"We have to take into account that each client may turn out to be a politician, a big businessman, an influential criminal authority" - an interview with a land-based casino security guard

Интервью с охранником наземного казино

kazino-game24.online editors continue a series of interviews with people whose profession is related to the world of iGaming. Today, the main character of the publication will be Ruslan, who has worked in the casino security service for more than 17 years. He started his career in a small establishment, and now he works in a gambling zone and can share many interesting facts.

I want to give an interview

— Hello! Tell us how you got into the gambling industry? Where did you work before and why did you make this choice?

— I worked for a security company. We were put on duty at various facilities - shops, shopping malls, cafes, restaurants. The owner of the company signed an agreement with the Paradise Casino in Samara, and we began to be on duty there. This was in 2005. That is, we did not belong to the employees of the institution, but worked under an agreement with the company that paid the salary.

The following year, cardinal changes took place. The casino had its own security service. They invited those who worked best of all and offered to find a job with them. They offered higher salaries and bonuses. I agreed.

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— В чем отличия работы в казино, например, от охраны магазина, бара, банка или другого подобного объекта?

Like in any other institution, a security guard in a casino must ensure that customers do not conflict with each other and staff. Additionally, there is a dress code and face control, but more often visitors show self-awareness and dress according to the rules. Conflicts arise periodically, as alcohol is sold and consumed.

Мониторная службы безопасности казино
Security monitors the hall and the surrounding area by video

A security guard in a casino often has to communicate with customers, unlike banks, shops . Each visitor is met at the entrance to assess the degree of intoxication, to check for prohibited items. At the same time, you need to be polite. Some people prefer to play in one casino. If you scare away such a person with the level of service, he will go to competitors and the establishment will lose potential profit.

You have to take into account that each client may turn out to be a politician, a big businessman, an influential criminal authority. If the difference is not made in the store, then in the casino this is taken into account.

— What duties do you perform?

— The security guard has unspoken job responsibilities:

  • Provision compliance with the dress code, face control.
  • Implementation of a security check to prevent the introduction of weapons, video cameras, laptops. Smartphones are allowed, but filming is not allowed.
  • Protection of casino property, personnel.
  • Conflict prevention and resolution, if any.
  • Physical observation of the game and by video in order to detect fraud on the part of customers, employees.
  • Protection of property of visitors (cars, outerwear, bags, purses, etc.).
  • Ensuring law and order in the surrounding area.
  • Providing first aid.
  • Calling the police, ambulance, Ministry of Emergency Situations if necessary.

Sometimes clients do something they ask. For example, to conduct to the car or back (when transferring a large amount). It happens that they give tips, although not everywhere the guards are allowed to take them.

Сотрудник охраны на входе
Security officer at the entrance to the casino

— Is there a difference between a guard and a security officer or are they synonyms? 846

В некоторых казино делают различия между охранниками и сотрудниками СБ. К последним относят руководство, которое не находится в зале постоянно. Они проверяют работу камерменов, рядовых охранников и персонала. В других заведениях есть подразделение VIP-охраны. Они также относятся к руководству и решают деликатные задачи. Например, конфликты с VIP-клиентами.

— What are the requirements for candidates wishing to get a job in the security service?

As in any security company, the candidate must not have a criminal record, harmful habits. If you intend to carry a weapon, you need to get a permit. Preference is given to athletes who served in the army or law enforcement agencies. Plus - knowledge of martial arts and ways of self-defense. There shouldn't be any health issues. They can check credit history, biography of close relatives. Usually the security service is led by a person who previously held a high position in the police, traffic police, FSB, etc.

Many candidates are eliminated during the probationary period. Some leave on their own.

— Is there any etiquette for dealing with players that the guards must adhere to? Do you treat all customers equally or make differences?

There is etiquette, but the requirements differ in different casinos. Some SBs require you to communicate with visitors somewhat strictly so that they appreciate the seriousness of the institution. In other casinos, everyone should smile, be as polite and courteous as possible.

Сотрудники СБ в штатском
Sometimes the guards work in civilian clothes

There are regular players who are treated with special respect. Some visitors are classified as VIP. These are rich people, officials, stars, public figures, employees of law enforcement agencies. Naturally, a special attitude will be given to a person who is a relative or friend of the owner, founders, director.

- Do you interact with staff (croupiers, managers, bar employees)? If so, in what directions?

Of course, being in the hall, we keep not only the order, but also the staff. There are various signals that the croupier can give to the guard. For example, hint that the client is in a strong stage of intoxication or threatens the dealer. This means that you need to look after the table or take the visitor out. In a friendly way, the guards do not communicate with the staff. We are not even invited to corporate parties.

— Who has more authority - the casino manager or an ordinary security worker, the head of the security service? Maybe there is a division of responsibility?

The head of security has more authority. He resolves issues if the manager and the ordinary security guard have different opinions. But he cannot interfere in any affairs. For example, to resolve disputes with a client regarding the amount of payment, etc. If the manager forbade the visitor to play, the Security Council discusses with him whether this is a temporary measure or the entrance should be closed permanently. Sometimes the director can intervene, and his word will be decisive.

— What is the hierarchy in the security service?

In most cases, everything is simple - ordinary security guards, VIP workers (or shift supervisors), SB leader. Sometimes employees have different responsibilities. One works at the entrance, the other at the parking lot, the third one in the hall, and the fourth monitors the situation on video cameras.

Робот-охранник рядом с игровыми автоматами
Western establishments actively use security robots that move around the hall and transmit video to monitors

- Is the salary in the casino higher than in other areas, or are there better offers on the labor market for a security officer? Can you tell me the amount?

Above average. Of course, there are objects that pay more, but the work is easier. For example, large firms, watch. But such jobs are more difficult to get because of low turnover and high competition. I will not name the actual and exact amount. An ordinary security guard officially earns from 30,000 rubles (depending on shifts, duties). In fact, it turns out much more.

In the 2000s, he received from 15,000 to 20,000 rubles. Then it was a high salary. Plus they paid bonuses - quarterly, holiday.

- You have a long experience. How have working conditions changed in 17 years? Do you use new technologies?

— Changed dramatically. Security is now on a whole different level. Cameras are available on which you can read the text on the newspaper. High-speed Internet, high-quality headsets and walkie-talkies, sparing means of self-defense appeared. The head of the Security Service can see what is happening in the hall, even when he is in another city. Of course, you have to keep a close eye on the visitors so that they do not shoot videos, do not take pictures of the croupiers and players. Smartphones and tablets make the job much more difficult.

— Has the contingent of clients changed during this time?

— Yes, the players have also changed. Previously, the basis of the contingent was made up of representatives of the criminal world, who visited the casino more for the sake of image. Now more people come to relax. There are also fewer ludomaniacs.

In gambling zones, most customers are wealthy people, not those who lose their last money. Getting to the casino from another city is not cheap, and you need to pay for accommodation and meals. The game has gone up in price. Therefore, there are very few low-income visitors. Poker series are a different story. Most of the players are intellectuals, artists, famous athletes, successful businessmen.

— Were there any difficult cases when you had to risk your life or health?

— Yes, in the 2000s, when in casinos were played by many representatives of the criminal world. Then it was necessary to think several times before doing something. There were cases when clients took out knives, injuries. I had to deactivate. Home addresses were not even given to colleagues. The only way to go home was by taxi.

In 2006, a visitor attacked a croupier with a knife to block his entrance. Everything ended well.

— Certainly, there are VIP-guests among the visitors - celebrities, politicians, crime bosses. Have there been any problems with them?

—Reputable criminals, influential people are usually dealt with by VIP security. They know someone personally and can solve the problem peacefully. Show business stars, politicians and other famous people generally behave culturally. With representatives of the criminal world, problems often arose in the 2000s. Now they have become more careful.

— Have you encountered scammers? What does the casino do if someone tries to deceive the establishment?

— Personally, I have not come across, but I have heard about such cases in other establishments. Now they are dealt with through law enforcement agencies. Previously, owners solved problems with the help of a "roof". I met petty hooligans who steal chips from other customers, try to hide the card in their pocket, increase the bet that has played. But they weren't professional scammers.

— Were there cases when the casino staff cheated?

— They don't purposefully share such information with us. I know that small casinos have been doing this. Now large establishments value their reputation. Moreover, the game is recorded on video, and the client may subsequently require it to be shown. They don't take risks, because the reputation is more expensive.

—Does the security service check candidates for the positions of employees of the hall, bar? Are there any criteria by which employment can be denied?

— No, the rank and file personnel are not thoroughly checked. A security officer is talking to a new employee. Find out where he worked before, whether he was convicted. But the croupier or the waiter may be silent about some details of his biography. If a candidate has previously worked at another casino that continues to operate, they can contact the local security service and find out the reason for the dismissal.

Заведения используют современное оборудование для наблюдения за игрой
Casinos use cameras with high video quality

— What advice would you give visitors ? What should not be done to avoid problems with the security service?

— You should follow the rules of conduct in the casino, which are published on its website. It's a dress code, carrying certain items. No need to take weapons and civilian means of self-defense (spray cans, shockers, etc.) with you. If you take any forbidden item with you, you must tell the guard about it and give it at the entrance.

You can not take pictures, shoot videos if there is no such permission. It is usually issued to the press during poker championships, and the players are warned about it. Even just the interior or an empty table is not allowed to be photographed.

— Did the specifics of work affect you personally — life, attitude towards people?

— In my free time I try not to think about work. The shift is over and I forgot about everything. I realized that I would never play again. I saw how people part with large sums. I choose people for communication carefully, but this has always been the case.

The kazino-game24.online editors continue the series of interviews with interesting people connected with the world of gambling. Today, our questions will be answered by a technician at a land-based casino who maintains slot machines. Dmitry will tell about the arrangement of slots, about his duties and interesting cases from his professional activity.…Read more

— What would be your advice to those who want to become a security officer in a casino? 934

— Как и при любой силовой работе, здесь большая ответственность. Если есть сомнения, что вы справитесь, лучше не пытаться устраиваться, чтобы не портить резюме, трудовую книжку. Работа напряженная и нужно быть готовым к нагрузкам. Важно заниматься спортом, чтобы всегда быть в форме, отказаться от вредных привычек. Иногда охранник не может взять перекур длительное время — лучше бросить. Ну и следует учитывать, что есть ночные смены, что может привести к разногласиям в семье.

Thanks for an interesting interview!

I want to give an interview

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