How to win at casinos in different countries

Как получить выигрыш в казино

Luck leads to a number of consequences that require financial decisions - choosing a payout method, securing capital, meeting tax obligations . The money won in a live casino must be withdrawn in cash or to a bank account. The legislation of countries, the traditions of institutions are different. In order not to run into problems, you should read the tips for getting money.

Cash-out process

Bets are placed 736фишками. Roulette uses personal chips of different colors, while the cost is set by the player. The cashier does not know the value of such chips - they need to be exchanged for cash tokens with a designated denomination, which are used to pay for bets at other tables (cards, craps). Valuable chips are taken to the cashier to receive money. The manager may offer to go to a special room if you need to give out a large amount.

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In Russia, consultations are provided at the checkout. Simple laws of the Russian Federation allow you to withdraw money and pay tax within a year. Playing costs are not taken into account, but for the declaration it is advisable to keep the checks received when buying chips, tournament tickets.

Tax fees in Russia.

Duration of residence in the Russian Federation (days per year) 875Ставка
Up to 18313%
Over 18330%

In Belarus, 4% is charged to the state for each exchange of chips, a passport is required for the operation.

It is forbidden to take chips out of the hall. To withdraw money, you need to go to the cashier. When withdrawing a large amount, the administrator will offer payment options - cash, bank transfer, deposit. The list depends on the policy and possibilities of the institution.

Игровой зал
Interior of Sochi casino
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One-time and structured settlements

Players are protected in Russia by general laws, they are equated to buyers of shops, visitors to hairdressing salons. In the USA, Europe, special regulatory legal acts have been adopted, and competition forces business participants to standardize the list of services and their quality. The client chooses the form of payment:

  • One-time — money is issued at the time of treatment in cash or by check, if the amount does not exceed the limit set by the casino. For higher winnings, options may be offered - a delay of several days, a bank transfer, a demand deposit.
  • Structured - the winnings are transferred in stages in equal parts over the agreed period. Money is sent by check or credited to a bank account.

Risks of a one-time settlement - reckless spending, losses. Plus - the possibility of profitable investments (savings deposit, starting a business, getting an education, buying a home, etc.). The disadvantage of the structured form is the loss from inflation. Benefits - secure storage of funds, long stable financial life.

What do you know about online casinos?

In Nevada, periodic calculation is used when winning from $100,000. With an amount from $100,000 to $200,000, the client receives at least $10,000 annually. The institution has the right to offer more favorable conditions. Requests over $200,000 are paid at least 5% per annum. The rules are set by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

There are similar regulatory structures in the European Union. Choosing the one-time option in the US means paying 24-60% tax instantly (varies by game or state). With a periodic calculation, the fee is lower and is charged after the receipt of the entire amount - after 20-30 years. During this time, it is possible to compensate for losses with long-term investments.

At the casinos of Macau, Cambodia, there is no problem getting millions of dollars in cash. But since the winnings are given in local currency, the visitor will have to take several suitcases of banknotes with them.

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Slot winnings are paid by the casino. The exception isprogressive jackpots. They are played by the software developer. You can get no more than $ 10,000 from the operator. The rest of the amount is paid by the manufacturer of the machine. As a rule, the jackpot is issued by check. The solemn ceremony of delivery can be scheduled in a few days, weeks. The player has the right to refuse a public event if it is allowed by the user agreement.

Operators offer up to 50 withdrawal methods money from the casino. Each service sets its own rules, in which it is easy to get confused: terms, commissions, limits. In this article, we will tell you how to quickly withdraw money from an online casino, and consider the difficulties that players may encounter when receiving prize money. How to choose…Read more
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Not all casinos in the US agree to leave funds in the institution, but in Europe and the CIS countries, the service is popular and free. Business owners are attracted by the possibility that the client will lose the deposit in the future by not cashing out. The visitor is offered to receive part of the capital or the full amount at a convenient time. You can pick up the money with hired security for the safe transportation of cash.

Зал в Лас-Вегасе
US casino cashier

The deposit is suitable for regular visitors who plan to continue playing regularly, and people who do not want to use bank transfers, checks.

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Taxes and declarations

In Macau, Monaco, Cambodia, Kenya, Canada, Australia, EU countries (there are exceptions - 12% in France) and in most Asian countries, winnings are not subject to fees. But when leaving the country, a person fills out a customs declaration if he takes out an amount that exceeds the allowable amount. In the European Union, a document is issued for €10,000 or more. When entering Russia, the form is filled out with an amount of $10,000 or more. The information goes to the tax office, which may request data on the source of income if the citizen does not indicate it in the declaration filed no later than April 30 of the next year.

Money can be do not bring cash into the country by opening an account in a foreign bank, issuing checks or sending by transfer. However, this does not exempt you from paying fees. Citizens of Russia, Belarus are not welcomed by the financial institutions of the EU, the USA. It is almost impossible to open an account if the amount is below several million euros. The exception is the presence of a residence permit, real estate, work or education, registration of citizenship. Western banks are loyal to tourists from Ukraine.

In the USA, the declaration is filled out at the checkout if the amount is higher:

  • $600 - for gambling, except for bingo, keno, slot machines and poker tournaments.
  • $1200 for slot machines,bingo.
  • $1500 for keno.
  • $5000 for poker tournaments.

The amount of the tax depends on the institution and the state in which the person plays or lives. The range is 24-60%. If the client engages a lawyer in the preparation of the declaration, he can significantly reduce the amount of fees. For foreign tourists, the rate is determined depending on the nationality. Some countries have entered into tax treaties with the American authorities.

Hungarians are not subject to fees in the United States due to a bilateral agreement between states.

In Belarus, the casino is a tax agent - it collects fees and records passport data . 4% is withheld from all chips exchanged at the cashier, and gambling costs are not deducted. The fee is paid regardless of whether the visitor is in the plus or minus. Money and information about players are transferred to the tax office.

Казино Шангри Ла
Gambling hall in Belarus, Minsk
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Losing vigilance, the client of the casino may lose the prize without reaching the house, the hotel room. It is necessary to take security measures to save funds:

  • Open a deposit, leaving cash in the cashier to pick up on another day or in installments.
  • Ask for a personal check that cannot be used by third parties.
  • Hire at a specialized agency security for escort.
  • Select a bank transfer, if this method of payment is available.
  • Ask the institution's security service to bring a taxi, private car.

Many casinos operate hotels where you can stay. Hall security can conduct to the number.

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Institutions themselves do not prevent them from getting big winnings, but they can offer those methods of cashing out that are more convenient or more profitable for them. When planning a game, you need to study in advance the legislation of the host country in relation to local and foreign citizens, the features of the operation of specific casinos. When withdrawing a large amount, it is better to hire a lawyer who specializes in the field of gambling entertainment. He will take care of minimizing financial losses that may be caused by taxes, commissions.

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