How to play 1000 with two players according to the rules

Как играть в 1000 вдвоем

Thousand is a popular card discipline, one of the modifications of the French Marriage. Participants compete among themselves in trading circles and draws, announcing tricks and scoring points. The table can be from 2 to 4 people. The principle of holding parties depends on the number of opponents. The article discusses how to play 1000 together according to the rules of the game and what agreements they can be supplemented with.

Important rules of the game

Applies to the discipline a shortened deck, which includes ranks from 9. Because of this, a different hierarchy of denominations operates. In ascending order of strength: 9, J, Q, K, 10, A.

The main task is to overtake your opponent on points and score a thousand. To do this, you need to actively participate in the draws, interrupt the buy-in and avoid penalties.

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Card Dealing

There is a draw at the start. Opponents take one card from the deck. Whoever has a higher rank becomes the first deliverer. At the end of the hand, the second participant takes over the function.

In the home game, opponents can choose a different type of draw or invite a third person to be the dealer.

Each participant at the table at the initial stage receives 7 kart. They are laid out face down, which does not allow the enemy to assess their strength. In addition, three more cards are dealt. They are put aside, forming a buyback.


This stage involves the announcement of rates. Each participant must say how many points he plans to score at the drawing stage. The minimum amount to place an order is 100 points. The opponent can answer it with a raise in increments of 5 points or announce a pass, giving the victory to the opponent. Whoever wins the auction takes the buyback.

Thousand is a fun entertainment in which the participant will find many obstacles on the way to victory. The rules of 1000 craps can be changed by adding new ones, modifying old ones and inventing interesting conditions for scoring. "Cubes" will suit a large company - adults and children who have just learned to count. The essence and…Read more

Order of moves

The dealer goes first, then the opponent decides. At the end of the trade, the winner is revealed. It opens the trick draw stage.

Тысяча с реальным противником
Online game for two players


DuringgameParticipants sum up the intermediate results, fixing the points scored. When they are charged, a certain scheme applies.

ValueNumber of points
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How to play 1000 with two players

The classic Thousand rules are described above. When only two opponents are involved, games can be played with some modifications. This will add variety to the game.

Common Thousand Two Variations:

  • Participants receive a 9-card hand. Separately, 2 buybacks are formed. Each includes 3 cards face down. This does not allow any of the rivals to see their value. Then the participants begin to play a Thousand together in cards according to the general rules. Who declares more points, he takes one of the buy-ins. Then the draw begins.
  • Opponents are dealt 10 cards each, 4 more form a draw. The winner of the trade takes 2 of them, the rest goes to the opponent. The rest of the gameplay is no different from the classic format.
Two-player option
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Individual agreements on rules

B offline, participants can make adjustments to the course of distributions at their discretion. For example, change the scheme for accruing additional points and penalties, the principle of choosing trump cards, etc. Before the start of the game, it is important to write down all individual agreements and their nuances on paper so that there are no disputes in the future.


It is customary to call a king and a queen of the same suit mariage, or “praise”. For them, players are awarded additional points.

Marriage suitNumber of points
Clubs 96860

Ace marriage is also distinguished It's an A-A-A-A link. Participants receive 200 points for it.

Additionally, opponents can agree on scoring points for mini-marriages. These are the trump cards Q and J.

Mini marginsPoints
Clubs 100430


At the play stage, the opponents beat each other's cards, guided by the general rules:

  • The first opponent to move puts one of the cards on the table.
  • The opponent needs to beat it for the trick to be counted and points were awarded. This requires a higher rank or trump.
  • When there is nothing to hit, the opponent plays any card. But it is considered discarded, so the opponent takes the bribe.


According to the rules of the game of 1000 for two, participants cannot choose a trump card from the deck. But this is not prohibited if both opponents have K and Q of the same suit. The chosen trump is valid during the current round. The opponent can "commend" him if he gets K-Q.

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In a home game, you can introduce an individual system of penalties. In the standard rules, it looks like this:

  • If the opponent does not take a bribe during the entire stage of the draw, he receives a bolt.
  • When collecting three bolts, 120 points are minus from the score.
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Additional barrel rules

When a player is short of 1,020 points or less, he will automatically be placed on a barrel. He is given the opportunity to reach 1000 during one of 3 rounds, otherwise 120 points will be deducted from the score.

Two opponents cannot be on the barrel at the same time. They are both penalized by 120 points.

Golden Con in Thousand

In the initial phase, the opponents can alternately play Golden Con. The point is to commit to 120 points. It must be completed during the next draw. If the participant scores the stated 120 points, then he receives 240.

Bonuses in the game for two

Participants can agree on variousbonuses . The most common:

  • Showing the buyout — one or more cards are revealed.
  • Getting information on the suit of the buyback — the rank remains unknown.
  • Opening the opponent's cards — revealing the denomination and suits.

You can also introduce bonuses with extra points credited, for example, when a player wins a trade several times in a row or successfully copes with requests.

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Часто задаваемые вопросы

It was first mentioned in the 20th century. Long-distance sailors played in 1000.

Yes, no more than 120 points. The exception is when the player has a margin. Then you can add its value.

It is available when the hand is valued at 13 or less the number of points came 9-9-9 or J-J-J-J.

There are no mathematically sound methods for 1000. However, there are general principles for playing the game: you should not declare too large applications, show the value of the buyback to the enemy, fold tens and aces first.

Yes, it can be found on sites with entertainment gaming applications.

Да, но ставки ведутся только на деньги. Это требует предварительной регистрации и внесения депозита.

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