How to Thank the Dealer: Tip Etiquette in the Casino

The dealer is a gambling companion. He is interested in winning the opponent in the hope of getting a tip.Kerry Packer was handing out millions of dollars to casino employees. Nobody forces the average visitor to empty his pockets, but if the player wants to make the dealer smile, he should adhere to tip etiquette.


After arriving at the casino by car, the client will first meet with the valet. He is obliged to provide quality service and greet all guests equally, but otherwise he is very slow. There are a lot of students who work in this position - when they leave, they will bring a car faster if you give them a couple of dollars.

When checking into a hotel, do not forget about the messengers. If the guest has heavy luggage, it is recommended to give the employee $10. In the future, messengers can be assigned other requests - book a table, buy a pack of cigarettes, etc.

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Tipping in slot machines

A unique culture of relationships has developed in slots. In most casinos, winnings over $1200 have to be cashed out through the cashier. Tips start at $20.

When the jackpot hits, the cashier gets on average 3% of the grateful players.

A slot session lasts several hours. If you need to leave, for example, to the restroom, another player will take the place. To leave the slot for themselves, they turn to any free employee in the hall - he will be able to "guard" the device for 3-5 minutes. If the player is going to leave for a longer period, you can ask to turn off the machine. $5 is enough to express gratitude, but depending on the time it is reasonable to increase the amount.

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Tipping in table games

Dealers are largely responsible for the atmospheric stay in the casino - you have to communicate with them most of all. Their duties are not only in strict observance of the rules, but also in entertaining guests. If a player leaves the table without chips, he should not leave with a sour face.

Крупье в казино
The average salary of dealers in the US is $5 per hour


In a dynamic game for 1 hour you can spend 30-40 hands. At low limits of $1, tips are left after the session, if you managed to stay in the black.

High rollers at limits of $25 or more transfer rewards as the game progresses. After a small series of wins, it is reasonable to reward the dealer with $5.


Players use several different ways to reward the dealer. Most allocate up to 5% of the reward. If the player adds more work to the dealer, such as naming too many bets, then the tip should be increased.

Sometimes the unusual way is to place a bet on behalf of the dealer. If she wins, the casino employee will be able to take all the winnings. You can bet $10 and declare that if you're lucky, 10% of the bet belongs to the croupier.

Casino provides itself with a profit due to a small advantage over users. The game rules and software are designed in such a way that the site receives income at a distance. Professionals can level the advantage through strategies, for example, in blackjack, card counting, developed by Edward, is most often used ...Read more


The behavior of beginners from professionals is strong is different. The former give the dealer $1 for a successful deal. The pros share the money if they win after the flop shows up.


When there's a huge crowd around the table, dice-rolling becomes a lot of fun. Some customers try to enlist the support of the dealer, so they bet on certain numbers from him.

You can also express gratitude at the end of the game. After a long series of rolls, it is enough to transfer $5 to the dealer.

Крупье за рулеткой
In gambling, tips are 1-10% of the reward amount
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"Payment" for free cocktails

Waiters get up to $3 an hour, they need tips more than anyone else. In the USA, it is customary to pay $1-2 for one cocktail, this also applies to non-alcoholic drinks.

The casino does not always have a free service. Sometimes an additional fee may be required for the number of drinks consumed.

At the exit

Leaving players are divided into 2 types - with chips and without. The former cash out the winners, but are no longer required to pay a tip. You can safely take the money and say goodbye.

The casino allows you to leave chips as a keepsake. Collector Gregg Fischer hitGuinness World Records. He collected 818 $1 chips from different casinos.

If the client plans to return, he should get a player card. On your next visit, it will provide benefits:

  • Free dinner and cocktails.
  • Reduction on hotel room.
  • Free transfer, etc.
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Tip size in different games

A simple table will help you navigate .

GameTip Size
Game Slots $10-20 or 3% of Jackpot
Roulette5% of winnings
Poker$1 for a lucky hand
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Tipping culture in other countries

It is not customary everywhere to express gratitude for good leisure in cash equivalent. In the UK, tips for dealers have long been banned. The owners did not want the staff to be lured to their side. In England and other European countries, croupiers are still reluctant to take money from visitors.

In Macau and the Caribbean, tips are always welcome, but there are no set rules, the player can give any amount. Better to watch other visitors. If there is no one to take an example from, you can use the universal rule - up to 5-10% of the winnings at the end of the session.

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