Cryptomania Tournament in casino Playdom

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  • Casino: Playdom
  • Дата: 02/01/2021-02/08/2021
  • Status: Completed
  • Prize Fund: 150 000 USD
  • Game Type: Slot Machines
  • Tournament Type:Max Points
Tournament Криптомания

February 1, at 15:00 Moscow time, the Cryptomania tournament for fans of slot machines started at the Playdom online casino. The competition will last until February 8, 15:00 (Moscow time). The total prize fund of the tournament is 150,000 rubles. The number of winners is 10. Players who take 1-3 places will receive cash payments - 40,000, 25,000 and 15,000 rubles, respectively. All other winners will receive sets of free spins.

Participation in the tournament is free. All users of the Playdom platform registered on the official website of the casino are allowed to compete. To get into the main stage of the tournament, you need to qualify by playing at least 30 rounds in the participating slots. The minimum bet is 50 USD / 300 KZT / 1 USD. If such a bet is not available, it will be rounded up to the nearest possible.

The competition is played on a tournament points system. Points are awarded depending on the amount of net winnings - the profit received for the bet. For example, a participant bet 300 rubles and his prize money was 800 USD. Therefore, in his favor will be awarded: 800 – 300 = 500 points.

At the end of the test week, all the points scored by the players are summed up, after which the list of leaders is formed. TOP-10 participants with the most points become the winners and share the prize pool of the tournament. The distribution is shown in the table below.

140 000 USD
2 76025 000 USD
315,000 USD
4Set of free spins worth 10,000 USD, wager x5
5Set of free spins worth 7000 USD, wager x10
6Set of free spins worth 5500 USD, wager x15
7Set of free spins worth 5500 USD, wager x15
8Set of free spins worth 4000 USD, wager x20
9Set of free spins worth 4000 USD, wager x20
10Set of free spins worth 4000 USD, wager x20

In case of a dispute in terms of points, the player who recorded his result earlier than others is higher in the leaderboard. At the end of the tournament, all prizes will be paid out automatically. The first place reward is credited to the cryptocurrency wallet specified in the account settings. Money for 2-3 places is paid to the game account. There are no wagering requirements.

Only bets on real currency in the following slots count towards the promotion: Dragon Slayer, Three Musketeers, Big Three Dragons, Tropical Treasure, Maya's Miracle, Golden Chicken, Three Star God 2, New Year Rich, Ji Gong, Zeus, Fortune Cat, Red Dragon, Child of Wealth, North South Lions, Creepy Cuddlers, Three Star God, Angels & Demons, Shanghai Godfather, World Cup Fever, Chang Thai, The Masked Prince, Gold of Egypt, Double Happiness, Sparta's Honor, Bikini Chaser, Dragon Tiger and many more.

Promotion rules are subject to change at any time. In addition, the organizer can cancel it altogether. All standard rules of the Playdom site must be followed. In case of deliberate violation of the user agreement, such a player is suspended from participation in the competition.

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