Tournament Combinations with Kachalov at the PokerMatch casino

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  • Casino: PokerMatch 694
  • Дата: 11.30.-0001-11.30.-0001
  • Status: Completed
  • Prize fund : 260 000 UAH
  • Game type: Poker
  • Tournament type: maximum win
Турнир Комбинации с Качаловым

From October 19 to October 31, PokerMatch online casino hosts a series of one-day poker tournaments. The total prize fund is 260,000 UAH. 20,000 UAH will be raffled daily among poker players. Any interested client of the casino can become a member. There is no entry fee or qualification. Number of prizes — 20.

To participate in the tournament it is necessary to play at No-Limit Hold'em boost cash tables at limits from 5 / 10 UAH during the period of the competition. The minimum combination is a full house (222XX). The winners of the competition are the players who have collected the best poker hands during the scoring day. Both hole cards must be used.

For example, a player has a four of a kind and a king kicker (AAAAK). However, his pocket cards are A and K, and the remaining three aces are from the board. In such cases, the combination does not count. In this example, the player must have two aces as pocket cards.

The collected combination counts towards the tournament only if the participant either reached the showdown with it (it is not necessary to win) or won the hand until the showdown, when all other players have folded their cards. In the case of identical combinations, the one who collected his cards first is placed higher in the standings.

You can track the current progress on the casino website in the "Promotions" section. The prize fund distribution system is as follows:

5 000 UAH
2 763
4 000 UAH
2 000 UAH
1 000 UAH 777
750 UAH
500 UAH
250 UAH

The daily credit period starts at 00:00 (Moscow time) and ends at 23:59 (Moscow time). Tournament winnings are paid out automatically within 15 minutes after the end of the day.

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