Online Casino Champion summed up the results of the promotion "Control a streamer"

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Promo « Control the streamer. Such a tournament was held for the first time in the history of the casino. At the end of the race, users controlled the actions of the popular streamer Jacka. The main goal was to collect the largest amount of winnings of all within 10 minutes. The winner was the participant caxa03r****, who received the main cash prize in the amount of 100,000 rubles to a real account.

During the stream, all players had access to voice chat in a private Telegram channel. The finalists were given 10 minutes, after which they had to collect the maximum amount of winnings, while spending no more than 25,000 rubles. Five participants connected in turn during the broadcast, chose the machines, the size of the bet and the time at which to spin the slot.

The first was the player with the nickname schamardin****. He played 4 slots and finished the tournament with a final score of 8,079 rubles.

The next was the finalist with the nickname evgenijsa****. After 10 minutes, he had 14,370 rubles on his account.

Followed by a short break, during which a thousand rubles were drawn among the spectators. In the online chat, it was necessary to write the word that the presenter thought of. At some point, the streamer stopped the game and drew a line. The spectator who was below the line received a prize.

The third player 5ea3f5b874247438b**** played 3 slots in his 10 minutes and completed the participation with a total of 27,120 rubles.

The fourth finalist was girl with nickname papya****. She was able to earn 3365 rubles.

The last one was the previously mentioned participant caxa03r****. In the very first machine, he won 9,000 rubles, and by the end of the ten-minute session, he had 32,359 on his account. It was he who won the "Drive a Streamer" race and became the owner of 100,000 rubles. and wished to use the prize money with pleasure. After the end of the competition, Saxa03r**** gave a short interview in which he stated that he would spend money on his loved ones and go on vacation at sea.

Ведущий стрима поздравил игрока и пожелал использовать призовые с удовольствием. После завершения состязания Сaxa03r**** дал небольшое интервью, в котором заявил, что потратит деньги на своих близких и отправится в отпуск на море.

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