Who is a croupier in a casino

Кто такой крупье в казино

Croupier — This is the casino employee responsible for running the games. From the outside it looks quite simple and trivial. But having started to deal with the nuances and subtleties, it becomes clear that this is hard work that requires special personal and professional skills.

Responsibilities of a Dealer in a Casino

The job of a dealer is to fulfill the following list tasks:

  • Picking up and issuingchips.
  • Explaining the rules and terms to players.
  • Accepting bets .
  • Shuffling and dealing cards, launching the ball and the roulette wheel.
  • Checking the game and following the rules.
  • Resolving conflict situations with customers in a polite manner. 759
  • Оглашение победителей.
  • Calculation and distribution of winnings in chips.
  • Maintaining goodwill and comfort at the table.

In some establishments, dealers have assistants - chippers. Usually these are beginners who group chips by value and color. Also, chippers are engaged in parsing card decks by face value and suits.

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Does the croupier affect the game

There is an opinion among the inhabitants that the outcome of the hands and the results of the spins of the wheel roulettes largely dependent on dealers. In fact, they do not affect the results of the games - here everything is decided by chance.

Живая раздача
All actions of the croupier are strictly regulated and recorded on camera

The croupiers play according to the general rules and instructions from the management. Departure from them is a serious reason for dismissal.

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Basic requirements and skills

To become a dealer, a candidate must have the following characteristics:

  • Politeness, friendliness, communication skills.
  • Properly delivered speech.
  • Ability to make quick mathematical calculations in the mind.
  • Attention and learning ability.
  • Good memory.
  • Developed fine motor skills of the hands.
  • Stress resistance and the ability to control one's emotions.
  • Punctuality.
Возрастные ограничения на должность крупье
On girls and boys from 18 to 30 years old are accepted for the job


When selecting candidates for the position of a croupier in a casino, there are also requirements for appearance:

  • No tattoos , scars and defects on the exposed parts of the body.
  • Slender figure.
  • Good appearance and grooming.

When taking office, employees are issued a uniform. Most often it is trousers, a white shirt and a vest. In some casinos, the dealer girls wear classic dresses. However, in any case, clothes should always be perfectly clean and ironed.

Uniforms are sewn without pockets to prevent dealers from committing fraudulent activities - stealing chips or money from customers, replacing decks with marked decks, etc.

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How become a professional dealer

There are no specialized croupier training centers. The casino independently organizes and conducts courses. But for candidates, this is only a plus, since you can get training for free and get a job immediately upon completion.

The dealer is a companion for gambling. He is interested in winning the opponent in the hope of getting a tip. Kerry Packer gave away millions of dollars to casino employees. Nobody forces the average visitor to empty his pockets, but if the player wants to make the dealer smile, he should adhere to tip etiquette. Arrival Arriving in…Read more

Application to the school

Not everyone can be among the students of the course. In croupier schools there is a strict selection. Applicants must first apply for training. It contains the following information:

  • Name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Personal qualities.
  • Previous jobs.
  • Having experience in the service sector.
  • Education.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages.

Entrance examinations

After reviewing applications, suitable candidates are invited to test. During it, the following qualities are evaluated:

  • Logical thinking.
  • Speed ​​and correctness of mathematical calculations.
  • Knowledge of the basic rules of casino games.
  • Зрительная память.

After successfully passing the entrance exams, candidates begin their studies. It usually takes 2 to 6 weeks. Classes are held daily, except Sundays, and last for 4-6 hours.

As students progress through the course, students take midterm exams. This allows you to track their progress and weed out those who are not suitable for the position.

Completion of training

A final test is taken at the final stage. After gaining the required number of points, the candidate is interviewed. If he is suitable, a contract is signed for 6 or 12 months with the possibility of extension at the request of both parties.

Career growth

After training and enrollment, the employee begins work as an assistant dealer - chipper . Upon successful fulfillment of duties, after 2-4 weeks, he takes up the position of a croupier with maintenance of low-limit tables. As the employee gains experience, they are transferred to other halls where customers play at higher stakes.

Further promotion on the career ladder is as follows:

  • Inspector. Supervises several tables at the same time, monitoring the actions of the croupier.
  • Pit boss. Responsible for the reception and seating of guests, order and comfort in the halls.
  • Manager. Supervises the work of junior staff, follows the instructions of the management.
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Salary levels and fines

Dealers do not have a fixed monthly rate. Their salary level depends on the number of shifts. Each lasts 12 hours. For it in Russian gambling zones, from $25 to $35 is charged, in American casinos - $80-150. Bonuses and tips are added to this rate, which gives an increase of $500 to $1200 monthly.

График работы крупье
A dealer must work at least 10 full shifts per month

Attractive wages come with a system of penalties. They are awarded for the following violations:

  • Untidy appearance.
  • Make-up and/or hairstyle does not meet the requirements set by the establishment.
  • Mistakes at the table: dealing cards in the wrong order, incorrect scoring, etc.
  • Rude behavior towards clients or colleagues.
  • Missing a shift without warning.
  • Staff rest -room without notifying the table inspector or the pit boss.

Fine amounts range from 500 to 5000 rubles. The amount depends on the current rules of the casino and the severity of the violation.

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Interesting facts

  • The ratio of boys and girls in the profession has long remained unequal - about 30% against 70%. But in recent years, there has been a trend of 50% to 50%.
  • In Russia, you can get a position without experience, having completed training at a casino. In America and Europe, a dealer license is required.
  • The first croupier school in Russia was opened in the 90s. At that time, gambling establishments began to open all over the country, which provoked a shortage of employees.
  • In neighboring countries and in Russia, a croupier in a casino is a universal worker who can play games at any table. But in the establishments of Las Vegas, the position is narrowly focused. There are dealers for blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, poker.
  • When selecting candidates, they are asked to pick up two stacks of chips from the table. Each of them contains 20 pieces. This checks the length of the fingers.
  • Workers are not allowed to wear jewelry. The exception is the wedding ring.
  • When moving to another table, the dealer shows his hands to the inspector for the fact that he did not take anything with him.
  • Casino staff are more superstitious than the players themselves.
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Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession are shown in the table.

High salary and good tipsYou need to have good looks and mathematical mindset
Free tuitionUncomfortable work schedule with night shifts
Общение с состоятельными людьмиOften have to deal with rude attitude from clients because of their losses
The special atmosphere of the place of workThe halls are bad lighting and smoke, which negatively affects health
Possibility to move up the career ladderDeveloped system of fines
Job suitable for students
Continuous personal growth and self-education
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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find croupier vacancies?

Announcements from employers are published on job sites.

Is it possible to get a position without prior training?

Yes, if the applicant already has experience in other casinosCasinos.

Because of what can a dealer be fired?

Regular tardiness, collusion with clients, blunders during games, violation of the general rules of the establishment.

Is the work of the dealer different in normal and live casino?

The only difference is the format of the game.

Is it legal to work as a dealer in Russia?

Yes, if you get a job in a casino in special gambling zones .

Are there gamblers among the dealers?

Yes, but not so many. The casino administration forbids its employees to play at the tables and in the lounges. Also, you can not visit the establishments of competitors.

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