Three giants of the gambling industry compete for the right to build a casino in New York

Some of the largest companies in the gambling entertainment market are fighting a desperate battle for the right to build their own casino in New York. Applicants for the expensive license include Wynn Resorts, Bally's and Las Vegas Sands.

The race to open a major casino in New York began back in 2013, when a constitutional amendment allowed the establishment of seven gambling establishments across the state. Four licenses for the construction of a casino in the northern part were issued almost immediately after the announcement of the competition. The remaining three applications have been subject to a moratorium that expires in 2023.

But officials in Albany, the state capital of New York, are pushing for those licenses to be issued this year as the Empire State Building's casinos face shrinking revenues and revenue amid the pandemic. This information is confirmed by the authoritative publication The New York Post.

Empire State Building

According to legislators and market experts, the three new licenses can bring at least $500 million each. 684

Ожидается, что два из этих разрешений найдут своих владельцев в ближайшее время. Новыв районе Квинс около Empire City в Йонкерсе. Эта недвижимость принадлежит оператору MGM. Сообщается, что здесь уже утверждено размещение залов игровых автоматов.

Sources to The New York Post said that the main contenders for the licenses have already begun negotiations with potential development partners and are trying to enlist the support of local politicians.

Las Vegas Sands CEO Robert Goldstein stated, “We are committed to bringing our experience and resources to New York City. This move could provide needed revenue, thousands of jobs, and help rebuild the state from the devastating effects of the pandemic.”

Wynn and Bally's, however, did not publicly discuss their plans in New York and declined to comment on the situation in the press. 692

Напомним, Sands sells its Las Vegas business for $6.25 billion

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