamblers spend less time in one slot. This is due to the abundance of content available: players tend to spend money in more machines.

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— What do you think makes 2By2 Gaming a success?

— A key element to our success is the leadership team of game designers, all of whom have vast experience in this sphere. Having a team that truly understands how to make a good video slot is a critical factor. The research experience I gained at WMS Gaming, the focus on creating games for a global audience, and deep knowledge of the industry have greatly contributed to the fact that 2By2 Gaming has reached such heights in online gambling.

Another key to success has been the constant use of unique game mechanics and the courage to push the boundaries when presenting such innovations. A good example was the implementation of our Mega Play (Shared) Reels patent, used in Wolfheart, Giant Riches and other slots. In fact, we combined two 5x3 games into one, and made two 1x6 and two 3x3 slots. This creates more potentially winning combinations for the players, spurring their excitement. Needless to say, these games have become quite successful.

And last but not least, having a good distributor with serious connections in land-based casinos also plays a role.

Дизайн слота Giant Riches
Giant Riches Slot Machine

— What is the most important thing in a slot machine , from your point of view?

— Everything starts with a good mathematical model. I know it sounds boring, but it's true. Having the right level of volatility and RTP is extremely important. Users want to enjoy the process, but they also want to know about the possibility of winning. There is nothing worse for a player than getting to the bottom of the game and getting frustrated.

Often developers put cool stuff into the bonus rounds, leaving the main game less than impressive. The reality is that users spend most of their time in the main game. That's why we always implement cool features in standard mode. This makes the gameplay more exciting, increases the likelihood of winnings. We love giving players the choice of when exactly they want to try the bonus rounds. By gaining the illusion of control of the game,they return to the slot more often.

Along with the correct math model, you need to make sure that the game mechanics associated with it work correctly. Needless to say, great graphics, sound and animation are also important, especially for Scandinavian markets. However, this will not make the game great, but math and mechanics will!

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— What trends do you observe in online gambling? How are player preferences changing?

—From an operator's point of view, game localization is becoming more important in order to remain competitive in certain markets. This is a challenge for all developers including 2By2 Gaming. Making a great game for a specific market doesn't mean it will work for others. Balancing the cost of creating localized content and getting the desired return on investment is a difficult task. That's why we turned to our biggest partners to create custom games for them and offset some of the risks.

Шридхар Джоши и коллеги
Sridhar Joshi is second from left

- How can you make sure the latest games meet the ever-changing demands of gamers?

- We always talk to our customers, ask for honest feedback about latest releases. Because they know their players better, it's the most cost-effective, easiest, and fastest way to stay on top of changing user demands. The challenge is to quickly adapt to the situation. Visiting exhibitions, communicating with other developers and our partners also helps to draw certain conclusions.

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Cosmic Invaders
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— What changes do you think we can expect in the online gambling industry?

— The biggest changes will definitely be related to 5G. We are truly excited that 5G is finally going global in the near future. For example, the rapid development of HTML5 has been a real transformation. Increasing the download speed of data to a certain threshold is still an important task for mobile content producers. This is especially true for developing countries and Asian countries, where the speed of the Internet connection is still not stable. The ability to add artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, additional gaming elements using 5G speeds is an extremely exciting prospect for us.

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