Slot tournaments: what is it and how to win?

Турниры в казино

Tournaments are an interesting form of entertainment for the most gambling online casino visitors. After all, they need to beat not only the machine, but also other participants. This is where luck and good strategy come into play. Winners receive generous prizes: money, free spins, bonus points. To enter the list of winners, you need to carefully read the conditions and specifics of each competition.

What are Tournaments?

Slot TournamentsSlot Machines are competitions that take place in online casino. Both the operator and the provider can initiate them.

At least 10 different slots participate in the tournament. More often: 20-50. Usually they are either related by theme (zombies, space, fantasy, ancient Egypt), or they were developed by one manufacturer.

Participants need to place real money bets in tournament machines, win, earn points and beat their rivals in this way. Competitions are limited in time. When the deadline expires, the results will be calculated and the leaders in the leaderboard will receive prizes.

Турниры в казино
Tournament schedule example

The mechanism for determining the winners, the number of players, minimum stakes and other characteristics will differ for different competitions . All the nuances are written in the conditions.

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Important characteristics of the tournament

Before taking part in the competition and choosing a betting strategy, it is worth studying the main parameters of the tournament:

  • Date . Some competitions last only 24 hours, others last more than a month. It is unreasonable to start playing if the final is already approaching: the chance to break into the leaderboard will be small. If you can start in "long" competitions not from the first day, then in short competitions, being late for every hour can be critical.
  • The mechanics of determining the winners: by the amount of winnings or the number of points scored. The betting strategy will depend on this.
  • Prize fund. It can be of two types: cumulative and fixed. The prizes themselves are also different: money, free spins, bonus points (CP), material gifts in the form of gadgets, trips, certificates. If the fund is progressive, then you also need to look at the minimum guaranteed amount that will be exactly divided among the leaders (as a rule, it is 100-150 euros).
  • Number of prizes. In some competitions, gifts get even the participants who took 50-100 place. In others, only 10 leaders win.
  • Who can participate. In addition to open competitions, which are available to all registered casino users, operators also hold tournaments for VIP players. Such participants must have one of the highest statuses (Silver, Gold, etc.). Some tournaments can only be played by winners of previous competitions.
  • Number of opponents. In most competitions, as many players as you want can participate, but sometimes there is a limit: 6-50 people. As a rule, in tournaments with a limited number of seats, the prizes are smaller, and the chance of winning is small.
  • Minimum bet in tournament slots. Amounts less than that will not be counted. Usually you can bet from 50 rubles or 0.5 dollars.
  • Terms of use and wagering. It is important not to miss the moment. Sometimes free spins need to be used within 24-72 hours. And bonus points or money must be wagered. As a rule, the wager is small - x3 or x5, but it is important to meet the deadline specified by the operator.
Правила акций для слотов
Champion online casino tournament. Rules: prize pool, minimum bets and other information

If any of the basic points is missing in the description, you need to contact the technical support operator via the casino's live chat.

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Как принять участие в турнире?

It all depends on the type of tournament. There are free competitions in which anyone can participate. It is enough to make a bet in the tournament slot for a certain amount (including the minimum), then the user's nickname and the number of points/wins will be displayed in the table of participants.

But there are competitions with a buy-in - they provide an entrance fee. In this case, the client needs to go to the "Tournaments" tab and click on the "Participate" button.

The account must have an amount covering the entire fee. It will be deducted immediately.

Then, depending on the type of tournament, the user will either be able to start playing for their own money, or they will be given chips for betting (20-50 pcs.).

С первым вариантом все понятно ― средства будут списываться с основного счета. Если они закончатся, достаточно будет внести новый депозит.

There are some nuances with chips. As a rule, a participant can purchase another set, but at a higher price (+10% or +15%). This should be taken into account when developing a strategy.

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Как формируется список победителей?

Winners in tournaments are determined differently depending on the type of competition. The most popular are two options: by maximum winnings or by the number of points. Before you start betting, it is important to familiarize yourself with the conditions and understand how the leaderboard is formed.

Maximum Points

The leaderboard is made up of the participants with the most points. The latter are credited for winning bets. But there are nuances. The number of points most often depends on the ratio of winnings to the amount put on the line. For example:

  • From x1 to x2 - 1 point.
  • From x2 to x3 - 5 points.
  • From x3 to x5 ― 10 points, etc.

For one successful spin of the reel at maximum odds in some competitions you can get up to 500 points.

For clarity: if a user bets $1 on a spin and wins $1 or $2, then he will be credited with 1 point. If the winning combination brought $5, then he will receive 10 points.

Виды турниров в казино
A tournament where the players with the maximum number of points win. The casino often uses the designation "by the amount of bets"

Participants can receive additional points if thetournament provides:

  • Option "Booster". It is activated automatically in two cases. The first is if the player makes a bet above a certain amount (sometimes a little more than the minimum). The second one is if the participant, who is one position higher in the rating, receives the “inactive” status. To do this, it is enough for him not to play in tournament machines for 15 or 30 minutes. The higher the bet when the option is active, the more additional points are awarded.
  • Reward for win-win series. If the participant is lucky 2 times in a row, then he will, for example, receive 2 points, 3 times - 3 points, etc. Some tournaments have a maximum of 6 points, others 50, etc.

The rules for scoring and scoring will differ for each competition. Although if the tournament is hosted by the same provider or operator, they may be similar.

Max win or multiplier

These options will suit the most gambling and lucky online casino visitors.

Maximum winning contests are simple. The leaderboard includes the participants who have received the most money in tournament slots. The total amount of winnings for the period of the competition is taken into account.

The size of the bet, the number of spins made do not matter.

In another popular version of the tournament, the participant who receives the maximum multiplier wins. This should be documented with a screenshot.

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How are the prizes distributed?

The operator announces the number of winners and remuneration before the start of the tournament. Players can evaluate in advance what they are fighting for. The first place winner will get the biggest prize. The distribution of other prizes is different. Popular options:

  • Fixed prizes. For example, first place gets 50 free spins, second place gets 30 free spins, third place gets 25 free spins and so on. This information is published in the description of the competition even before it starts.
  • The percentage of the final prize pool. This is true for progressive tournaments. It is impossible to determine the exact amount right away, as it will increase due to the rates and contributions of the participants. But the operator announces that the 1st place will receive, for example, 40% of the savings fund. And the remaining 60% will be distributed among the next 9 players.
  • Combo. The first places will receive a fixed % of the final prize pool, and from 20 to 50 - a fixed, predetermined number 979фриспинов.

If several participants score the same number of points or have an equal win, then the position higher in the ranking will be taken by the one who achieved this faster. The exception is if the specific competition rules state otherwise.

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Tips on the game

Which strategy will be successful depends on a dozen factors: duration of the competition, minimum stakes, mechanics for determining winners, additional options, etc. Much moreover, luck can decide. So there is no scheme that guarantees 100% success. However, there are some recommendations:

  • Before making a deposit, it is important to evaluate the prize pool and the number of participants.
  • It is worth making as many spins as possible. This is a direct path to the leaders in any tournament mechanic.
  • You should always try to activate the "Booster" option. To do this, you will have to wager not the minimum, but larger amounts, but this will significantly increase the chance of winning.
  • You need to be online as often as possible, and also bet regularly. This will prevent the opponent from below from using the "Booster" option and breaking through to the top.
  • It is important not to lose your head and adequately assess your chances. Sometimes it is almost impossible to overtake rivals who have broken out. In this case, it is better to play moderately and hold your position. The amount of deposits made (especially if you are not lucky) should be commensurate with the potential prize.
  • You need to keep track of what's happening on the leaderboard. The data is displayed online. Based on this information, it is necessary to develop a betting strategy.
  • You should study the list of slots involved in the tournament in advance. Well, if these are games from popular licensed providers. It is more efficient to immediately choose the best slots (with high RTP, large multipliers, lucrative bonuses) and practice them before the start of the competition.

In order to enjoy the game, you should choose tournaments on your favorite topics or from a provider you like. Then even a low place in the ranking will not spoil your mood.

Given that operators hold competitions every week, and sometimes more often, you won't have to wait long for a suitable tournament.

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