"Slot graphics are an art": an interview with Farida Zarifova, 2D artist at GameBeat

Зарифова Фарида

The kazino-game24.online editors continue the series of interviews with people whose the profession is connected with the world of excitement. Today, the main character of the publication will be Farida, a 2D artist at the GameBeat provider. The expert spoke about the main difficulties in creating slots, the approach to work and development within the company.

I want to give an interview

— Hello, Farida. Can you briefly tell readers about yourself? In two or three sentences. So that they get to know you first.

—With joy! I am one of the game visual creators at GameBeat, a 2D artist.

- You have a creative job - you are a 2D artist. How did you come to this?

— As in any other business, through hard work, perseverance and purposefulness. My path as an artist began as a child, when I had just picked up a pencil. The desire to create has transformed over the years into my life's work.

— You've been with GameBeat almost since the day it was founded. Have you had experience in iGaming before? In any case, tell us how it felt when you encountered such a specific direction of creativity?

— GameBeat was my first and wonderful experience in the field of iGaming. I do not perceive the work as something specific, it is the same art. I think my feelings can be described in a capacious phrase - I'm happy to create here!

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Slot mechanics are developed by different specialists. Your task is to visualize the slot machine. Are you given design ideas or do you recommend how and what should look like?

— Probably, here it is worth talking about how the development process goes. At the start, the writer and game producer work on the concept of the game and discuss its vision. Then they make up a script, terms of reference and present it to us - the art department. This is where the most interesting part begins - a discussion during which we can offer our ideas with experts from different departments. After agreeing, the artists begin to create concept art for the games.

— Do you strive to make universal slots? Or do you take into account geographical and national tastes, gender differences, the age of the potential audience?

— We conduct very deep analytics on the interests of residents of different countries, generations of players, and study our own statistics. And, of course, we strive to follow trends and introduce them into the development process.

In new slots, the plot becomes more and more complicated, the quality of special effects and animation increases, as technologies and demand change. Well, the work because of this, I'm sure, becomes more difficult. Do you manage to keep up with trends?

— Everything in life evolves. Art, like technology, develops and forms many directions. To keep up with trends, it is enough to notice them in time, start learning and implement them in the work process. Don't forget to always keep your finger on the pulse.

—Probably, there are products that must meet the requirements of a particular partner or direction. For example, creating an exclusive slot. How is the graphics drawn for it? Do you have to match every element? Maybe there are examples?

— Yes, just recently we have released an exclusive slot for our partner Pin Up. Pinup Fortune Double is a branded slot of one of GameBeat's most popular classic "fruit" games.

Зарифова Фарида
Farida Zarifova is a 2D artist at GameBeat

I just want to say that the new is the well-forgotten old , because, for the most part, the mechanics and art remained the same. At the start, several completely different concepts were drawn up for the branded version. Both the idea as a whole and each element in it were coordinated. In general, the creation of such a slot is like tailoring a suit to order: in the process, you try to take into account the features of the site and adapt the game both to the casino and to its customers.

— Perhaps one of our readers wants to follow your footsteps… Tell us, what hardware and software do you need to create amazing quality game designs?

— I'm using an MSI gaming laptop. The main priorities in the characteristics for me were an IPS matrix, a powerful video card and a large amount of RAM.

Huion HS610 graphics tablet, Photoshop, and more importantly, an endless desire to create, imagination and hands! I highly recommend learning and drawing every day. This is a cumulative process. The more you do, the better you get!

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— How do you take into account iGaming trends? Do you do competitor analysis? Or is it done by other employees of the company?

— Absolutely each of all departments of our company is involved in the analysis of trends, tendencies and competitors. This helps us improve our own slots, get inspired by references, and implement innovative solutions.

Have you ever suggested plot ideas for a slot yourself?

— Back in In the beginning of my journey at GameBeat, this was a common story. The team worked with an emphasis on the preferences of the artists. Like a certain topic? Develop and draw! Now my colleagues and I can still come up with ideas and stories, but now we do it in close collaboration with our excellent writer and game producer. Thanks to their painstaking work, the quality of games is progressing, they are becoming even more thoughtful.

kazino-game24.online editors continue the series of interviews with people whose profession is related to the world of gambling. Today, the main character of the publication will be Gleb, a marketing specialist at the GameBeat provider. How does a developer create games? Let's find out! I want to give an interview Tell me about yourself in two sentences. — We, GameBeat, are an ambitious studio…Read more

— Is the end result of your work related to the popularity of the slot? Or is it not your responsibility?

— It seems to me that the popularity of the slot is the result of hard and well-coordinated work of absolutely every department: from development and art to sales and marketing. I prefer to take responsibility and do my best to create a beautiful and memorable visual that attracts players.

- I'm sure you work as a team in some areas. Is there a shortage of specialists? If so, what professions are in demand?

— Recently, we do not feel a shortage of specialists, on the contrary, we feel a demand for work in the company. However, this does not cancel the search for new talents, which we would like to see in our team. For example, now we are looking for developers, a team leader of developers, a data analyst and a head of marketing department.

— Since you raised the issue of employment, tell us what are the advantages of working in your company? What are the career prospects? Does the company help you grow professionally?

— I would like to answer this question with particular pleasure, because working at GameBeat is one big plus. I like that in the company you feel like not just an employee, but a member of a friendly team that works together towards global goals. Interesting creative projects, a chance to realize your ambitions, a great team, the opportunity to express yourself through projects are just a small part of why I love our company.

Each employee has the opportunity to grow thanks to the grading system. After a while, a junior can take professional courses, attend conferences and become a middle.

— How to get a job with you? And what form of work - freelancing, office or is there a choice?

— We publish current vacancies on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook social networks. You can also write to our HR-manager Evgeny: [email protected].

We work in a great office, 3 times a week yoga is held for our employees, all kinds of entertaining and educational activities, travel. 877

— Вы начали работать почти сразу после основания компании, значит, что она росла при вас, менялись условия и коллектив. Трудно было адаптироваться к изменениям?

— The important point here is that I have grown and continue to do so with the company! Some changes were unusual and encouraged to leave the comfort zone. For example, an increase in the number of employees, innovations in the development process, etc. However, the conditions did not change abruptly, everything happened gradually, so it was even exciting to adapt to the changes, because they were all related to improving work processes.

There are people who collect cards, chips, even terminals from land-based casinos. Yes, and there are fans of online slots who have been playing the same machine for decades because they consider its mechanics and design to be perfect, special, and interesting. Do you agree because of this that your work is comparable to art? For example, can it be compared with the work of an artist who paints in oils?

— In my opinion, any picture is a kind of art. The process of creating oil and digital paintings combines the skills that an artist must possess - knowledge of the basics of drawing, perspective, anatomy, etc. Without a doubt, slot graphics are an art!

What are the most common challenges when creating slots? How are they solved?

— Most often, difficulties arise at the beginning of slot development. Each team member has their own perception and vision for the future of the project, which complicates the choice of the final concept. At this point, it is very important to synchronize and come to a common decision.

Do you play for money yourself? Have you ever been to a land-based casino?

— There is a little experience to better feel the emotions of the player and try your luck, of course! I haven't been to a land-based casino yet, but I hope I will in the future.

What advice would you give to those who want to start working in iGaming?

— Действовать и идти к цели, ведь она достижима!

I want to give an interview

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