Work on the line. Interview with an online casino technical support employee is launching a series of publications about gambling professions. We dare to hope that interviews with representatives of the industry will allow players to better understand how the gambling industry works. After all, employees of land-based and online casinos can tell a lot of interesting things about their inner kitchen. Their stories will make you take a fresh look at casinos and gambling.

I want to give an interview

The hero of the first publication is an online casino service specialist, which is quite symbolic. Technical support employees are the first to whom new customers and regular players turn to in case of questions about games, bonuses, account replenishment, winnings, etc. The reputation of the site largely depends on their professionalism.

Evgeniy N. worked for a well-known online casino for 5 years, and now he is engaged in the development and promotion of affiliate programs in gambling. He agreed to a frank interview on the condition that he did not mention his real name and the name of the casino where he worked.

— How did you get into the gambling industry and what prompted you to this choice?

- By chance. After graduating from the university with a degree in Information Security, he started looking for a job. In many companies, young professionals are paid little, the salary is only enough to rent an apartment, and there is little left for themselves. Therefore, when I saw a vacancy for the position of a technical support specialist with a salary 4 times higher than the market average, I became very interested. Submit your resume and keep looking. And a week later I was invited for an interview, where they told me straight out that this was an online casino. Knowledge of the Russian language, basic English and understanding of HTML were sufficient for hiring. By all criteria, I approached, began to study and work.

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— What are the main responsibilities of a technical support worker?

— Answer questions from regular customers and help new customers understand the site's functionality, bonus program, and kazino-game24.onlineles. Beginners often clarify how to make a deposit correctly, indicate a promotional code, etc. Support on the line (an employee on the phone or in an online chat - Ed.) is a person to whom you can complain about a big loss. Sometimes - to cover with a real Russian obscenity (laughs - Approx. ed.). I personally tried not to write formulaic phrases to losing players, but tried to reassure and offer a bonus.

We also regularly tested all the elements of the site - the display of games from providers, the operation of payment systems, the availability of casino mirrors. After any update of the site, all the functionality was checked, since the update may affect previously working components. In case of an emergency, they passed the information to the system administrator on duty.

— What problems and questions do clients most often address?

— The two most common questions: where is my payout and why was the deposit not credited. In the first case, the player simply did not wait until the payment was processed or did not see the letter requesting documents for verification. We had up to 24 hours for payments, but usually payments were processed within 2-3 hours.

In the second case, the problem was due to the creation of a second account by mistake. We have implemented a quick registration using social networks. The client could enter through VK, make a deposit and go to drink tea. After a while, the system automatically logs him out, the person logs in through Mail and does not see the money. In the admin panel, we had an algorithm that determined multi-accounts by IP. For such players, we blocked an empty account and left an account with money.

— How did you build communication with the players? What rules and regulations exist on this matter and how is control carried out?

— In dialogues with a client, it is strictly forbidden to be rude, use obscenities, leave messages unanswered. Even if the line is loaded and the client has left the site, we must answer his question.

All information about the client is collected in the player's card, available to technical support specialists. All changes in it are automatically fixed by the program: who made the changes, which ones. This applies to bonuses, personal data, etc.

— Does the technical support specialist have access to the player's balance?

— Supports cannot change the balance, this is prohibited. We have disabled this feature. Only the project manager and senior management could do this through a ticket.

— How can a player correctly build a dialogue with technical support in order to quickly receive complete answers to their questions?

— It is correct to start any dialogue with the usual greeting and briefly formulate the question. Support tries to answer everyone as quickly as possible if the line is not loaded. If the message shows aggression, it contains obscene expressions, the employee can postpone communication, switch to parallel lines. So, of course, it is forbidden to do support, but there were cases.

Чем пользуются сотрудники ТП для работы
Tools of a technical support employee

— And how did you cope with the negative?

— I have a stable psyche, I left all the negativity at my workplace.

— How did you rest?

— I didn't get much rest. If it was boring, I started to learn something new. If it was completely covered, after the shift he went to the pub.

— In general, is this a difficult job?

— Simple, especially after 3-4 months of practice. In the first months, I read many examples of real dialogues between colleagues and clients to understand how best to build a conversation, learned scripts for quick responses, manuals for all admin panels. At first, it was not easy to conduct dialogues with three or more players at the same time - you need to react quickly, keep a lot of information in your head. But over time, the whole process, one might say, switched to autopilot. Not taking into account, of course, emergency situations.

— What situations do you remember best?

— Over time, all unusual situations become ordinary, it's hard to remember now. I can talk about a big win on my shift and a big loss.

During the night shift, a player writes to me asking: "What are the payout limits?". I check his account and see the balance of 8 million rubles! He won this amount overnight in the Garage slot from Igrosoft at the maximum rates. The entire technical support service was humanly worried that the player would not drain all the money back to the casino, but withdraw it. And so it happened: the client had previously passed verification and was paid the entire amount in installments, taking into account the limits.

And the biggest loss in my memory was in the amount of 10 million rubles, and also in just one night! The client lost the entire amount by making deposits of 100 thousand.

— It is believed that casino employees can collude with players. What schemes are there for this in online casinos?

— It makes no sense to collude with casino players, because it is impossible to spin up slot machines, and it will not work to credit no deposits, since the security service monitors this.

There was a case of fraud by one ISP. We were directly connected to his games, and the company's employees, having access to statistical data, knew when this or that slot should give a large amount, and regularly won. They did everything competently, withdrew 10-15 thousand rubles. This scheme was discovered in our casino, and the software was disabled. I won't name the company or the machines. portal continues its regular section dedicated to gambling professionals. An interview with a former dealer that was published earlier had a wide resonance. The editors received a lot of questions from readers who would like to know more about the work of the croupier. The ex-employee of the land-based casino continues…Read more

— And who most often breaks the rules of the casino and how?

— No one usually breaks the rules intentionally. They just don't read. Players are not serious about filling out the questionnaire, enter fictitious data, and after providing scans of documents, there are difficulties with verification. We requested a full package of documents from such players: a passport, a bank card and a selfie with them in hand, a utility bill with an address. If all the documents were for one person, they made changes to the questionnaire and did not block the account.

— Now there is more and more talk about replacing the support service specialists of any company with bots and artificial intelligence. To what extent does this apply to the gambling industry?

— Bots and AI can definitely replace answers to template questions, but online support with real people will still remain. For example, in the casino where I worked, there was a cashback that was credited automatically at 00:05. One day at ten in the evening, a client writes to me and asks to credit this bonus. He lost about 10,000 rubles in a day, and more than two hours before the calculation of the thousand due to him. In such a situation, the support can get into position and activate the funds a little earlier if it is a regular casino client. And the bot is unlikely to be able to understand the player, compare all the data and make the right decision.

Чат-боты в службе поддержки

— Describe a couple more situations to understand the inner workings.

— For example, a player asks for a bonus. I watch his casino profit for a month and for the last 24 hours, and if a client has brought more than 10,000 rubles, I can credit him with cashback. If, on the contrary, the player wins, withdraws funds and at the same time requests a promotion, he can be offered a deposit bonus.

Or the player reports that he did not receive a winning combination on the machine, which in principle cannot be. We pass information to the developer, take the history of the game, and use the story as an example to explain to the client why he is wrong. Inside the company, all this is accompanied by tickets with high importance and subsequent control.

— That is, the technical support employee also needs to understand slot machines?

— We were obliged to know the top casino games, their official name and colloquial, represent the content of the bonus rounds. Usually, if a player is looking for a slot, he has already seen it somewhere or heard something about it, so the person describes the bonus game or the main character, and we suggest it. Over time, I learned all the popular names: “Books”, “Ropes”, “Strawberries”, “Pyramids”, etc.

— How many applications did you process per day on average?

— 80-100 обращений за двенадцатичасовую смену.

— What was the schedule and how many people were on the team?

— There were day and night shifts for round-the-clock support - from 8: 00 to 20:00 and from 20:00 to 8:00, two days off a week. 5 people worked - 4 junior support in shifts and a chief customer support specialist 5 days a week from 8:00 to 20:00.

- How much does an employee earn on average with such a schedule?

— Около 500 долларов. Это не учитывая бонусы и премии.

— How was your working day?

— When I took over, I received important information from a colleague, found out what happened during the night, there were some technical problems or not. Then he brewed coffee and sat down on the line.

— What programs did you use in your work?

— From the software available on the Internet, only the Jira bug tracker from Atlassian, the LiveChat online service and the TeamViewer remote computer control program. Everything else is the company's admin panels.

Team Viewer
TeamViewer is a client management program

- High staff turnover in this profession?

—We had practically no turnover, this is not an ordinary call center - when an employee is fired, important information can leak. The company had a policy that it was better to train your employee than to hire a new one from the street.

—But you stumbled upon the job by accident. What can you advise to people who want to get a job in online casino technical support?

— Yes, I saw a vacancy on a regular job board on the Internet. With a strong desire, you can find companies that are engaged in gambling and send your resume there. You can also register on Linkedin, they can hunt a specialist there.

— Have any dangerous situations happened in your professional activity?

— No, only employees with online passes could enter the office, plus the company had a cool security service.

— Were there any cases of personal acquaintance and informal communication with casino customers?

— Not either. Outside the office, employees are prohibited from saying where they work and by whom. For all my friends, I worked in an online store.

— Relatives didn’t know either?

— Relatives knew and were absolutely calm.

— What kind of career growth is possible from a technical support employee?

— Depends on the desire of the employee and his performance, as in any other company. For example, the director of our office started working as a technical support specialist. You can move up to the head of technical support or move to the marketing department if the specialist had active sales.

— What do you mean by sales?

— Each support has personal promotional codes for deposit bonuses, and he has the right to offer them to the players if it is appropriate in the dialogue. At the end of the month, we were awarded bonuses depending on the amount of players' deposits for a personal promo. This was supervised by the head of the department.

— What are the duties of the head of technical support?

— Our manager regularly checked dialogues with clients for rude communication from employees, mistakes in explaining situations, direct sales in chat. Usually the head of the department does not sit on the line - only in emergency situations when customers break off the chat. For example, if the gateway of the payment system or one of the mirrors fell off under a DDOS attack.

— In your opinion, is the domestic gambling industry close to Western standards? Is the work in foreign casinos different from ours?

— If we talk about a casino with at least a Curacao license, then it is no different: all casinos have a similar set of gaming software, payment systems and bonuses. More serious licenses simply expand the opportunities to enter markets in other countries. I do not take into account script casinos, as they are already bent. It seems to me that in three years there will be two or three "Volcano" and that's it. Players have learned to distinguish fake software from the original. But if I were a gambler, I would only play in a casino with a Maltese license - this regulator really responds to player complaints.

- Players from different countries probably also differ in mentality. Have you experienced this at work?

— Yes, they are different. In European countries, players are more chasing jackpots, in Russia and the CIS they are looking for earnings. Plus, clients from Europe have a higher income and, accordingly, a player brings more money to the casino in the long run. On the other hand, in my experience, most of the freeloaders and bonus hunters came to us from Poland.

— Could you play in a casino for real money yourself?

— In our company, this was prohibited. In test accounts, we could replenish the balance and test one or another slot.

— But do you gamble?

— No, I'm not a gambler. Although I can play Live Blackjack 1-2 times a year.

— That is, before working in a casino, you never encountered gambling?

— Once, at the age of eighteen. By chance, with a classmate, I went to the gaming club and "threw" 10 cents at that rate, and won 3 dollars! Never again before getting a job in a casino. Now, if I am in a country where land-based casinos are allowed, I will definitely visit.

Азартные игры в казино
Gambling in online casinos

— What is your general attitude towards gambling, given your five years of experience at an online casino?

— Positive. It seems to me that all countries should legalize online gambling, provided that account verification and payments are controlled by the state. Many rich people play in the casino, let the budgets of their countries fill up. And of course, we need state control over gambling addiction.

— What advice would you give to people who are keen on gambling?

— Here are some tips at once. After registration, go through verification, play only official slots and remember that having a license does not mean using the original software. It is better to focus on a casino with a Malta license.

Enthusiastic gamblers would be advised to adhere to the rule - do not lose more than 10% of their income per month. After a big win, it is better to stop and withdraw the entire amount. If we are talking about high rollers, you should find out the withdrawal limits in advance. Before activating bonuses, carefully read the conditions for wagering and rates. And I can also advise you to use the Slottracker software, which collects all the information on slots and game sessions: RTP, launch history, general statistics, etc.

The collection of questions is over. Thank you for your participation! You can read the answers in the interviewhere.

I want to give an interview

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