The Art of Las Vegas Casino Design: How Circa Tells the Story of Sin City

Circa рассказывает историю «города грехов»

Gambling experience is passed along with more than just betting. Unusual surroundings will help to plunge into the world of excitement. Bright design and thoughtful interior will create the necessary atmosphere. Even if the visitor does not make a bet, he will remember Circa Resort & Casino. The institution in the center of Las Vegas has something to offer tourists, in addition to gambling. The environment itself, from carpets to paintings on the wall, sends greetings from the past and turns the evening into a journey.

About the Casino

An architectural marvel opened its doors in 2020. The building occupies 162.5 sq. m. and includes 777 rooms. It features a two-story casino, the world's largest bookmaker, the Legacy Club, an amphitheater, and the Garage Mahal, a high-tech car park.

Circa began accepting players at the end of 2020. This is the first new casino in downtown Las Vegas since 1980.


When you arrive at the casino, don't rush to the dealer. Entertainment in Las Vegas is not always about gambling. You can get a lot of pleasure from a leisurely walk through the halls past the sights.

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Vegas Vickie

Vegas Vickie first appeared in 1951. A neon figure of a cowboy waved affably to the visitors of the Pioneer Club. The image has become a hallmark for many casinos.

Vegas Vickie
Vicky from Vegas flirtatiously moves her left foot

The Circa paid tribute. Instead of a man in the lobby, an attractive girl dressed as a cowboy, Vicky, is waiting for visitors. For the first time the rider appeared in 1980 and immediately got into the media. According to legend, she married Vic in 1994.

Frescoes in the lobby

3 large works await visitors behind the reception desk. The frescoes follow each other, never letting the eyes of the visitors get bored.

Фреска в казино Circa
The work of the artist Jelaine Fons

The first image will introduce the visitors to Vikki. The cubist mural is by Jelaine Fons, a local artist. Her second work includes a casino-themed still life. Reza Torabi worked on the third fresco. The artist has depicted the majestic downtown Las Vegas of the 1950s, and to the left is the modern Circa casino.

Garage Mahal

Arriving by car, start the evening in one of the most magnificent parking lots in the world. The building looks more like a real palace, so it got the name Garage Mahal.

Парковка в казино Circa
Garage Mahal

At the escalator, a 6.7 meter tall Egands chandelier awaits visitorsmeters 863. Всего предусмотрено 982 парковочных места и 8 локаций на разную тематику.

Corridors and rooms

Chic corridors await visitors on the way to the room. Interior design in mid-century (mid-century modern) style is diluted with modern lighting.

Коридор в Circa
For security reasons, you can't call the elevator without a room card

The Circa has filled the guest rooms with art. In almost every one you can find a picture. Most often, they depict the iconic symbols of Las Vegas.

Номер в Circa
The artist honored the classic symbols of the slot machine
Las Vegas is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to gambling, huge winnings and an unbridled atmosphere of entertainment. It is the world's first recognized capital of gambling. Other gambling centers appeared much later and were built in the image and likeness of Las Vegas. Sin City: The Beginning The history of Las Vegas began...Read more

Barry's Downtown Prime

40 designers and artists worked on the concept of a late Art Deco steakhouse. Artwork by Jeline Fons, Tim Bavington, David Ryan, Sushi Machida and Barret Thomson adorns the walls.

Стейк-хауса в казино Circa
Barry's Downtown Prime is reminiscent of a Prohibition-era high-end bar

Expensive decor can be intimidating. In practice, prices are conservative by American standards. A few items from the menu.

Serving of giant prawns$26
Roasted beetroot salad$16
Crispy cauliflower$14
Rib eye steak$69
Atlantic Salmon Steak$42
Bread BasketFree


Circa has taken care of sports lovers. For them, the largest bookmaker's office operates on the territory of the hotel. The screen deserves special attention - dozens of different events are simultaneously broadcast to the audience. There are 350 seats in total.

Ставки на спорт в Circa
The bookmaker's hall is more like a movie theater

Saginaw's Delicatessen

Las Vegas regulars know about the Golden Gate shrimp cocktail for 99 cents. Unfortunately, the casino removed the unusual delicacy. Circa has taken it upon itself to bring this glorious tradition back.

Коктейль из креветок в Circa
A "drink" from the past at Saginaw's Delicatessen

In 2021, diners actually have the option of ordering a $0.99 shrimp cocktail. However, at this price it is only available at night from 3:00 to 5:00. The vendors claim that quite a few shrimp lovers drop by the diner.

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Decades of experience

B In an interview with Forbes, Circa casino design consultant Alice O'Keeffe spoke about the approach. The team focused on three important things:

  • Time. Las Vegas flourished throughout theXX century. In this short period of time, the "sin city" has absorbed many stories, iconic personalities and images that can be displayed in the design.
  • Attractions. Frescoes, paintings and other luxury items should not scare away visitors . Gambling is still affordable entertainment. The main task of Circa is to give an unforgettable experience.
  • Change of eras. The Wild West mentality has left its mark. However, the "cowboys" themselves became friendly. Sin City is increasingly becoming a family resort with entertainment for all ages.

Casino Circa is a time capsule for those who want to get closer to the history of Las Vegas.

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Circa is not unique in downtown Las Vegas because of its majestic form or innovation. Designers have found a balance between history and modernity. Here, technologies are woven into elements of art and competently complement each other.

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