Casino and roulette books. Secrets of Professional Players

It's easy enough to master roulette at a basic level. But for a successful casino game, you need to either adopt the experience of knowledgeable players, or learn from mistakes on your own. It is better to study books about casinos and roulette than risk your own money.

“1001 Nights at the Casino”, Alec Sukhov

Alec Sukhov is a Russian professional player who repeatedly got into the blacklist of the casino due to for regular wins. By the time the gambling law came into force in Russia, which closed the casinos in most cities, he had accumulated a large amount of capital.

The book is easy to read. This is not a dry tutorial, but a kind of diary describing the author's history from the first visit to a gambling establishment to his development as a professional in gambling.

Психология азартной игры
Alek Sukhov believes that a player's luck primarily depends on his psychological state 718

Автор делится реальным опытом, описывает тонкости и психологию поведения, подробно объясняет правила и в живой манере делится своими наблюдениями. Он рассказывает, как управлять банкроллом, описывает популярные системы и делится рекомендациями по выстраиванию собственной победной стратегии.

1001 Nights at the Casino is for beginners. The author without cunning describes the difficult path he had to go through to become a successful gambler. Its main purpose is to warn the reader against common mistakes.

The book exists only in the author's edition and is distributed electronically. Alek Sukhov participates in online discussions of his manual and personally advises those who wish.

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"An unknown roulette wheel. Casino secrets. Handbook of a casino player”, Dmitry Kukharenko

The publication is intended for readers of any skill level. The chapters on rules, types of bets, popular systems and strategies are intended for beginners. Experienced gamblers will be interested in the practice of applying the theory of probability in the analysis of the course of the game and mathematical modeling.

In "Unknown Roulette" questions of the structure of the wheel are not considered, the author briefly touches on the topic of the dealer's influence on the result. This is due to the fact that Dmitry Kukharenko writes mainly about online roulette. On the Internet, the results depend on a software random number generator (RNG) and do not obey the laws of physics.

American Roulette
The laws of physics don't apply to electronic roulettes
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"A Thousand Casino Secrets", Bill Barton

There are 1000 clues in 16 chapters of the book , which cover most of the topics related to gambling. Bill Barton, a professional player, describes all the main gambling entertainments, recommends different approaches, talks about the principles of bankroll management, additional options (including promotions and bonuses) and services provided by the gambling establishment.

The author's favorite roulette strategy is to cover bets of 16 numbers scattered on the wheel. Bill Barton recommends betting two chips on the pairs 10/13 and 28/31 (double straight), and one more on the square 17/18/20/21. If the bet wins, you need to add one chip to the next spin.

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“Roulette. Game Systems”, Dmitry Lesnoy, Lev Natanson

Dmitry Lesnoy is the President of the Russian Sports Poker Federation, the organizer of major international tournaments, the developer (together with Alexander Makarov) of the preference game program and the founder of the “Poker School”. In collaboration with mathematician Lev Natanson, a professional gambler has created a unique manual.

This is one of the first fundamental studies published in Russian. The authors provide interesting historical information, but most of the publication is devoted to a detailed presentation of the mathematical approach and a description of the strategies of the game.

Dmitry Lesnoy and Lev Natanson ignore psychology, paying attention exclusively to mathematics. Roulette guide. Game Systems” does not guarantee winnings, but contains information that any person who bets should know.

Дмитрий Лесной
Dmitry Lesnoy (distributing cards) — poker legend, professional player

The book is included in the cult encyclopedia "Gambling House". A series of educational materials also includes other publications on gambling entertainment:

  1. "Is it possible to beat a slot machine?" The history of the emergence and development of slot machines,principles of operation 884 и выигрышные стратегии.
  2. "Poker". Basic mistakes and unspoken rules, strict mathematics of several varieties of poker: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, Oasis.
  3. "Gambling House". The rules of the most popular and some little-known games (cards, dice, backgammon, sweepstakes, solitaire), professional vocabulary.
  4. "Russian preference". History, theory and culture of preference. The book contains a large number of tasks, there is an analysis of the probability theory with comments by a professional player and a detailed analysis of techniques.

This is a powerful knowledge base that will give you an understanding of the rules and intricacies of most gambling entertainments, revealing the main systems and strategies.

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"All About Roulette", John Galleon

Only 19 pages of text from the author of the acclaimed bestseller "What You Shouldn't Know About Casinos According to the Casinos". The brochure was published as a separate edition in 1987 and, despite its modest volume, contains comprehensive answers to the questions of beginners. This is an easy and entertaining book on how to beat the dealer at roulette and is definitely recommended reading.

After a brief historical background and sobering math, accompanied by fun real-life examples, the author moves on to describing winning strategies. John Galleon leads the reader to the conclusion that the winning system is based on the analysis and use of several indicators to one's advantage. In fact, the principle of timing is based on the initial position of the ball in relation to the wheel and their speed of rotation. It also takes into account the individual handwriting of the dealer and the influence of reflectors that slow down the movement of the ball.

Дилер запускает колесо
The croupier usually spins the ball at the same speed

Timekeeping methods do not work in electronic roulettes, because the unpredictability of the results achieved through the use of RNG. In land-based establishments, the most common countermeasure is wheel replacement. But some recommendations from the book can be used in online casinos with games in the Live Casino format.

Specialized literature will be useful not only for those who want to improve their skills, but also for a wide range of readers. Books on how to beat roulette in a casino will allow everyone to learn the hidden features of the game, the secret methods of professionals and interesting theories without risking their own money.

Book TitleAuthor
1001 nights at the casinoAlec Sukhov
Unknown roulette. Casino secrets. Handbook of a casino playerDmitry Kukharenko
A thousand casino secretsBill Barton
Roulette. Game systemsDmitry Lesnoy, Lev Natanson
All About RouletteJohn Galleon
French Roulette
French Roulette
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